The idea of hiring an eCommerce assistant often passes through the minds of eCommerce business owners. As the world is moving more towards online shopping, the popularity of virtual assistants for eCommerce is increasing day by day. Many small and medium-sized eCommerce firms are looking for eCommerce virtual assistants to increase productivity and cut costs.

So, what is an eCommerce assistant? And how can they help?

Well, as people are getting comfortable with online shopping and getting satisfactory and qualitative services from eCommerce stores, eCommerce businesses are gaining a huge market. The use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies has narrowed the gap between online stores and brick and mortar stores.

Now, people prefer to place orders online while staying in their home or office, saving their time and money.

There is cutting-edge competition among eCommerce businesses. Customers have many brand options to choose from. Therefore, in order to make the most profit from your business, you have to do something that has the potential to enthrall your customers like anything else. And together with this, the operations of your eCommerce business need to be streamlined.

It is important to work on marketing and promotions and, at the same time, you need to manage products, inventories, sales, orders, shipments, and other key functions.

So in this case, hiring an eCommerce assistant or a team of eCommerce assistants may seem quite reasonable because if your eCommerce business is in the initial stage, then it may look easy, however, as the number of orders increases, more pressure and responsibility will come, you will need someone who could handle your e-store’s operations.

What does an ecommerce assistant do?

An eCommerce assistant hired from a reputed company like Invedus will work as your employee and can manage various eCommerce business operations such as,

  • Inventory management
  • Discount and coupon management
  • Order processing
  • Updating online store
  • Updating pricing information of products
  • Handling shipments
  • Managing returns and exchanges, etc.

Here, are some of the considerable advantages of hiring an eCommerce assistant!

What does an eCommerce assistant do?
  • An eCommerce assistant or a team of such assistants will help your eCommerce store run smoothly. They are well versed with sorting, organizing, and uploading the required products, plus, they can help you manage discounts and coupon offers. ECommerce assistants have experience handling various eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more; you can utilize this skill in your favor.
  • Unlike local employees, when you hire an eCommerce trading assistant, you don’t need to train them, they are already well-trained and have various experience in handling eCommerce businesses. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they can handle your multi-vendor eCommerce store as they specialize in handling both multi-vendor and niche-based eCommerce stores efficiently. Besides, their technical skills have a significant impact in streamlining business processes. Hiring an eCommerce assistant from Invedus means a more seamless flow of operations and improved productivity.
  • The enticing product details can be the last turning point for a customer to purchase a particular product. Therefore, these product descriptions must be written with the utmost care and detailing. You will be happy to know that your hired eCommerce marketing assistant from Invedus can do the same for you. They can write flawless product content, covering descriptions of the product, including product features and uses. Additionally, they can add tags and configure popups on various eCommerce platforms.
  • Another advantage of eCommerce operations assistants is that they are experts in managing and uploading products. You just have to give them product images and details of the products, they will organize everything and make it ready to go for purchase. Also, they can help you with returns, refunds, order cancellations, and sales on your eCommerce store dashboard. Therefore, you only have to focus on managing product manufacturing.
  • One of the biggest advantages of hiring an eCommerce assistant – they can efficiently execute both major functions of your eCommerce business – order management and creation of monthly reports. To handle such administrative tasks, you don’t need to hire any physical staff, your hired eCommerce assistant team from Invedus can do this work for you. Plus, they can handle your ERP software too, putting in products and sales information. Furthermore, eCommerce assistants are skilled in managing spreadsheets. Therefore, they can work in every way you want them.
  • Good customer service is the key to attract new customers and retain existing ones in the eCommerce business. Your eCommerce assistant team can also turn into customer service executives. You don’t need to appoint an entire group of employees to handle customer care services for your e-store. Invedus’ ECommerce Assistants are proficient in speaking English and can serve customers professionally. As they are the ones who are managing the various functions of your eCommerce business, they are well aware of which products have been ordered, canceled, returned, etc. They can handle your customers like experts while saving your time and money.
  • An eCommerce assistant can write informative and qualitative blogs for your online store. Apart from this, they can also help in content marketing, citation, and preparing email drafts which are important for growing your business.
  • Last but not least, your eCommerce assistant team can also help you in social media marketing. They can create attractive posts for social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., as they have been trained for this too. Also, they can help in running advertising campaigns. Therefore, by spending less, you can leverage them to hook your target audience on social platforms through engaging graphics and content.

Wrapping up

Ecommerce Assistants can prove to be a lifesaver for your eCommerce business. They can handle an entire eCommerce store to ensure streamlined operations. Learn more about Ecommerce Assistant here.