Building quality websites is most important to attract customers towards the business services. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you save time and costs.

AI website builders simplify the web design process, allowing users to create professional-looking sites quickly without needing coding skills. They also offer intelligent design suggestions and automation features that save time and enhance user experience.

AI automates all important processes involved in building a website. With this, you can shift your focus on the vital aspects of the business. 

Use the AI website design generator to build a unique website with trending ideas. 

Although, with the help of artificial intelligence, building a website is quite easy but many challenges in identifying the best AI website builders can be there. 

Before creating a website, explore the top AI website builders that meet your business requirements and customer expectations. It will help you manage website-building tasks more effectively and with expertise.

Stay tuned with us to know the most amazing AI website builders, which can give you high-quality AI generated website design. 

Let’s begin…

Top trending AI website builders to create stunning websites in 2024

Various sources are available in the market, that provide information on the latest AI website builders.

Don’t get confused about it. First, ensure what you want for your website and then make any decision accordingly.

We will help you know the most adopted and used AI website builder platforms by businesses in 2024.



  • Coding skills are not required- You can build a website quickly without any coding skills.
  • Saves resources and time- You can save a lot of time and money as there is no need to hire a web developer or learn coding. 


  • Poor customer assistance- Wix has a star rating of 1.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot.
  • Less SEO features- The SEO features are less descriptive as compared to other website builders.

Wix is the best AI website-building tool trending in 2024. Wix is available on Zapier’s lists of the best free website builders, the best blog domains, and the top e-commerce sources.

The AI suite of Wix helps balance workability and functionality. You can chat with a chatbot, and answer questions about the type of site you have to build. 

It is productive, and instead of one or two left requests, it influences the way your website will appear when you shift to the AI site builder.

Wix will automatically generate a website with the necessary pages, design, content, photos, and customized business solutions when you clarify your expectations.

Wix provides you the option to use its AI suite builder or choose from a list of structures, and the AI suite builder is the faster alternative. You can easily get the speed of an AI site builder in addition to the mature feature set of Wix.

Wix can be useful for beginning with a blog, retailing online and physical products, accepting bookings, etc. It also combines with Zapier, which helps to create contacts automatically or renew the spreadsheet using Wix automation.

Many other AI-strengthened site builders cannot match the qualities of Wix.

Wix cost structure: Wix offers a free plan that includes Wix branding and a Wix domain. The basic plan starts at $17/month and includes a custom domain for one year.



  • Free plan- Jimdo provides a free plan for building a website. You can create a website automatically with Jimdo.
  • Easy e-commerce- Jimdo helps fulfill online store needs. It helps users to sell their products online on a huge scale.


  • Fewer templates- Jimdo possesses only 40 templates, and they are basic and old.
  • Less storage- The basic plan allows only 5 GB of storage.

Jimdo, similar to Wix is the long-running site builder and it was also one of the preliminary website builders. It instituted its AI editor, Jimdo Dolphin in 2017 but looks to have shifted away from that branding.

While building a site, you may choose from a theme or have your Jimdo build- the AI-powered alternative.

After elaborating on the objective of your site you can also link to your Google Business listing to obtain contact information or your Instagram and Facebook accounts to drag photos.  

Jimdo will suggest a pattern, color combination, and what pages you require. Once you have cross-checked everything, creating two beginning points will take some time.

Choose the one as per your requirement, and your draft site will be ready to go live. As with Wix, use the site editor to update the content, arrange booking modules, and usually adjust your site.

It is less linked to AI-y as compared to Wix, but it actually works better. It is also more cheap, with paid plans beginning from $11 per month.

If you are building a personal or business site, Jimdo is a great AI website creator for you.

It possesses an AI-powered site builder with sufficient power to help you instantly begin with all the features required to operate an actual website.

Jimdo cost structure: Jimdo offers a free plan that comes with Jimdo branding and a Jimdo domain. The basic plan starts at $11/month and includes a custom domain.



  • No need for coding knowledge- The automated features of CodeWP reduce the need for manual coding and making designs. 
  • Customer-friendly interfaces- Code WP helps users create and handle their websites easily. 


  • High risk- Custom code is more riskier than well-placed plugins. 
  • Increases the chances of errors- Also with WP Code’s patterns to disable crashing WordPress snippets, mistakes can still happen.

CodeWP is the most amazing and powerful AI website builder tool. Rather than building a site directly for you, it enables someone with a slight level of technical expertise to explore the inner complexities of WordPress on their own.

CodeWP is a GPT-powered code generator well-managed on various lines of WordPress-specific code. This includes WooCommerce, Metabox, and Elementor. 

This ensures you can enter a command such as:

“Make a function that reflects a slider with the header photos of the five latest images. Mark the headline as h2 and the synopsis as a p. Further the slider every 7 seconds”.

And, it will give back the code you require, so it can be included in your WordPress site. A built-in chatbot can also be used to edit or clarify WordPress code. This will help to better customize to your requirements.

Here, you may think, knowing where to include and implement the code needs a certain level of understanding of the workings of WordPress. 

This tool is not for website-building beginners, but it is for someone who has already built some websites and loves to customize them also but doesn’t have coding skills.

The main problem with these AI code generators is the code they create can be a complete waste and even lead to security risks.

To make the best use of them, you should deeply analyze and troubleshoot things, and have sufficient experience to identify where things are mistaken. 

CodeWP cost structure: CodeWP offers a free plan with up to 20 AI generations each month. The paid plan begins at $28/month, providing 10,000 generations and access to 28 code models, including WordPress SQL and WooCommerce.



  • Excellent customization- Users may develop high-quality websites which have a unique value in the market.   
  • High compatibility- Framer AI is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.


  • Designs can be generic- If users don’t spend time customizing designs, they can be generic.
  • Reliance on the Internet- Framer is an online tool that needs stable internet connectivity.

Framer AI is a website builder that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop code from text instructions, helping users create websites without coding expertise.  

Both new and experienced users can take the benefit of this tool. It is generally used to create web pages, font patterns, and color combinations. 

Framer AI also provides the feature of AI translation for multilingual assistance and adaptive AI sites for various audiences. It is a no-code design platform, which helps you create a prototype for your app or website. 

It allows you to create in a Figma or Sketch-like environment and change your design into code. Framer AI also offers a free AI text generator that can change paragraphs with the click of a button. 

You can easily create live, responsive websites with the help of Framer AI by writing prompts, and users can customize their websites by including or removing sections, etc.   

Framer AI helps users create their website in just a few seconds by accessing the power of AI and user inputs. It offers attractive designs and different layouts while offering powerful tools to help users in the design process.

Framer is the best choice for those who are not experts in technical skills, as the platform provides accessible tools to strengthen users for website creation.

Framer offers a free canvas that helps users freely express their innovative ideas and change those ideas into reality. You can easily use the tool without any coding experience. With Framer, you can build your website the way you desire.

Framer cost structure- Framer offers a free plan with Framer branding for interest projects. The Mini plan starts at $10/month per site, including up to 2 pages and 1,000 visitors per month.

What You Should Look For While Selecting an AI Website Builder?

Choosing an AI website builder as per your business requirements and customer interests can be a cup of tea for you.

You must consider several important factors for selecting the best AI website builder to streamline all your web designing priorities. 

Refer to the below-mentioned factors for choosing the best AI website builder for your business.

  • Easy to manage- A unique user interface is important. Go for drag-and-drop functionality, clear formats, and easily accessible controls to process of design easy. In other words, the AI website builder must be easy to use with additional top features. 
  • Adaptability- Your AI website builder must be able to create various attractive templates, design components, color patterns, and fonts to streamline your website’s features.
  • AI-Powered features- The distinction and power of AI tools set these builders apart.
  • Flexibility- Your website must develop with your requirements. Select a builder that provides attractive plans, helping you to include storage, bandwidth, and functionality with time.
  • Integration features- Search for flawless integration with famous tools for e-mail marketing, statistical performance, customer relationship management software, and social media sources to streamline your work process.
  • Assistance- Assistance must be available when you require it. A quality support system constitutes a strong knowledge platform, content, and active community discussions. Your AI website builder must be able to provide strong technical assistance.

Choose Wix to Stand Out With Your Website in the Market 

Wix is the top AI website builder and should be a priority for every business.

Wix contains a host of AI tools varying from a complete text-prompted website builder to dedicated AI tools for managing portfolios, generating content, switching layouts, and developing and promoting images.

The premium plan of Wix begins at $17/month. You can easily get access to all this within a reasonable price range. 

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Using AI-powered website builders has significantly simplified the process of designing websites. This approach not only saves time and resources but also substantially reduces the costs associated with website development. Although, first it is essential to know your business requirements to design a website accordingly.

While exploring the top AI website builders of 2024 offers valuable insights, consider Invedus for your website development needs. With its cutting-edge technology and expert support, Invedus can help bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively, ensuring a seamless and innovative online presence. Contact us Today!

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