Compelling visuals and a convenient user interface are two important areas for any website for converting and attracting visitors. However, when you are just getting started building, how do you understand if you require a front-end developer or a graphic designer who can create your dream site? While the two may seem like they have the same job but they actually require very different skill sets.

So, let’s take a look at Front-end Development Vs Graphic Design-Who Do I Hire?

Who are Front-end designers?

The word front-end designer is slightly new to the programming world. It came out from the need to name an expert as a graphic designer who understands front-end development.

Front-end designers merge the key components of both jobs and live between the world of engineering and pixels. They can write some JavaScript and understand the:

  • Aesthetics
  • UX principles and best practices
  • Possibilities of frontend development

Front-end design also involves in creating CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, and presentational JavaScript code which prepares a user interface.

Another skill for front-end developers is known as slicing. Originally, it is taking Photoshop or an image document of how the whole website is supposed to look, trimming the image into individual parts, and then utilising that in coding work so it appears visually on the web page.

When hiring a front-end developer or dedicated software developer, make sure to focus on software development skills rather than an artistic background. A good understanding and knowledge of slicing, coding, and UI/UX testing procedures will make for a powerful and well-rounded employee.

A front-end designer is a person who guarantees a good user experience performing both a great visual design and code. They are a bridge between the development worlds and the design that helps to hold the bricks in place.

Why do we require a front-end designer if we have designers and front-end developers available? Well, a front end-designer will ensure that the design execution or implementation process is as smooth as possible. If there are any changes between the implementation and design, it is a development, not oversight or laziness.

Having a front-end designer will also have a positive impression on better design, UX, implementation and so on.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is spatial and image based. They are the people who will create and conceptualise the actual images, videos, colour schemes, and other visual content for the organisation.

A good and skilled graphic designer will not only be able to come up with numerous options for you to select from, but more importantly will be able to translate your vision, goals, and thoughts into physical products.

Graphic design enhances sales, helps in establishing the name of the organisation, build goodwill in the market, convey a brand message, unite the employees, persuasion power through a well-created brochure design and so on.

Ample research on colour schemes and their related psychology, capturing the emotion and culture of the business goals, and creating designs that enchant users is their specialty. While most graphic designers cannot build or code a website template, they are capable enough to create Photoshop or other image documents that are used to develop the template of the website.

If you are hiring a graphic designer, make sure to check out their portfolio to understand their style. Like every artist, designers have individual signature looks, so hire someone who excels at what you are looking for.

Graphic designers are capable enough of working on both digital and print projects. Unlike Graphic Design, Web Design only concerns the creation of graphics for use in print or on websites but graphic designers do not do any kind of programming.

They are trained professionals who understand the methodology to engage, persuade, and entertain audiences using multiple elements. They can merge art and technology to deliver a message.

Front-end Development vs Graphic Design – List of skills

Front-end DevelopmentGraphic Design
HTML, CSS, JavaScriptAdobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Responsive designColor theory
User experience (UX) designTypography
Cross-browser compatibilityImage manipulation
JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React, Angular)Print design
Debugging and troubleshootingBranding
Interacting with APIsLayout design
AccessibilityVector graphics


While some people have characteristics and can perform aspects of both front-end and graphic design work, these techniques tend to be different enough that it is often worth hiring two different people who excel and shine in their specific field. Hire a graphic designer who can create a perfect visual theme for your app or website, and then hire a proficient front-end developer who can create a robust coded user interface.

If you want to work with skilled, professional, and experienced front-end designers, look no more. In Invedus, every designer knows the bare minimum of graphic designing and front-end development, which allows us to create flawless designs that work skillfully on every browser and device. Want to know more? Contact us today!

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