Microsoft claims that there are more than 150 million startups worldwide and that 50 million new ones are formed every year. That means, on average, 137,000 startups are launched every day. In the United States, there are 77,927 startups out of these million.

And guess what? According to statistics, less than 1% of startups globally make it to the list of unicorn startups, and nine out of ten startups fail globally.

Furthermore, the chances of a startup succeeding are only 18% if you are a startup, entrepreneur, small business owner, or first-time business owner. 

Do you know that a number of factors, including capitalization, competition, a lack of market knowledge, a lack of skilled and talented employees, and more, contribute to these low success rates? 

Don’t worry if you are also in a growing stage of business and facing all these kinds of stuff in the growth, then it is a sign that you need a virtual assistant for your business. 

Well, this blog post will make you aware of the other 14 signs you need a virtual assistant to promote your business. 

Perhaps a lot of you have questions about whether using a virtual assistant is really beneficial or just a gimmick. 

In response to your question, if you notice any of the following indicators, it is time for the company to hire a virtual assistant. 

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can be thought of as an employee or your helping hand, supporting you with business tasks such as bookkeeping, cold calling, emailing, and working as a business development executive, digital marketer, and content writer, among many other roles. 

You can approach them directly as a freelancer or via any agency like Invedus. Using an agency increases the likelihood that you will receive the best deals, have someone with authority to administer them, reduce the possibility of data leaks, and other benefits. 

Signs You Need a Virtual Assistant

Let’s find out what’s your reason for finding the VA

1. Your pocket and bank balance beg you to save them!

It happens often when you are in the early stages of business. At that time, you don’t have enough money to invest in hiring skilled and talented onsite employees. 

Here’s where the virtual assistant comes in to help you with bookkeeping, handling calls and emails, following up with clients flawlessly, and everything else. 

2. Too many administrative tasks suppress you

It doesn’t matter whether you are growing or just learning how to fly in the sky you always need a helping hand who will manage all the tasks in your absence. 

Depending on the task, an onsite employee will charge between $20 and $40 per hour. 

On the other hand, the Invedus virtual assistant can help you for just $4 per hour. They will assist you in calendar management, research, bookkeeping, social media management, customer support, invoicing, and others. 

3. Your creativity plays hide & seek with you

Your professional life peaks when you start focusing more on handling several tasks at once. During this time, you are frequently left with little to no ideas for revamping your business. 

However, you cannot bring a lesser degree of creativity to this market; fresh concepts and ideas are constantly emerging here, and if you do not keep up with the times, you will fall behind. 

Here, a virtual assistant can be your discreet partner, providing you with endless creative ideas and support for all of your future moves to ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition. 

4. When you are flooded with ideas but have no time to execute them, and are oblivious to starting

Often, when you start a business, you come up with so many ideas, but you are wrangled so much that you don’t have any idea which idea to execute first or from where to start. At this time, you need a creative mind who is just your image in the context of creativity and can put your thoughts and ideas in front of the targeted audience. 

5. When your health says, excuse me! It’s time to break

When a business is expanding, then it’s definitely your hard work that tells the success story of your business. While promoting your business to the next level, you forgot to provide relaxation for your body. 

Now, your VA is the solution to your fatigue, and they will handle all the tasks that you want them to do.

6. New tasks messed with the regular tasks

Commonly, your client list will increase as your business grows. Now you will look more for new clients, but that doesn’t mean, you forgot your old partners. Simply assign their regular duties to the virtual assistant, such as managing client meetings, attending and returning calls, responding to emails, customer support, file management, and booking hotels and flights. 

7. When your regular tasks say you leave me alone

It occurs when we complete any task more frequently than the sensation of boredom wears you out. You should now enlist the help of a virtual assistant (VA) and give them the regular tasks you need to complete in order to run your business.   

8. When you spend weekends like weekdays

Do not get so caught up in your daily tasks that you forget to have fun on the weekends. Just hire VA, and remember that you are meant to enjoy the weekends, not mix them with the weekdays. 

9. Your sales start saying bids adieu

According to research, if you do not update your technology and marketing strategies to meet user preferences and market demands, you risk falling behind the competition. You’ll be swiped out of the market. 

Here, it is advisable, to seek the assistance of your virtual assistant. They will provide you with new ideas for marketing. Sometimes, multiple brains give tremendous results as compared to a single mind. 

10. When your stress finds your home address 

This frequently occurs when we become so devastated by our work at the office that we begin to bring it home with us. This will begin to cause anxiety and negatively impact our family life, our health, and our mental well-being. 

Before these, all this stuff started to create a nuisance. Start hiring virtual assistants and offering them multiple regular tasks. So that, you have enough time to spend with your family and friends. And your stress will not be able to play hide & seek with you. 

11. No office but business expands

Your business grows unquestionably when all of your tactics and laborious efforts begin to pay off. Your team will grow as your business does, though, especially in the early stages of your empire. But your budget stops you from availing of the large buildings for office spaces. 

Here, a virtual assistant is the best alternative that works for your business growth without your office premises.  

12. When you need someone who wears multiple hats 

Onsite employees will work according to your country’s working hours, and in lieu of this, they also enjoy other benefits like health insurance, family insurance, casual and personal leave, and others. 

However, on the contrary, virtual assistants will not ask for any insurance or leave. Aside from that, they will work during business hours rather than in accordance with your needs. Their working hours are scalable. 

13. When your tasks are for a short span of time and small 

Sometimes, you need assistance just for small tasks like cold calling, email replying, scheduling meetings, meeting confirmation, professional networking, travel planning preparing reports, and others. These tasks can be completed in about 3–4 hours. 

For the accomplishment of these tasks, hiring an onsite regular employee can be a very costly deal. However, hiring the VA can be a cost-effective and smart deal here.   

14. Too little time to hire staff but still want to grow your team

It is a matter of foolishness that to expand your team, you spare your time in finding the candidates rather than making new strategies for your business. For these little jobs, it makes sense to hire a virtual assistant (VA) rather than an onsite team.

If you’re unsure about hiring a virtual assistant for yourself or your company, consider these 10+ essential questions to ask before hiring a Virtual Assistant.


The above are prevalent issues that would indicate you are in dire need of a virtual assistant.  However, it is preferable that before hiring the VA, check the organization’s ratings and reviews. Before hiring a virtual assistant, it is a good idea to review all of the paperwork and other documents as well. Additionally, compile a list of questions you would like your virtual team or virtual assistant to answer. 

Take the first step towards a more organized and efficient work life with Invedus Virtual Assistant India. Our experts are ready to help you tackle your tasks, so you can focus on what truly matters.

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