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PHP Web Development

Hire PHP web developer who specializes in building fast loading custom web applications according to your custom requirements.

PHP Site Maintenance

Hire dedicated PHP developer that will maintain your site for high performance, speed and security.

PHP CMS Development

Hire PHP Programmer to customize open source PHP content management systems like Joomla and Drupal according to your specific needs.

PHP Integration and Upgradation

Update your existing app with PHP by hiring our dedicated PHP developers from India to improve performance.

PHP Extension Development

Hire PHP developer who can build fast customized PHP extensions to keep your website running smoothly.

PHP Online Store

Build a fast-loading customized eCommerce store by hiring our dedicated PHP programmers from India.

Why use PHP?

You must have heard about other programming languages and, you may be wondering why to choose PHP for web programming. There are around 20 million websites and applications that have been developed using PHP. Some of the most popular websites, such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Magneto, WordPress, etc. use PHP

Below are some of the powerful reasons.

  • PHP is open-source and free, that means any can use it.
  • PHP is a cost-effective option because unlike other languages ​​such as ASP, most web hosting servers support PHP by default.
  • To match with state-of-the-art technology, PHP is updated regularly.
  • Applications designed with PHP can be deployed on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc., operating systems. PHP is a cross-platform.
  • PHP works with many database management systems like MySQL, Apache, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgresSQL, ODBC, etc.
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language, which means that it only needs to be installed on the server and that a client computer requesting resources from the server does not need to install PHP, just web browser will suffice.

Why Hire PHP Developer From India?

Huge cost saving

Hire dedicated PHP developers from India at half of the cost you spend in your country. It can save 70% or more. This cost savings helps companies to manage their budgets easily and reap huge profits.

Extensive talent pool

India is the top choice for outsourcing due to its large number of highly skilled, talented and qualified individuals. They keep themselves updated with cutting-edge technologies.

Time zone advantage

Due to the long time zone, your employees can work while you are sleeping. Therefore, your work never stops. Outsourcing firms in India like Invedus, work 24/7 to deliver your project on time with standard quality.

Benefits of hiring PHP developer from Invedus

We are proud of the quality of our PHP Development Services, not only are we saying this, it has been said by our clients.

Strategy before execution

Our PHP developers first try to understand your requirement. And then we discuss that with our experts to come up with the best solution. In this way, we create a complete strategy for your business.

Skilled employees

PHP developers at Invedus are highly skilled and professional. They use an innovative approach to solve your business problems.

Up to date with latest technologies

Hire PHP developers from Invedus, they have completed most complex projects successfully. They are passionate about technology and keep themselves updated with modern tech trends.

Custom solutions

Our PHP developers team are highly productive and, they can easily meet your any custom requirements as they have experience of many challenging projects.

Cost Saving

Hire PHP developers from Invedus, and save over 70% of your costs. This is the biggest reason why SMEs hire virtual employees from us, it gives them huge benefits. Hiring Indian virtual employees saves a large number of expenses, including recruitment costs, office costs, infrastructure costs, etc. Companies can use this savings for more important activities such as marketing and R&D.

Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

For your convenience, we provide free trials to gain access to our quality. Although we are confident about the quality of our services, to keep you at the safe side, we give a money-back guarantee.

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