Are you also seeking a platform to help with your web development? Did you know that 59% of businesses worldwide are now outsourcing their web development to offshore locations, saving up to 60% on costs?

Outsourcing offshore web development services is the best solution. Today, most businesses rely on the support of offshore providers—development firms located in other countries—to help them create web applications and websites, among other technologies. By outsourcing, you can access various benefits, such as reduced costs and top-tier talent.

Many regions are emerging as global web development capitals, making it challenging to choose the top location that fits your specific business requirements and consumer interests. In this blog, we will provide you with a list of the top locations for outsourcing offshore web development services. Discover the best regions to help elevate your web development projects and drive your business forward.

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First, let’s try to understand why to outsource offshore web development.

Why do companies look to outsource offshore web development?

Here are the top reasons a company might consider outsourcing offshore web development, such as:

Cost-effective platform

If you are located in North America, Australia, or Western Europe, hiring providers from developing countries can be significantly cheaper compared to hiring onshore talent. Outsourcing web development helps you save a considerable amount of money and time for your project.

For instance, companies can save up to 60% on development costs by outsourcing to countries with lower labor costs. Additionally, a study by Deloitte found that 59% of companies outsource to cut costs, while 57% cite it as a way to focus on core business functions. Here you can check more outsourcing statics.

Accessing top skills

Finding web developers in India who meet your specific business needs can be challenging. You often need to increase your recruiting efforts to find the perfect match for your project’s goals. Many offshore developers possess unique talents suited to your requirements.

For example, Invedus, based in London, United Kingdom, employs only the top 1% of tech talent. Clutch, a business ratings and reviews company, has named Invedus the best development firm, comparing it with other leading technology providers.

Risk management

When you outsource offshore web development, your burden is significantly reduced. You can manage risks associated with handling the project and easily meet global compliance standards.


An offshore web development company can provide you with a unique perspective on your project, offering valuable insights and expertise. You can also benefit greatly from cultural diversity.

Choosing an Outsourcing Location

Asia offers the most cost-effective and affordable solutions

In general, Asia and specifically, India is mostly the commonplace that strikes every mind while offshoring web development. Being one of the oldest technology outsourcing destinations, it has a wide pool of talented developers.

You can access top talents at a much cheaper cost. If the cost is a problem for you, India is the best place to Asia.

While outsourcing web development to Asia, it’s essential to address potential challenges such as cultural adaptability, language barriers, and geographical distance. However, these can be effectively managed with clear communication and well-defined project terms.

By setting explicit expectations and ensuring your development partner understands your requirements, you can harness the incredible talent and cost advantages that Asia offers while maintaining smooth project timelines.

The best countries in Asia for web development are India, China, the Philippines, Hon-Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Latin America: Your ideal partner for outsourced web development

In recent years, Latin America has made huge technological progress. Not only, does the country have top tech talents but also provides the best communication platform.   

The country spends a huge amount on technology. Expertise in the English language also makes Latin America a famous choice for your web development needs.

Consider Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Peru for outsourcing. You can also check our list of top countries for outsourcing development in Latin America.

The growing IT talent market in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the next top destination to outsource web development. Most countries in the region have a high level of English expertise and the region is comfortable for businesses in Western Europe in specific. 

Prices are much cheaper than in Western Europe also, however still usually higher as compared to Asia. The growing pool of IT experts in most of its countries, like Poland, makes it the best choice to opt for web development.

Top countries for web development in Eastern Europe include Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, and Poland. You can also check our list of the best countries for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

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As a firm or company, how do you ensure successful offshore outsourcing?

Take into account these steps to ensure a smooth offshore outsourcing.

Find top outsourcing companies

In majority cases, it would be difficult for you to meet an offshore web development provider face-to-face. So, you have to perform a deep research about your prospective partner.

Assessing the portfolio of previous web applications and websites they have built and checking references and feedbacks are all included in it. Resources for reviews and rankings include Clutch, Upwork, and Guru.

Make the requirements clear

Clearly specify your project’s requirements, including goals, benchmarks, etc. You also have to set a timeframe to confirm that the provider can deliver your project requirements on time.

Write down the requirements on a piece of paper to avoid any communication gaps.

Make a communication plan

If you are looking to outsource your web development requirements, your communication skills must be strong.

To operate or run a business in different parts of the world, making an effective communication plan is important.

Elaborate on the details related to how your partner will keep you updated about the project’s framework and resolve your doubts. You can regularly be in touch via Whatsapp or Slack. Skype is also a best option for attending longer meetings.

You can also use project management tools, such as Trello to stay informed on how your different project tasks and elements are organized.

Keep in mind that your outsourcing team usually does not comprise native English speakers, so you have to ensure that both partners understand and agree to the terms you’ve specified. You should consider this while choosing an offshore partner. Here you can read our guide for 10 steps approach to successful outsourcing strategy

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Invedus is the best choice for You to outsource your web development 

When it comes to outsourcing your web development needs, Invedus stands out as the best choice. Headquartered in London and offering Employee as a Service (EaaS) from the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, Invedus provides top-notch services at competitive prices.

The firm boasts a bilingual staff, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout your project. Invedus employs only the top 1% of tech talent, as recognized by Clutch, a leading business ratings and reviews company.

Whether you are looking to save costs, access exceptional skills, or manage project risks effectively, Invedus is equipped to meet and exceed your expectations.

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