Does your company’s loss graph show an upward trend relative to users, and is it failing to reach the correct audience? And you are one of those who have completely no whereabouts from where to revive this downward graph. Then this article is for you. 

You will discover how to stay ahead of the curve and maintain your speed in the world of social media, particularly Instagram, which is home to the fourth most prominent person on the planet.   

Furthermore, you will discover how a virtual assistant can transform your business and reach a global audience, particularly through Instagram. 

Is Instagram Only a Reel-sharing platform?

For many of you, when Instagram splashes below your eyes, the first thing that strikes your mind is the reel-sharing platform. But it is a part of reality. 

Instagram is a byword for trending and brand promotion. Buckle up for some facts that might shatter your perception of reality. These surprising statistics will make you question everything!

Why Use Instagram to Give Brand Shout-Outs?

  • More than 200 million businesses use Instagram to market their goods and services.
  • US-based online retailers lead the pack with 86% of Instagram accounts, followed by accounts from the UK (81%), Germany (75%), and the United States (81%).
  • There is at least one business account that 90% of Instagram users follow.
  • 81% of Instagram users use the app to look up new goods and services.
  • According to 87% of Instagram users, they act upon seeing a product on the platform.
  • Major brands post on Instagram 1.56 times a day on average.
  • Each month, over 150 million individuals use Instagram to have direct conversations with businesses.
  • 849.3 million users could see Instagram advertisements.
  • At 180 million, India has the largest audience size for Instagram ads, followed by the US (170 million) and Brazil (110 million).
  • Instagram Stories advertisements account for almost 26.7% of the platform’s 2023 ad income, up from 26.4% in 2022.

What Makes Insta the Foremost Choice for Businesses for Branding

Utilizing Instagram statistics as a businessman is more important than ever. Businesses experience never-before-seen engagement and conversion levels as the platform rolls out new features like interactive shopping and reels. Marketers can refine their strategies with the help of these numbers, which are a goldmine of information. 

Therefore, taking a chance if you are not properly managing your Instagram channel is insane. While artistic endeavors necessitate complete focus and uncluttered schedules, not everyone is naturally creative, so it is critical to identify the right creative personality who possesses exceptional creativity. However, many businesses use the assistance of a virtual assistant to manage their Instagram profiles.

You will be astonished to know that Instagram Virtual Assistant has maximized its potential, and employs tools that streamline your Instagram campaigns, such as Invedus

Understand these numbers and adjust their strategies to promote your Instagram channel based on their level of expertise in content scheduling or engagement analysis.  

Invedus Virtual Assistant uses these insights, to create engaging content to promote growth across multiple platforms. They can dig deep, strategize well, and watch as your online visibility soars.

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Top 5 Important Tasks an Instagram Virtual Assistant Can Effectively Perform

Instagram VA carries out a plethora of duties to advertise your company among the 1 billion users. The list of a few is elaborated below.

1. Posting and Scheduling Instagram Content

Any business’s core is its content. It is a summary of your ideas rather than merely a few English characters. Your writing must be so powerful, succinct, snappy, and captivating that it will force visitors to stay on your page.  

The primary goal of the eye-catching and appealing tenses is to grab users’ attention and make sure they can read everything you want them to.

A personality with a firm grasp of language and the ability to play with words is required for this task. 

Nevertheless, this is a routine task for which you will incur additional costs to both your project budget and your pocket if you choose to enlist the help of a regular or onsite employee.

Here, choosing Instagram VA is the wisest choice. They will not only write content specific to your brand. In fact, they are performing their tasks beyond it. 

They will write and produce content for companies that will allow them to interact with their intended market. This content consists of images, quotes, infographics, films, and other visual media. 

Instagram virtual assistants are capable of creating visually compelling content that draws in viewers. They have expertise in selecting appropriate hashtags and captions to go along with the content they produce. 

2. New Content Ideas and Hashtags Research

Do you know why Instagram is popular among users? This platform provides users with up-to-date, personalized content based on their preferences.

Finding the relevant content and captivating it according to the users’ tastes is not a cakewalk. It calls for proficiency and a receptive mind.  

To promote your business among the relevant users, Instagram VA uses hashtags and uses different strategies to promote the content idea. 

Using hashtags is a great way to interact with customers without having to follow them. These hashtags will send your content to the relevant users according to their searches.

3. Analyzing Analytics and Reporting Progress

Analytics, the graph of users’ engagement rate, impression, number of followers, CTR, audience demographics, and others. Your Invedus Instagram virtual assistant will analyze your business page growth with keen observation and minute details. Additionally, they analyze the analytics thoroughly and make strategies accordingly.

After analyzing the analytics, Instagram VA will prepare reports, and after detailing the reports and analytics, they will make strategies to woo the users. Their main goal in developing the strategies is to reach out to a larger and more appropriate audience. 

Furthermore, they will also use the analytics and report tool, Insta VA, to analyze loopholes and how to fill these gaps. 

4. Managing an Instagram Content Calendar

When you start maintaining your Instagram account, there must be consistency in content creation, development, and publishing. Achieving this consistency is crucial, as studies show that brands that post regularly see a 4.5% increase in follower growth per month compared to those that don’t. 

Keeping all tasks in check simultaneously is akin to sitting on the fence. Conversely, an Instagram virtual assistant flawlessly coordinates and maintains the content calendar to ensure that there are no conflicts between the themes of the content.

Furthermore, they will also keep an eagle eye on the relevant content publishing dates, topic relevancies, content duplicity, and others. For instance, utilising trending topics effectively has been shown to increase engagement rates by up to 6.4%, as timely content resonates more with followers. 

Apart from that, they will also look for what is trending and how they can utilise those trending topics to promote your business, ensuring that your content reaches up to 30% more potential customers during peak engagement times.

5. Collaborating With Other Influencers Or Brands

Today, if you try to reach an audience directly, it could be a daunting task. Rather than approaching directly, Instagram virtual assistants will directly collaborate with the influencers and other brands. This collaboration will help to reach a larger audience base in a short span of time. 

Furthermore, through this partnership, your Invedus Insta VA will speed up brand awareness. Beyond that, by using this collaboration, they will

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Easily Access to new audiences
  • Increase the engagement rates
  • Getting fresh ideas for content
  • Build and deepen your company’s trust with your audience
  • Seeing a boost in engagement rates
  • Collaboration saves a huge amount of money over advertising. 
  • Opportunities for cross-promotion

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Expand Your Business Effortlessly with an Invedus Virtual Assistant in Just Four Steps

Hiring an Instagram VA can involve numerous formalities. However, Invedus VA simplifies this process, enabling you to start using their services almost as easily as 1-2-3-4.

  1. Brief Us: Begin by giving us a comprehensive explanation of your requirements.
  2. Examine Resumes: Review the curated resumes we send you, and select the candidates you wish to interview.
  3. Choose Your Team: Choose the most suitable candidate after conducting video interviews.
  4. Get Started: Hire your selected candidate and commence operations without delay.

Opting for Invedus not only offers flexibility with the option to cancel the contract at any time without obligations but also ensures you receive the most competitive prices when hiring VAs for your business.”


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