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Invedus Infrastructure boosts state of the art offices in the corporate hub of the national capital region, India and London, UK.


Designed to encourage focus, collaboration, creativity and productivity our office’s host open planned workstations, meeting rooms, Cisco video conference rooms, recreation space and is well equipped with all the modern facilities like uninterpreted power supply, air condition, high-speed fiber optic internet and security system to safe ground & monitor employees.


Invedus ensure your entire team works together at the same state of the art location administered and monitored by us, this significantly increases the productivity and makes it a lot simple for the client to manage their project.


To put it quite simply, provides, manages & monitors the work force/payroll/hardware/software and office infrastructure.

India Office


London Office

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The only difference between remote staffing and hiring an employee locally is that you now work together online rather than face to face.

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