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If data entry isn’t core to organization then why not reduce your cost by 80%

Data entry may not be core but may prove to be crucial function and we at Invedus get it done for you cost-effectively along with our employees who specialize in data entry services. With our functional areas comprising wide spectrum of industries such as healthcare, insurance, legal, and many more for whom data is one of the significant portions of business strategies, our team of professionals have dedicated their proficiency in not only data entry but also in e Commerce data entry Outsourcing, Data conversion, Data Mining, ePUB Conversion, and Indexing.

As per a latest analysis by US Bureau of Labor Statistics, data entry workforce amongst US Workers is expected to decrease approximately by 35% by the year 2016 besides the fact that data entry will still be one of the key requirements by companies across all spheres.

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Outsource Data Entry Services for Greater Efficiency and Better Workflow

Outsource Data Entry Services

Areas we specialize in:

So, here is what our pools of services include for you:

ePUB Conversion Services

Experts at Invedus offer premium ePUB conversion and formatting services for a long list of domains like, PDF, MS Word, QuarkXPress, InDesign, XML, HTML, 3B2, RTF, etc. ePUB Conversion Services can prove to be an aid in expansion of your market search, improving circulation, and maximizing advertiser value by lowering overall costs. So, why not hire remote ePUB Conversion specialist from us?

Data Conversion Services

Next in our bag of offerings in Data Conversion Solutions. Experts at our end convert electronic matter, such as microfilm and microfiche, into rich electronic format such as XML. Data conversion specialists at our end are capable to convert all types of data into no matter what preferred format is to make your data searchable.

Sales & Leads generation

Leads generation can be extremely tedious and usually requires exhaustively long research and man hours, these costs can be reduced up to 80% by using our data entry services. With our quality guarantee, you can be assured that you are getting highest quality at the lowest price.

Indexing Services

Our team of experts specialized in indexing services; help you boost the efficiency of your organization by organizing your information into a database in a way that it is easily locatable. All you have to do is hire our remotely working dedicated Data Indexing professional.

Data Mining Services

We understand the criticality of data mining for our clients who are strongly customer-centric, or for whom customers directly lay an emphasis. Data Mining institute a pattern or an association between internal and external factors including price and competition; or staff skills and end user demographics. Organizations then scrutinize this data and use the conclusions to obtain key aspects like revenue, price, or even cost cutting. So, here we have a solution to such issues of your wherein our professionals extort data from existing database and recapitulate it into constructive information which can be further employed for future business decisions.

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