Nowadays, the lifestyle of people has changed drastically, people are more intent to work and promote healthy career habits in their life. These habits often pay well in terms of financial intent as well as personal satisfaction. Not only it manifests your lifestyle positively but also boosts your confidence.

It looks lucrative on the rear end but being a parent and managing such a professional aspect can be a little too much on young mothers. Thus, they prefer to move forward with home-based jobs.

Such jobs can be ideal for nursing mothers to give their career a second chance and look after their children at the same time. Through this blog, we will help you venture deep into the world of stay-at-home jobs and choose the job that’s best for you.

Here are some of the low stress work from home jobs for Moms and Dads to give their careers a quick start:

  1. Customer Service Executive
  2. Data Entry Expert
  3. Virtual Recruiting Expert
  4. Proofreader
  5. Blogger
  6. Transcription Job
  7. Virtual Receptionist
  8. Online Tutor
  9. Book Writer
  10. Graphic specialist
  11. Fitness Advisor
  12. Marketing Expert
  13. Social Media Influencer
  14. Travel Agent
  15. Web Developer

Let’s explore these best work from home jobs for moms and dads summaries and salaries here.

Customer Service Executive

Working as a Customer Service Executive is a very good opportunity. People who have gained experience from help-desk jobs can do this job effectively. There is not much to do for moms and dads if they’re comfortable in handling everyday queries and receiving calls from time to time.

Average Allowance: $37,907

Data Entry Expert

This job is the most lucrative job for stay-at-home moms and dads. If you’re good with typing speed and analytical skills, then this should be your suitable option. In most data entry jobs, you’re assigned with pre-made data that needs to be registered into any software of companies choice.

Average Allowance: $35,833

Virtual Recruiting Expert

In case you prefer hiring individuals for any job and have made through an HR position this can be your ideal job. Any work-from-home mom can surely kick-start their careers and earn a decent allowance with this job in no time. You can get started as a virtual assistant for various services.

Average Allowance: $45,485


A proofreader is a person who is assigned to correct any documentation of any sort. These corrections can range from checking grammar to correcting the formatting styles of a sheet. If you are interested in correcting sheets or you have experience as an English instructor then this job can be your ideal choice.

Average Allowance: $43,126


Blogging is an active sport that can help you share your experience and your thoughts with people around the world. Many publications and authors are interested to work with people who can write and explain parenthood.

In case you wish to share your valuable experiences with other parents around the world and make a decent payout of it, You can surely switch to this job in no time.

Average Allowance: $48,732

Transcription Job

A transcription job is one of the easiest jobs if you’re really good with typing. Any person can remotely find these jobs near their residence. Just type stay-at-home jobs near me, and you will likely find some transcription jobs on the way. These jobs might include correcting a document or rewriting a record or putting a voice-over.

Average Allowance: $32,861

Virtual Receptionist

If you have any experience with administration and handling the front desk of the office then this job is for you. A virtual receptionist receives calls on behalf of their clients irrespective of their client’s location and needs to maintain their schedule sheet.

This job doesn’t require an extra hour shift and homemakers can easily fit in the requirements of this job.

Average Allowance: $38,478

Online Tutor

Becoming an online tutor is the second-best option for stay at home mom jobs or any person at home. With a decent amount of allowance, you get to teach children online without getting from one home to another home. Also, at-home moms can easily manage their schedule around this job and rearrange timings by their choice in case of difficulty.

 Average Allowance:  $43,476

Book Writer

Every now and then young moms search stay-at-home jobs for moms to envelope their skills to the world. Through a book writer profession that search might come in a handy option. Writing a book can be a really fun hobby as well as a source of elite income.

If you are a book nerd and have been working on a publication, then you can surely choose this platform as your job. Once you’re finished writing a book, you just need the approval of any publication and you will have a good sell for your book around the world.

Average Allowance:   $38,500

Graphic specialist

In case you are fond of creating virtual designs and animations on any software of your choice then this job can be your ideal job. A graphic specialist also known as a graphic designer can run through several comic and publishing agencies to get his graphics known.

By selling interesting graphics you can also financially strengthen yourself and get yourself known to the world.

 Average Allowance: $43,275

Fitness Advisor

People work really hard to achieve fitness as they desire. With a fitness advisor on board, they get easy assistance to manage diet and workout to get good results.

If you have slight experience as a gym instructor or you have worked as a nutritionist in the past then, this job is for you.

Average Allowance: $45,324

Marketing Expert

This job is ideal for people who have experience in the marketing field and can provide heir valuable feedback to grow any business strategy. This job generally requires some years of experience in a particular field but if you are eligible for this job then this job can give you a pretty good exposure by being at home and working with several clients round the clock.

Average Allowance: $49,912

Social Media Influencer

Mom’s love to be on social media nowadays and post their children’s achievements. By incorporating good lifestyle products and attracting a large crowd to your social media account, you can be a successful social media influencer. Many brands will pay you to advertise their products amongst your crowd and generalize their market with lots of sales.

Average Allowance: $41,945

Travel Agent

There are plenty of positions for virtual travel agents who can provide assistance to people on their next trip. If you have worked in a travel agency previously or have experience with client handling, then you can surely grab this job. This job is more on the leisure side of working.

Thus, you need to be catchier on client management in order to successfully handle these types of jobs. You can work as a virtual travel assistant for any travel agency or individual.

Average Allowance: $40,520

Web Developer

Web designers are professionals as every brand, company or even small business needs to have a working website to advertise their services and highlight themselves. Web developers create web pages through different languages from Html to JavaScript.

If you are a work-from-home mom having the knowledge of creating web pages/ websites then this can be your go-to job.

Average Allowance: $49,476


Amongst various job options, work from home moms and dads can find the jobs that are more suitable for them, according to the skills they have and how they can implement them in various working fields. An in-house job is an ideal job for parents looking to manage a family with their career.

We should encourage such individuals to pursue this type of lifestyle if they want to. This will not only invoke confidence in their minds but also will generalize the concept of work from home jobs for moms.