IT Outsourcing Services

IT Outsourcing For Offshore Software Development Work. Hire Experts In Php, Java, Python, .net, C++ etc. for Startups, Software Development Companies, Enterprises, And Digital Agencies.

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IT Outsourcing Services

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IT Outsourcing Services

Hire Development and Programming experts covering a vast range of Technologies like PHP, JAVA, PYTHON, .NET, C++ ETC.

Web Development

Invedus offers highly qualified offshore employees with a brief knowledge of PHP, Zend Framework, Website Development, HTML, ASP.NET, AJAX, J2EE, ASP, etc. These employees can benefit from a cost reduction of 80% while maintaining the same quality as having an onsite staff.

We believe in building bridges with our clients irrespective of their geographical distances. We support a majority of our clients and help them monitor their work with each improvement phase.

CMS Development

By hiring a highly qualified offshore employee for Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Dot, Typo3, TYPOlight, Expression Engine Development, etc businesses can get greater benefits in terms of cost reduction by 80% while maintaining the same quality as having an onsite staff.

The client’s vision is superior in terms of CMS Development and must be followed by all means. We support similar ideals in providing our clients with updated technological solutions and helping teams in progressing with their work.

Software Development

With Invedus, Clients can hire a highly qualified offshore software developer for Python, JAVA, VB. NET, Flex Development, etc. They can also majorly gain cost reduction benefits up to 80% while maintaining the same quality as having an office staff with a higher allowance.

Software development is marked with team support irrespective of individual quality. With an outsourced professional leading software advancement task in any business, Clients can remain assured and get work on time.

Software Testing

Invedus helps in hiring a highly qualified outsourced employee for software testing, Automated software testing, Manual software testing, White-box testing, Black-box testing, etc. With these skills in hand, clients can also gain benefit by reducing their costs by 80% after hiring such professionals while maintaining the same quality as having an onsite staff.

When software is on the brink of development, it is led to several testing patterns one after another to check for any flaws which can be nullified or re-worked. With the help of a professional software testing employee, businesses can gain the opportunity to cancel out all the necessary bugs and flaws available in their software.

Data Administrator

By hiring, a highly qualified virtual employee for DMS, Multidimensional DMS, Relational database Management system, Data mining, Network database, Relational database, Object-oriented database, etc, Clients can get unlimited benefits on several side jobs which need less attention but more precision. They can also benefit from a cost reduction of 80% while maintaining the same quality as having an onsite staff.

Data Administration work needs to be handled by an employee having precision while maintaining records or working on any database management system. Thus, our outsourced employees can help clients in fulfilling these requirements with years of experience in data administration.

Ecommerce Solution

Hire a dedicated and qualified offshore employee for Ecommerce solutions having knowledge of Magneto Development, SSL certificates, Ecommerce Marketing, etc. Such professionals can help the business uplift their e-commerce goals and benefit by getting a cost reduction of 80% while maintaining the same quality as having a normal office staff.

E-commerce updates on an everyday basis with new solutions and a knowledgeable approach towards each and every requirement of the client. We provide such employees which can help ease the process and provide complete work monitoring irrespective of geographical difference.

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