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Invedus Over Freelancers

Freelancers mostly work with many clients at the same time, this usually is reflected in the quality and punctuality of their work. With Invedus one can have an entire team working at the same location at the same time all dedicated to just one particular client increasing the efficiency tremendously.

We offer all our clients a talent pool of full or part time employee befitting their requirement and give them complete freedom to interview and select an individual of their choosing who works remotely for them from our office based in India or London.

In Order to impeccably achieve this narrative uses modern infrastructure and latest technology making it simple to work with time zone differences and geographically distances. makes it possible for your employee to work directly & exclusively for you by providing each employee with state of the infrastructure & supervision of global standards.

Working with Invedus is like having an extension of your office in India, in order to bring down costs and increase efficiency. What makes us the preferred choice of over 500 businesses across 31 countries is our ability to deliver professional excellence in all areas, be it customer support, HR Recruitment, office, hardware, work space infrastructure or management. This is an integral part of our commitment whilst keeping the costs low and quality sky high.

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