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Legal Process Outsourcing Services

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Benefit from our LPO services which include Customized Technology, Process Consulting and Legal Research

The new trend of Outsourcing Legal Processes to India can be a great source of income for legal firms in west. Credit goes to the diversified outsourcing industry in India which can cater to needs of both large and small legal players. Legal companies in West have to choose from either hiring services of big project outsourcing companies or to go for the pioneering concept of hiring remote dedicated legal professionals. The latter is an outsourcing practice that is equally beneficial for big as well as small legal firms by virtue of being highly flexible and cost effective.

India is the only country where you can be provided with tailor-made outsourcing solutions. You can either choose one of the many legal processes outsourcing company in India or along with the choice to go for services of remote staffing company; you can even hire a legal outsourcing firm to take care of your work.

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Why Remote Legal Professionals?

Owing to the reason that you can directly select the candidates for your firm, remote staffing can bring in a lot of benefits of outsourcing for both small and big legal firms. You can short list the candidates amongst the list provided by the vendor and, interview them through video conference. There is no compulsion to hire a candidate unless you are completely satisfied with their skills and experience. The process provides you whole new team of legal experts that who work for you from the service provider’s office.

Why India?

Whether you talk about infrastructure, industry support or education, India has it all to support high-end commerce together with Legal Process Outsourcing. In a country which produces 70,000 law graduates coming put from 900 law colleges, no wonder, India is rich in highly qualified legal talent. India has about 1.2 million registered attorneys in India. Due to similarity in laws and jurisprudence among India and US and UK, India is preferred choice when it comes to legal process outsourcing.

Law firms based in US were the first one to determine the potential of India in providing LPO services to international clients. These firms have contributed majorly in the success of legal processes outsourcing in India which grows consistently at a phenomenal rate of 8.2% every year. The vivacious outsourcing industry in India is capitalizing on this by sustaining every legal process outsourcing company.

To add competence and cost-effectiveness to your legal processes, hiring remote legal professionals from India is your paramount gamble.

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