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With 12+ years of domain expertise, our animation team has successfully delivered 1000+ 3D modeling & animation projects to Start-ups, SMEs and eCommerce businesses all over the globe.

Our 3D Animation Experts have extensive knowledge, understanding and rich experience in Motion Capture, Real Motion and 3D Mixed Animation work as well as VFX.

Our client satisfaction rate is through the roof.

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Dazzling Visuals for Your Needs

Professional 3d modeling and rendering services have many useful applications, from architectural diagrams to life-like cartoons and stunning promotional videos. Something as elementary as a company’s logo upgrades its visual allegiance when rendered with splendid 3D animation. A detailed product demo incorporated as part of a presentation or embedded video can swiftly and impressively demonstrate the features and benefits of a product. Whether for education, architecture, entertainment, manufacturing, eCommerce or marketing purposes, Invedus Outsourcing can be your perfect business partner in this regard.


Hire our Experienced, Professional & Creative 3d Animation Designers to bring any of your ideas to life!

Housing All-Inclusive 3d Modeling & Animation Services Under One Roof!

Invedus – Solutions for Your Every Business Requirements!

Among hundreds of 3D modeling & animation outsourcing companies in India, Invedus is reckoned as one of the most preferred options for Start-ups, SMEs and eCommerce organizations due to its proven high-quality services & cost-effective solutions. Invedus’s team of animation designers has a track record of offering unmatched versatility. No matter the size and scope of the project, we provide aesthetically appealing 2D & 3D designs carefully crafted to meet any requirements.

At Invedus, our creative talent, advanced technologies, and infrastructure capabilities help us deliver the projects our clients need to get done. Hire 3d animation designers today & benefit from our world-class services!

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Why choose Invedus and what sets us apart from the crowd?

  • Outsource 3D animation services at Invedus.com to bring both technical mastery & classical artistic subtlety to your 2D & 3D animation projects.
  • As a client-centric company, we ensure to meet even your most arduous & distinctive requirements.
  • When you hire 3d animation artist from Invedus.com, we make sure you have access to the best talent pool: hand-picked professionals who are highly skilled, qualified & experienced. They bring unmatched values to all the projects they handle.
  • We provide custom plans & solutions to clients that perfectly suits their budget & needs. You save up to 70% in costs.
  • Our goal is to give you amazing production quality in the shortest possible time.
  • We provide a collaborative project environment & client-centric propositions for all your custom 3d design needs.
  • Experienced, Professional & Creative Animation Experts is what our Team is made of!
  • Our 3d modeling & animation team have unmatched expertise on various 3D animation latest tools & technologies so that you make your dream project come to life!
  • Our experts have completed over 1000+ 3D modeling & animation projects in various business verticals. They aspire to remain updated with the latest trends and technologies to stay competitive.
  • English-proficient 3D animators – so you can communicate without issues.
  • Our Modeling & Animation team specialize in 2D & 3D animation, VFX, Architectural Visualization, Motion & infographics, V-Ray, Lightening, Texturing, Autodesk 3ds Max, AR, VR, Architectural Modeling, Gaming and many more. From characters to stories, we bring it all to life.
  • Our experts can work according to your Time – Zone

Let us help you hire creative offshore 3D modeler & animators to cut costs, improve scalability & drive profits today!

Imagination Creates Animation


Our animation experts first visualize a story that resonates with your product or brand and then draft a script accordingly. Detailed planning & scheduling is done to ensure the addition of every granular detail and meticulous care in the final product.


During this phase, characters and environments are designed. Rigging, animation, acting, lighting, camera and, sounds are all set.


At last, corrections, effects, finishing, sequence, editing, sync, compression, and encoding are performed.

From local to global: Outsource 3d Modeling Services & Get your dedicated expert working just for you!

With Invedus you choose top-class offshore 3d modeling services India. We will give you access to the best talent in the industry & match your budgeting needs.

Top Outsourcing Spot

India has maintained its topmost position for being the most preferred outsourcing country in the world. More than 85 per cent of the US Software companies outsource their software development requirements in India. 3d animation outsourcing to India is second only to the US.

Huge cost savings

Hire 3d animation artist with Invedus at less than half the cost of hiring an in-house animation expert. At Invedus, you can save over 70%. This cost-saving helps companies manage their budget easily and reap huge profits.

Extensive talent pool

India is the top choice for outsourcing due to its large number of highly skilled, talented and qualified young individuals.

Time zone advantage

Due to the time zone difference between India and your country, your employees can work while you are sleeping or the same hours as you. Hence, your work never stops. Invedus works 24/7 to deliver your project on time high quality standards.

Proficient at speaking English

Indian remote workers are better at speaking English than virtual employees from other countries such as China or other south-east Asian countries. English language is officially recognized and has been taught in schools from an early age. India is the second-largest English speaking nation in the world, more than the United States and Britain combined.

How to Hire 3D Modeling & Animation Experts?

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