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  • Avoid long-term contracts and employee liabilities while reaping all the benefits of having a fully operational team.
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Hire Dedicated HR Professionals

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HR Processes that you can outsource to us:

Our HR outsourcing services are unparalleled, and we have the infrastructure to help you optimally utilize your human capital. With our expertise and experience, you can feel confident in your workforce decisions!

Hire dedicated HR professionals from India
  • Recruitment :- Seamless and secure recruitment process, to fill any job vacancy quickly.
  • Data Management :-Streamline data management process, to keep all your information safe and secure.
  • Performance Management :- Performance management to ensure all employees are top-notch and up-to-date with their targets.
  • Work Force Admiration :- Streamline your workforce administration to maximize efficiency and minimize time spent.
  • Payroll Services :-Reliable payroll services that keep your finances in check and that salaries are handled accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Labor Laws :-Stay up to date with ever-changing labor laws so you can stay compliant and keep your business running smoothly
  • Insurance Services :-Comprehensive insurance services that make sure your employees are always taken care of.
  • Grievance Management :- Grievance management system, so you can always address complaints efficiently.
  • Compensation Management :-Professional compensation management services to keep everyone happy and content.

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  • The Human Resources department of an organization plays a vital role, being responsible for handling employee payroll, tax filing, health administration, legal compliance, maintaining files, and monitoring training.
  • Outsourcing HR services has become the go-to option for many small to medium-sized businesses these days. It provides them the freedom to focus on their core business areas while still having their HR needs taken care of.
  • It's understandable that many people outsource HR functions due to their complexity. HR activities require special attention and can be quite laborious.
  • SMEs benefit immensely from outsourcing HR services to India as it costs significantly less than maintaining an in-house team. The difference could range up to three or four times! So there's really no reason why you shouldn't outsource your HR needs
  • Check out our HR Outsourcing services and experience unbeatable cost-effectiveness combined with significant high quality. With our extensive HR solution, you’ll never have to worry about any administrative tasks again!
  • Check Invedus is one of the leading names in HR outsourcing for SMEs, offering accurate and prompt services every time. Our exceptional HR services ensure you can manage your core operations without having to worry about any associated risks that come with managing them yourself.

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