When you are starting a new business, it is stupid to do everything alone. There are so many things that you are not good at. Indeed, you have to supervise the processes to keep your business running. This cannot be possible if you do different tasks by yourself. You create a structure that makes it easier to manage people and see developments by outsourcing work.

In this era of the internet, one of the tasks you can definitely outsource is digital marketing work.  You need to bring a social media virtual assistant on board for this task.

As we know, social media is an integral part of our lives and plays an essential role in the growth of the business. Whether your business is offline or online, having social media accounts on various platforms can help you reach many people.

You may think that social media marketing is about sharing posts on FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter, but it is much more than that. An excellent social media marketing strategy involves in-depth research about the competitors, planning, and several other tasks for which business owners don’t have time. Hiring a social media virtual assistant is an excellent choice to relieve the burden off your shoulders.

Virtual Social Media Assistant Tasks

Check out the list of the top 13 tasks your social media virtual assistant does to help your business.

  • Help to develop a social media strategy
  • Improve social media presence
  • Research content
  • Create a social media content calendar
  • Create different kinds of social media content
  • High-quality images for social media posts
  • Curate posts from other blogs and social media platforms
  • Write captions for social media posts
  • Proofread and modify social media content
  • Update existing content
  • Schedule and manage social media uploads
  • Creating and managing “business groups” on social media platforms
  • Social Media Comment Response

Let’s get into all the details of these tasks that a Social media VA can perform.

1. Help to develop a social media strategy

image represent a social media strategy
develop a social media strategy

A social media marketing strategy involves everything from planning to achieving your goals on social media platforms. It helps you to track your performance if you are succeeding or failing.

The more clearly you define your plan, the more effective it will work. Keep it short. Don’t make it so broad that it’s impossible to measure.

Most brands already have a social media marketing strategy; a social media virtual assistant can give some more ideas to help to improve it.

It also helps you to give answers to the questions like -Are you addressing the right goals? Having more followers should be the priority over audience engagement? 

2. Improve social media presence

An effective social media presence can help your business grow like wildflowers. You have to carefully choose the right cover photos to make your page attractive to gain people’s attention. Social media Virtual assistant will help you with these things effectively. Always remember that a good first impression goes a long way when it comes to social media. 

3. Research content

Irrespective of your industry, having company content is key to growing brand visibility online. Content research, not only helps your company to improve its social media marketing but also identifies great third-party resources your target audiences like.

Research content is one of the most critical tasks social media virtual assistants perform. Finding the right content and connecting with the right audience is essential. You can ask for virtual assistant social media post ideas and they will supply you with ideas like below.

Here are a few ideas a Social Media Virtual Assistant can suggest for social media posts:

  1. Share an inspiring quote or message to start the day off right.
  2. Post a photo or video that showcases your product or service in action.
  3. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your business or team.
  4. Share tips or advice related to your industry.
  5. Share a success story from one of your customers or clients.
  6. Host a Q&A session or ask for feedback from your followers.
  7. Share industry news or updates that your followers might find interesting.
  8. Share a personalized message or shoutout to your followers.
  9. Share a contest or giveaway to encourage engagement from your followers.
  10. Share a post that promotes an event or special offer from your business.

When it comes to social media, a number of followers make a massive difference in your brand’s popularity.

4. Create a social media content calendar

social media content calendar

The best thing about having a social media content calendar for your business is that it is simple to monitor and make changes as you obtain essential data. It helps document everything, even as you try new things, to uncover what works best with your business processes.

5. Create different kinds of social media content

Content creation is the most important social media marketing practice. By creating content, you provide free and valuable information to your audience, attract potential buyers, and retain existing customers through quality engagement.

For content creation, you will probably need a social media virtual assistant.

Thinking of new ideas is not an easy task, but you don’t have to worry about it with a social media virtual assistant by your side; you just have to monitor their performance.

6. High quality images for social media posts

Images play an essential role in social media marketing because it takes a good quality picture for the audience to click on the link to your website blog or Youtube video.

A social media VA should have a good eye for images. They should determine what image complements the content. Having good editing skills is a plus.

7. Curate posts from other blogs and social media platforms

A social media VA should know how to find relevant content from the influencers and share it on your page. This brings the influencer’s attention to your page and helps grow your followers.

Most big brands hire content writers to write their blogs, but you are probably lucky if your VA would do it for you.

8. Write captions for social media posts

A great photo and a compelling caption are the perfect combinations for an engaging social media post. Writing excellent captions builds excitement, making people want to click on that link even more after the picture got their attention.

Also, Copywriting is one of the skills you should be looking for in a social media virtual assistant. Knowing how to introduce content effectively will help you increase your CTR. This allows your content to be more discoverable, and people come back more to your page.

9. Proofread and modify social media content

Your social media virtual assistant should also be good at proofreading, and content editing, mainly the blog they post for your brand. It is a must that your blog should be free of grammatical errors because it can lower your brand reputation. 

Have you noticed any errors in the posts of reputable brands? So if you want your brand to grow more and more, hire a virtual social media assistant with proofreading and editing skills? If you aim to take your brand to the next level; then, you need to create high-quality content without any errors.

10. Update existing content

Many brands forget to update their old blogs as they grow, which negatively impacts their reputation. A social media virtual assistant lets you keep updated with your existing content and make it fresh.

If you made changes in your products or services, you should definitely make changes in your content.

11. Schedule and manage social media uploads

After creating a post according to your social media calendar, you need to decide the time to post your content. There are options available on Instagram and Facebook to schedule your post, or you can use social media management tools like Sprout social or Orbit to schedule your post on top social media platforms.

Scheduling posts save a lot of your time and money if you hire someone expert in social scheduling tools.

12. Creating and managing “business groups” on social media platforms

Joining various Facebook groups related to your field is a great way to expand your network. It helps to target a large community and allows you to get hold of your target market. Maybe group members can be your potential customers.

13. Social Media Comment Response

Replying to comments is essential for social media to keep your audience engaged. Everyone loves attention, and responding to comments makes them feel special. Make sure to delete the comments in foul language because it affects your brand reputation.

The social media Virtual assistant replies to all your comments on various social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Researching and creating content requires a lot of time and attention. As a company CEO, you already have a lot on your plate. In this case, hiring a social media virtual assistant is essential to growing your business faster. Meanwhile, you can check social media virtual assistant job descriptions for more details.

A dedicated expert allows your brand to stand out in a crowded world like social media. If you want to grow your company’s social media presence to the next level, consider onboarding a virtual social media assistant.

You can also contact us at Invedus Outsourcing, so we can help you hire a virtual assistant that fits your needs.

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