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Damp2Dry Solutions is a well-established company in the home dampproofing and waterproofing industry. They have provided excellent services to customers but needed help to reach new customers through digital marketing. We will take you through our successful journey with Damp2Dry Solutions and how our digital marketing and PPC campaigns helped them achieve their goals.

How we helped?

Damp2Dry Solutions needed a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to increase website traffic and improve conversion rates. We encountered various challenges in increasing the number of inquiries, including separating local and international traffic, targeting brand and location-specific demographics, as well as offering special campaign incentives and regular traffic. This provided complete control over budget allocation.

Our Winning Strategies & Tactics

Our goal was to maximise the number of online inquiries on the website, targeting both international and local audiences. We utilised attractive ad copies and kept track of ongoing competitor campaigns to stay ahead of the competition.

Technologies Used

We made good use of modern marketing technologies to ensure the success of the PPC campaign, including:

  • Google adword
  • SEM rush Keyword Research tool
  • Spyfun


Using Google AdWords, SEMrush Keyword Research Tool, and SpyFu, we optimised their campaign, tracked their competitors, and allocated their budget more efficiently. As a result, Damp2Dry Solutions saw a significant improvement in their website's overall ROI, conversion rate, and average session duration.

Our strategies and tactics resulted in significant growth and improvements, including a 78% increase in overall return on investment (ROI), a 125% growth in conversion rates, a 67% decline in overall cost per click (CPC), and a 35% improvement in average session duration.

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