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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are you like up work or Freelancer?

No, Invedus.com provides you with employee’s who work directly & exclusively for you andwork from our state of the infrastructure& supervision of global standards.

How can I view your office infrastructure?

Please visit our Image and video’s gallery under About us section to see our London and India HQ.

Can I monitor my employee’s work?

Using state of the art technology we allow our clients to monitor their employee’s screen and stay in continuous contact using video calls.

Is my data safe?

We are regulated by the UK data protection act of 1952 & 2018 and often conduct internal and external audits to monitor our processes and take pride in our record of zero breach’s since we started.

All work and data are monitored by our internal team to a very high standard.

How do I hire an employee?

Hiring with Invedus is extremely quick and simple, we give our clients full control of picking and choosing employee’s that suit their needs, as soon as we receive your initial requirements, we start sending you handpicked resumes that match your requirements, you can then proceed to interview candidates via video conferencing and hire immediately after you selected a candidate.

Do I need to worry about payroll, taxes and other liabilities?

No, our Accounts Team looks after all financial liabilities related to your employee.

How much does it cost to Hire an employee?

Our prices are most competitive amongst our peers starting from $699/ Month for a full-time employee or $4/ hour for part-time employee.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No, you are not tied into any contract unless agreed otherwise in advance, you can scale up or down your number of resources anytime as per your business requirement.

How We Work?

Have an offshore extension to your business, simply Work together online instead of using the same office.

Brief Us

Send a detailed description of your requirement.

Review CV’s

Select the candidates you want to interview from Handpicked CV’s send by us.

Select Your Squad

Interview candidates through video conference and pick the one’s that suits you.

Get Started

Hire your selected candidate and get started immediately.