How many times have you watched the world-famous adventure film series by Walt Disney, named “Pirates of the Caribbean”? I bet none is here who didn’t appreciate the badass pirate captain Jack Sparrow, portrayed by Johnny Depp. Now, did you know what the first job was of this globally admired actor? He started his career as a part-time telemarketer.

Depp mentioned the span of those part-time job hours as a very significant period of his life in many interviews later on. Jim Carrey, the much-vaunted actor, comedian, writer, and producer earned bread and butter for himself and his family by working as a Janitor in his earlier life.

The list of worldwide renowned personas will never end who started with part-time work. It is indeed an amazing way to earn quite a few bucks without taking too much stress while you can sharpen your skills, invest time on other projects and open up the doors to new scopes. That’s why here we have crafted a complete guide on part-time work for you. Dive into it right now!

What is considered part-time Work?

The work that allows a worker to have a shorter working day than the full-time employees is considered part-time work. Normally this type of work provides the employees a more flexible workweek.

Part-time work hours are most suitable for new parents, retired persons, students, housewives, and all the people who have issues working as a full-timer. Besides, people who prioritize their families at first, usually go for part-time work so that they can spend enough quality time with family.

Key Benefits of Part-time job hours:

The debate on part-time versus full-time jobs will always go on, but this time we’ll focus on the pros and cons that you can get from your part-time employment. Although the salary in part-time gigs is less than full-time work, still it gives you an ace up your sleeve for exploring numerous profitable opportunities such as:

.#1 You can have more leisure time to do your favourite activities.

#2. Part-time work gives you less stress and flexible work hours that you generally won’t have in full-time jobs.

#3. Part-time workers can maintain a great work-life balance.

#4. Multiple pieces of research have shown that companies get increased productivity more commitment from their part-time staff.

#5. You will get enough time for learning work-related things or pursuing an academic course.

#6. Any kind of job gets you a wide professional network. Our today’s topic is also not an exception.

#7. Commonly, part-time workers tend to focus on various aspects along with their work at a single time. Handling multiple works altogether makes them efficient in managing time.

#8. Students can earn their pocket money while carrying over their studies by working part-time.

How Many Hours Will You Work in a Part-Time Job?

Now the biggest question is how many hours is a part-time job? Well, let’s clarify it. In most cases, the companies expect their part-time employees to work near about 120 hours per month.

Nonetheless, every organization defines the term ‘part-time job” in their authentic ways. At Invedus, we frequently work with various companies that are looking for part-time employees. Consequently, we have figured out that the employers have some specific parameters to decide how many works their workers should dedicate as Part-time work hours. It depends on the agreement, job role, and type of work, and efficiency of the employee.

In general, the organizations may divide their part-time working schedule as per any of these ways:

  • A couple of 10-hour days per week
  • Four 5-hour days per week
  • Six 8-hour days per fortnight
  • Twenty 4-hour days per month

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How many hours is a full-time job?

Whereas you have plentiful well-paying part-time job opportunities, there are lots of full-time employments that offer a lucrative salary. Full-time work gives many perks like paid leaves, sick leaves, child care, pensions, and retirement plans that are not available for part-time workers. Therefore, many people tend to work as full-time employees

The ‘Fair Labour Standard Act’ hasn’t fixed any specific hour limit for full-time workers. An organization has the complete right to decide how many hours the full-timers will contribute to the office in a workweek. According to IRS, more than 30 hours per workweek should be considered a full-time job.

Best Part-time Jobs to earn a Fortune:

If you want to make some pocket money, gain experience, polish your skills or find a second job, you just need to check out those top 5 part-time jobs right now.

Home Tutor:

Providing private tuition is something that you can start from right where you are right now. It doesn’t demand long-term commitment or any money to invest. Just choose one or two subjects that you have expertise in, and start earning money.

Required skills: Patience, Excellent communication, and relevant academic qualification (for some specific cases);

Average rate: $17.51/hour

Test Proctor:

This job requires comprehensive testing paperwork, state indiscretion, verify credentials, and scrutinize the entire environment of the examination. You need to be ready to work anytime while working as a test proctor, as the examination can be conducted anytime, from morning to evening.

Required skills: Flexible schedule, good observation power, fast decision making;

Average rate: $25000/year

Appointment Setter:

Here you need to fix face-to-face and telephonic appointments for your clients. Mainly salespeople need this service. The job responsibility involves writing schedules, calling potential clients, and tracking the lead generators.

Required skills: Excellent communication

Average rate: $12.59/hour

Customer Care Executive:

Working in customer service offers you remote work and flexible duty hours. The job role includes assisting consumers to use the product, providing the required information, and resolving their problems.

Required skills: Excellent communication, quick thinking, smartness

Average rate: $16.23/hour

Data Entry Operator:

This is a well-known and easy way to get involved in part-time work. There are uncountable companies that offer both remote and on-site data entry work.

Required skills: Fast typing, accuracy

Average rate: $15/hour

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Final thought:

Your life gets simply better after you find a suitable part-time job for you. Then you are blessed with a happy family, a wealthy bank account, and less workload. But, sometimes it may go wrong with students. Work can affect their studies.

A student should always remember that the primary focus of their lives in the study, not the work. When the demerits outweigh the merits, you must discuss the issues with your manager and try to sort them out. If you can’t resolve it, go for alternative part-time work. Right when you discover the perfect balance, you start reaping the profits of being a part-time worker.

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