Since the pandemic has hit our lives, the whole world is moving towards remote work. Even after offices are opened, people prefer to work from their homes. People feel more comfortable by working from their home offices.

Why does anyone need to go to the office? You just need a laptop with Wifi to work without going anywhere!

Data from Statista shows that while just 17% of workers were remote before Covid-19, as of April 2021, 44% were working fully remote five days a week.

So, if you want to start or switch your career in remote jobs in 2024, this article will help you choose which option would suit you best and pay you well. 

In this article, we have mentioned the top 11 fastest-growing high-paying remote Jobs to watch for in 2024.

The fastest growing career fields 2024

  1. HR and Recruiting
  2. E-Commerce Manager
  3. Insurance Agent
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Nurse Practitioner
  6. Fitness trainer
  7. Statistician
  8. Social media manager
  9. Film and Video Editor
  10. Data Scientist
  11. Digital Marketing

Let’s dive into the list of fastest growing remote jobs to watch for in 2024

fastest growing remote jobs to watch

HR and Recruiting

The main responsibility of HR is to recruit a suitable candidate for the new job positions in the company. It may sound like an easy job, but it’s not.

Remote hiring is a process of interviewing candidates on calls or skype or using any other remote tools and methods. It’s no surprise that this is probably one of the best jobs to watch in 2024 if you have good communication skills.

  • The average salary of an HR recruiter is $53542 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 10%

E-Commerce Manager

US eCommerce grows 14.2% in 2021 so you can guess about the possibilities in this field. The Ecommerce Manager is responsible for managing the various platforms and marketplaces worldwide and ensuring the targets in terms of revenue and expenses.

A person who is an expert in handling computer and technical skills may be perfect for the job.

  • The average salary of an eCommerce manager is $70040 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 10%

Insurance Agent

The work of remote insurance agents is to increase the sales of insurance policies. Other tasks of the Insurance Agent are developing marketing strategies, promoting new policies, and working with clients to deliver risk management strategies. 

The qualifications required for an Insurance Agent are that a person should have knowledge of computers, Graduation in any field, and the ability to sell policies by communicating.

Graphic Designer

The work of a graphics designer is to create a visual representation of products to communicate with customers. This job requires both artistic and technical skills. If you are creative, this may be the perfect remote job for you in 2024. 

You need to learn graphic design and earn a certificate in this field to apply for this job.

  • The average salary of a Web Graphic designer is $53380 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: The BLS predicts only 3% growth.

Nurse Practitioner

A remote nurse practitioner or virtual medical assistant provides nursing services to their patients online.

The tasks of NPs are conducting patient health assessments, making strategies to manage patient’s health, creating diet charts, prescribing medicines online, etc.

You have to get a Graduation and Master’s degree in nursing and a valid RN license.

  • The average salary of a Nurse practitioner is $110030 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 15%

Fitness trainer

Nowadays, people have become health conscious and want someone to guide them. So a fitness trainer works with individual clients and guides them with their diet and suggests exercises over calls or video calls. 

You must have a fitness training certificate and have a deep knowledge of nutrition, good communication skills, and a healthy lifestyle for this job.

  • The average salary of a personal trainer is $49645 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 12%


The Statistician is a professional who works for the government, private, and research companies. They help businesses in decision-making by collecting and analyzing data.

Both analytical and technical skills are required for a Statistician. They must have a keen eye for detecting data.

You must pass 10+2 in Math and have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Statistics. Add Professional Certifications to your Resume for promotion.

  • The average salary of a Statistician is $121800 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 8%

Social media manager

A social media manager or social media virtual assistant is responsible for handling your social media accounts. They create daily posts for your social media accounts, promote brands, conduct marketing campaigns, and plan contests to engage your audience.

This is the time of Social Media, and the jobs related to social media will be the fastest-growing jobs by 2025.

This remote post demands a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar field and a social media manager certificate from a reputed institute.

  • The average salary of a Social media manager is $55117 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 10%

Film and Video Editor

Becoming a video editor is an excellent career choice in 2024. There are jobs in Animation, Television studio editor, Marketing video editor, etc.

The best part of this job is that you don’t need a college degree to become a video editor. You just have to gain a certificate in this field.

There is no minimum qualification required to become a video editor. You just have both Creative and artistic skills and Know how to operate editing software like Adobe, Avid, etc.

  • The average salary of a Film and Video Editor is $58479 per year.
  • Growth for 2018-2028: 13%

Data Scientist

This is the most heard term in 2024. Data scientists are experts who utilize their technological and social science skills to find trends and manage data. This job requires excellent analytical thinking with knowledge of computer science. This is the fastest growing high-paying job in 2024.

Qualifications required for Data Scientist are Bachelor’s degree in data science or related field, get a certificate in Data Science, and earn Master’s degree to get a promotion.

  • The average salary of a Data Scientist is $698412 per year.
  • Growth 2018-2028: 33%
  • Annual Growth: 37%

Digital Marketing

It is also called ‘online marketing.’ A digital marketer’s job is to promote brands on online platforms and connect with potential customers. Digital Marketing is the fastest growing career field in 2024.

Qualifications required for Digital Marketing expert is Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and add Certificate in digital marketing on your Resume. You should also have a piece of SEO knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What are the fastest-growing remote jobs for the next decade?

Data scientists, Statisticians, physical therapists, medical and health managers, AI-related jobs, Developers, and many more are the fastest-growing jobs for the next decade.

2. What will remote jobs be in demand in the next ten years?

The remote jobs that will be in demand ten years from now are Physical therapist assistants, solar panel installer experts, organic farming, animal trainer, language translator, software developers, etc.

3. What are the most in-demand jobs in 2024?

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, many people prefer working from their homes. Jobs like Business Development and Sales, Digital Content, teaching jobs, therapist, Machine learning, AI jobs, etc., are the most in-demand jobs in 2024.

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Wrapping Up

Time is money. So without wasting any time, find a remote job, and get started. The best work-from-home opportunities help you make the most money in the minimum amount of time.

You can pick any jobs from this fastest-growing remote jobs list or google other job options according to your need.  

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