Are you tired of doing paperwork? Are you too much engaged in completing clerical tasks instead of making connections and growing your insurance business further? Are you facing difficulties in managing the day-to-day functions of your insurance company? Then hiring a virtual assistant in India is your one-stop solution to everything.

Virtual Assistants can expertly carry out your daily tasks and leave you with a minimal workload. An insurance virtual assistant helps an enterprise delegate tasks that would normally need plenty of time and cost money if done by an in-house employee. They play a crucial role to grow your business without the risk of recruiting a new employee.

Hence, as an owner of an insurance company, you should know why it is so beneficial to hire an insurance virtual assistant and what they can do for your business.

What is an Insurance Virtual Assistant?

An Insurance Virtual Assistant is a self-employed worker whose work is to provide administrative services to clients. They assist your insurance company by working off-site.

Virtual assistant for insurance agency are experts in executive, marketing, and prospecting services. They are independent contractors with no vacation leaves, no employee benefits, no payroll taxes to pay.

Why Do You Need Virtual Assistant Insurance?

When you are an insurance agent, your business hours are not enough to complete your tasks, no matter how hard you try to get your work done.

As a busy insurance agent, you simply can’t afford to waste your valuable time on non-core business activities. If you want to focus on growing your business, you need an insurance virtual assistant service to help you complete your daily tasks in a faster and more effective manner.

Tasks of Insurance Virtual Assistant

In the insurance sector, virtual assistant for insurance agents can perform tasks like:

  • Preparing a new insurance quote
  • Processing a certificate of insurance
  • Collecting payment 
  • Organize client information
  • Help you with your customer re-shops
  • Attend calls

Steps to Hire Insurance Virtual Assistants

If you want to save your valuable time and money, then you should consider hiring a VA. Before hiring an insurance virtual assistant, you should know the following steps:

Step 1. Understand the Process

Firstly you should understand the process of how your business operates so that you can explain it to someone who does not know about this field. Then you can publish a detailed advertisement. This ad would cover all the skills and knowledge you expect from your virtual assistant.

Step 2. Constant Communication

As you’ll be working with a remote worker, communication will be essential to have a smooth working cycle. To stay in touch with your VA, make sure to use suitable communication applications like Whatsapp and Messenger for instant messaging. For team meetings, you can use apps like Teams, Skype, and Meets.  

Step 3. Data Protection Software

It is necessary to have a security protocol for sensitive information.

The insurance industry is familiar with cyber attacks for personal information. Ekran System and Trend Micro are known cybersecurity providers who work with the insurance sector.

Step 4. What Tasks You Want to assign

You should have a clear idea about the tasks you want them to do. It would be best if you determined the long-term and short-term goals of your Virtual Assistant. Prepare a list of the daily and weekly tasks you want your virtual Assistant to accomplish. By this, you can fulfill your expectations with your Assistant. 

11 Top Ways an Insurance Virtual Assistant Can Benefit You and Your Business

ways an insurance virtual assistant can benefit you and your business
benefit of hiring insurance virtual assistant

To help you figure out which tasks your Virtual Assistant can perform, here’s a list of functions that would help you to get your work done. 

#1. Email Management and Marketing

Your virtual Assistant insurance helps you to manage your Mails. This way, you can filter your emails precisely. They will also help you with matters like inquiries. They will help you to grow your business without having you do all the work. They are trained enough using tools like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

#2. Manage Your Schedule

Your VA will fix your meetings according to your schedule. VA can move items around to ensure you are constantly working on the highest priority task first. Your VA reminds you of the meetings happening in a day or week.

#3. Virtual Reception Service

Your VA can handle the reception services. They will answer your calls on your behalf. They will also perform tasks like FAQ, transfer calls, handle customer inquiries, and respond to website visitors through a live chat window so that you can focus on your core tasks.

#4. Insurance Virtual Assistant Maximize Relationship With Clients

Your Insurance Virtual Assistant can help you improve your client relationship management or associate management system tool your company uses. If this tool is expensive, it is good to have someone who knows the ins and outs.

#5. Quote Preparation

Sometimes your insurance buyers request specific quotations. It consumes a lot of your time to respond to various quote requests. So hand over this task to your Virtual Assistant, and you can free your time for the essential work for your business growth.

#6. Complete Daily Tasks

Things like database building, answering customer service Emails, calendar management, travel arrangement, planning, etc., are time-consuming tasks. By giving these tasks to your VA, you will save a significant amount of time.

#7. Customer Support

Insurance companies have to look after their customers and solve their problems. Your VA can help you to impress your customers. VA can schedule the meetings with your potential leads and give answers to their questions. Customers find answers to their questions without waiting too long. It helps you to build a good user experience.

#8. Agent Support

Virtual Insurance Assistants can also help you to serve insurance agents. They have to go through various platforms to find information on insurance for customers. VA can assist the agent by giving answers to the customer’s queries. This builds good customer support.

#9. Policy Recommendations

Your chatbots are not as intelligent as your virtual Assistant. 

VA can showcase policies to the users according to their choices. By using their search history or shared information, the software finds out the possible recommendation.

#10. Promote Sales

Insurance virtual assistants help in convincing customers to buy insurance policies. Virtual assistants serve customers anytime, anywhere. VA improves customer service support, attracts customers, increases sales, and creates a loyal customer base.  

#11. Comparing Products

Virtual assistants are excellent in multiple tasking. A virtual assistant works according to customer commands. A customer can easily compare one or more products using the Assistant and conclude which policy suits the requirements. It helps customers find the best policy according to their needs, and it helps in making more intelligent recommendations. 

Faqs related to insurance virtual assistant

What is an insurance virtual assistant?

An insurance virtual assistant is an off-site independent contractor who accomplishes the clerical and administrative services for you virtually. They are self-employed and have no vacation leaves, no sick leaves, and payroll taxes to pay. An insurance virtual assistant is also responsible for selling customers several types of health, auto, life, disaster, and home insurance add-ons or plans to their existing coverage.

How much should I pay for a virtual insurance assistant?

Generally, hourly rates for insurance virtual assistant services in Asian countries varied between USD 4-20 in 2022. Sometimes even more. However, the sweet spot is between 5 and 15 per hour. If the insurance virtual assistant provides you with higher-level financial or marketing services, you must pay them 15 to 25 USD per hour.

How much do insurance virtual assistants charge per month?

The charge of a virtual insurance assistant depends on their experience and your responsibilities. Generally, an insurance virtual agent ranges between $1700-$2000 per month if they work full-time.

Are insurance virtual assistants worth it?

Insurance agency often faces challenge regarding labor shortage. Hiring an insurance virtual agent helps the business owners to find competent staff to mitigate employee costs and payroll taxes. Moreover, you can delegate time-consuming tasks to them and look after the significant aspects of your agency. So, an insurance virtual agent is worth it.

Bottom Line

Moreover, if you hire a licensed insurance virtual assistant, they can help you in processing payments, providing coverage suggestions to your customers, and issuing new policies. It can give your business a better customer experience, lower expenses, and increased productivity.

Every entrepreneur of an insurance agency needs to take administrative tasks off their lists. An experienced insurance virtual agent is the perfect answer for the requirement. Along with that, the VA optimizes the business by maximizing productivity and increasing their customer reach.

There is no doubt that hiring an insurance virtual assistant is an amazing advantage that you can have today! Once you have taken the decision to recruit a VA, then you must strategize and develop a plan.

Do your homework, none can go wrong with hiring Insurance a VA from either Invedus Outsourcing or Agency VA. Both are reputed as passionate founders. Each of them will help you find the most suitable insurance virtual assistant for your insurance agency.


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