The job of a travel agent is exciting and fun. You can help people to explore new places and step out of their comfort zones. But, does running a travel agency taste like a piece of cake? The reality is a bit different.

It takes enormous effort to turn your client’s dream vacation into a reality. Creating a balance between the guest’s expectations and budget is quite challenging. Besides, you have to stay prepared for all kinds of unexpected situations.

It might be tough for you to get sufficient time to do it all. Soon you will realize you are handling such tasks that you never enjoy. Moreover, you have to accomplish those deeds that you are not great at.

It might take the tasks away from you that you are best at. As an outcome, your pocketbook will be affected. A Virtual assistant travel agent is the ultimate solution for this.

What is a Virtual travel assistant?

A virtual travel assistant makes the travel arrangements for you from a remote location. He will answer phone calls and messages for you.

They book the most suitable flights and trains for your clients.

Your virtual assistant gets you the best deals on hotels and flights. They organize a trouble-free tour for you.

It allows you to invest your time and energy to focus on the core business activities. In a nutshell, an online travel assistant turns your trips into a cakewalk.

Why do you need a virtual travel assistant?

virtual travel assistant benefits

There are many reasons to hire a virtual travel specialist to work for your ratvel agency. Here are some of the advantages:


A virtual travel agent has the expertise and ability to do several challenging tasks. They have relevant experience of working for different organizations. So, they can help your travel agency with those experiences and specialization.

No physical space is required

Your virtual travel agent doesn’t occupy any physical space in your office. Therefore, you don’t have to make any modifications to your workspace.

It saves money and time

Here are a lot of small and big tasks to accomplish to run a travel agency smoothly. It demands extended time, funds, and energy. As you can pay your virtual travel assistant per hour basis, it saves your expense.

Moreover, an in-house employee demands more salary.  As well as, you have to go through a lengthy recruitment procedure.

More productivity and happy customers

You will be more productive when you get rid of the time-taking and monotonous administrative tasks. A virtual assistant makes sure that every customer receives a timely response.

Sometimes you have to stay busy with more important activities. Then your online travel agent will respond quickly to client inquiries. It will free you up to complete core tasks. They will ensure that your clients are being taken care of well.

How can your virtual assistant boost your travel agency?

An online assistant lets you devote more time to grow your business. It enables the company to owners hand off the tasks that they don’t have to do.

They can focus on the activities that generate revenue. Have a look at the ways your virtual assistant can help your travel business grow:


None starts a travel business just because they love numbers. So, you must have someone who will assist you in maintaining your account and send invoices.

Email management

You can miss client inquiries and business leads when your mailbox is full of spam. A travel agent assistant filters your mails into particular categories. So, your new mails go to their designated folders.

Your online travel agent creates eye-catchy email templates to respond instantly. It develops good communication between your travel agency and potential clients.

Market research

The savvy market research of your virtual agent takes your travel agency a long way. They find out every detail that you need to arrange a perfect trip to a tourist spot.

He serves it all on your plate, from finding out the best resorts and flights to the country custom. They provide multiple trip-related options to your clients. And, as you already know, clients love options.

Client relationship management

Every travel business must keep all of its customers’ information in one place. Your Virtual assistant travel agent adds new leads to your travel agency and tracks referrals. They stay updated with the client data to figure out where the customers are in the marketing pipeline.


Every client appreciates it when you give them a document that contains the details of the trip. The itinerary includes the address and phone number of the hotels, the flight times, the names of the terminals, the description of fun activities, and the trip routine.

An experienced virtual travel agent is pro at creating valuable itineraries.

Blog writing

Are you publishing informative and valuable travel blogs on your website? A helpful blog helps your website to rank on the Google search engine. A virtual travel assistant writes amazing blogs that get you leads.

Pinterest management

Travelers prefer Pinterest the most to pin the things that they want to try. It is an excellent platform for travel agencies to explore. Your online travel assistant links blogs, pictures of previous trips, and stories of your existing clients on Pinterest.

It drives more traffic to the website of your travel company.

How to be a virtual travel assistant?

how to become a virtual travel assistant

Covid-19 has drastically changed our mindsets regarding work. We all are looking for a job that we can do from home.

In this scenario, if you love helping people and find organizing a trip enjoyable, being a virtual travel agent can be your cup of tea. Let’s see what you need to do to become an online travel assistant.

  • It would be best if you had an undergraduate degree from a recognized institute. Some travel agencies prefer graduate employees. So, it will be best if you have a graduation certificate.
  • A virtual travel specialist must have sound knowledge of administrative tasks, social media marketing, and content writing. It would help if you gained skillsets on those.
  • As it will be a home-based job, communication will play a vital role in this. So, start working on your communication skills.
  • When you fulfill those entire criteria mentioned above, you are ready to apply for jobs. There are many job portals such as Upwork, Remote Ok, Fiverr, Guru, etc.

You can create your profile there. You need to update your resume regularly. Keep answering the proposals that the employers post there. Your efficiency and the right job for you will find each other soon.

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The bottom line

In the travel industry, time is money. When you maximize your time to the core functions, you get the maximized outcome. Only a virtual assistant takes the responsibility of administrative tasks from your hand.

I have already mentioned how an online travel assistant helps your start-up to expand its business. It lets you become entirely focused on the activities that can be done by you only.

Moreover, being a travel agency owner is not easy. It often forces the entrepreneurs to stay busy with work. They have to compromise their leisure time.

When you hire a virtual travel assistant, you get free time to spend with your family and friends. In a nutshell, an online travel agent is a key to a happy life and successful business.

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