Mobile app development has been a major focus for the past decade. The introduction of smartphones and the emergence of social media have made apps more popular than ever before.

It was the summer of 1983. An energetic young guy in a white shirt with rolled sleeves and a small bow tie was waving arms enthusiastically while delivering his speech at a conference in Aspen.

He was talking about a record store where people can download software. The future business leader saw in a vision that mobile app development and app stores are on their way to conquer.

The speaker was Steve Jobs who launched the first Macintosh right after 6 months from the day in Aspen. His prediction came true in July of 2008 when Nokia launched a simple but interesting game Snake on their Nokia 6110 model. Since then, we have never turned back. You can’t imagine a single day when you are using your smartphone but not operating any app.

So, there is no wonder that every second organization is trying their best to take a place on their target audience’s smartphones. Mobile App Development companies are considering the latest trend in mobile application development.

Thus, nothing can be more relevant today than discussing the most significant application development trends that will dominate the industry of mobile technology. Let’s dive into it right now!

What is the future of mobile app development?

Every latest technology trend excites the users’ imaginations and makes them feel it completely. Additionally, experiencing a new application development trend is always smoother and more exciting than our imagination.

Along with being highly beneficial for the users, the functionalities and features are hugely advantageous for the organizations.

Mobile app development trends are always in flux as the industry changes, and it’s always a good idea to keep up with current trends. The most popular new app trend that just recently started to take off is micro-apps.

These micro-apps look like a really clever idea because they’re smaller and easier to use, but there’s still one big downside with them too.

Despite how easy these apps are supposed to be for users, they make it harder to monetize the given product too since you can’t show ads or offer in-app purchases if you have such a small interface like this.

This can be an issue for many developers though so only time will tell whether or not this becomes a successful strategy for all developers.

  1. 5G Technology
  2. IoT: Internet of Things
  3. Role of AI and Machine Learning
  4. Beacon Technology
  5. AR and VR
  6. Blockchain Technology
  7. Enterprise Mobile Applications
  8. Folding Display
  9. M-commerce
  10. Mobile Wallets

Let’s get an outlook on those important mobile app development trends, that strengthen the customer base of a business by increasing its user numbers hugely.

5G Technology

5G Technology in Mobile App Development
5G Technology in Mobile App Development

It is predicted that the number of smartphones that support 5G internet networks will exceed 600 million by the end of 2021. In addition, half of the smartphones will be 5G ones within 2022.

Apple has also made provisions to adopt 5G technology while releasing their latest product, iPhone 12.

5G mobile network can be about 100 times faster than its ancestor 4G. It is expected to bring innovative transformations to the mobile app development scenario. The high-speed technology will improve the operation of 4k video streaming apps, in a notable way to handle AR and VR 3D objects.

5G Technology Trends in 2022

  1. Driverless car technology.
  2. Wireless healthcare amenities.
  3. Cloud computing.

IoT: Internet of Things

Internet of Things Apps

The Internet has made a mandatory place in the everyday life of today’s people. We all can imagine how hard it is to live a life without the internet. Still, can you imagine that the internet can control your drawing room, kitchen, or bedroom? Right here the IoT takes its grand entry.

It is one of those mobile application development trends that is going to rule the technological field in near future. Internet of things is getting organizations enormous growth and great user satisfaction.

Domains such as smart home security systems, wireless inventory trackers, connected appliances, biometric cybersecurity scanners autonomous farming equipment, smart factory equipment, wearable health monitors, cybersecurity scanners are getting highly benefitted by implementing IoT.

August smart lock, Phillips lighting system, Amazon dash button, and  August doorbell cam are some examples of IoT products that are receiving hugely positive feedback from users.

Impact of IoT Trends in 2022

  1. Internet of Things in healthcare.
  2. Artificial-intelligence-powered IoT devices.
  3. Smart cars.
  4. Several self-driving vehicles.
  5. Smart homes and cities.

Role of AI and Machine Learning

ai & machine learning applications
AI & machine learning applications

“Hence, by the year 2022, 40% of all new app development projects would have co-developers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence.”

– Gartner

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are two well-known terms around the world today. Chatbots, Face Unlocks, Voice Search are very familiar to us. There are many AI-powered image editing apps such as Prisma, Face App, etc that are very popular across the globe.

Can you ever think of buying a new smartphone that doesn’t have an AI-based camera and voice translation facility? All of these services are operated by AI.

Therefore, it is obvious that Artificial Intelligence will play one of the most significant roles in The mobile application development industry in the coming years.

AI Trends in 2022

  1. Predictive maintenance.
  2. Identification, detection, and classification of objects.
  3. Object tracking.
  4. Scalable and efficient processing of patient data.
  5. Static image recognition and classification.
  6. Distributing content on social media.
  7. Automated geophysical feature detection.
  8. Algorithmic trading strategy performance development.
  9. Implementing both machine learning and artificial intelligence together on mobile app development can be profoundly productive.
  10. Learning the development procedure from the previous data on android or iOS devices and using them to detect and fix the problems.

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Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology with Mobile App
Beacon Technology with Mobile App

This Beacon technology empowers you to enjoy some incredible technological conveniences by using Bluetooth Low Energy signals. When a smartphone enters a beacon zone, the software starts receiving the signals and sends the users relevant guidance and notifications.

Beacon technology has great potential in the mobile software market today. It lessens the distance between the company and its customers.

The services of Beacon technology are hugely appreciated in the fields like healthcare, hospitality, museums, etc.

Beacon Technology Trends in 2022

  1. Travel and tourism.
  2. Healthcare sector.
  3. Physical games like the Treasure Hunt and Clue games.
  4. Powered mobile payments.

AR and VR

AR VR Technology In Mobile App
AR VR Technology In Mobile App

Augmented reality and virtual reality have a huge impact on mobile apps based upon gaming, video, and camera. Google’s ARcore and Apple’s ARkit are the two most famous examples of AR technology. However, we have noticed that these two products carry a sign of a mixed reality revolution.

As we see, augmented reality and virtual reality provide remarkable features such as people’s conclusions and motion tracking. Consequently, several AR-powered applications will represent themselves as full-fledged mobile apps.

This mobile application development trend will benefit the fields like tourism, healthcare, e-commerce, education in various ways. Additionally, smart glasses like Magic Leap, Oculus Go, and Hololens can offer a better visual experience with the

  1. Virtual training simulations.
  2. VR and AR-based Visual learning.
  3. Live Concerts
  4. Music festivals
  5. AR-powered virtual user instruction.
  6. VR-based exploration activities.
  7. AR-based destination navigator.

Blockchain Technology

blockchain technology
Blockchain Technology

Well, blockchain is not the word you talk about on your every coffee break. The term might seem a bit unfamiliar to many individuals. It is basically a technology that records the data by using a robust method to make it impossible to hack the system or change the data. Blockchain operates the services like smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

Ethereum and decentralized apps give us the taste of blockchain technology. Dapps can handle their data without the help of any mediator.

As a promising trend of today’s application development, blockchain technology connects providers and customers directly.

As a result, no outsider can interrupt data privacy. Nowadays various fields like finance, trading, healthcare utilize the Dapps.

Blockchain technology trends in 2022

  1. Baas: Blockchain as a service.
  2. Transparent betting.
  3. Anti-piracy
  4. Robotics
  5. Security of public elections.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Sometimes an organization develops a mobile application for internal use. Only the employees of that particular business can use the application to carry out the functions and activities of the company. These apps are called enterprise mobile apps.

At present, technology analysts consider these apps as a future trend of mobile app development. According to financial studies, businesses can make more savings by implementing enterprise apps inside their organizations.

Enterprise mobile apps trends in future

  1. Better internal communication.
  2. Employee satisfaction.
  3. More productivity

Folding Display

Folding Display

Let me introduce you to one of the coolest mobile application development trends that will blow your mind off, for sure! Yes, I’m talking about the folding display feature that already has grabbed the attention of the tech giants.

Here the size of the screen will be changed instantly according to the actions of the user. The apps need to alter as per the change of the display.

The first models of smartphones with a Folding Display are Huawei Mate X Samsung Galaxy Fold. Expert mobile app developers are considering the Folding Display as a new target to achieve.

This trend is going to rule the mobile application development industry for the next few decades.



Covid-19 has changed the economy of the world. Businesses are more dependent on mobile applications now. A user-friendly app can give you huge business growth. It increases the revenue and sales along with developing your brand loyalty.

Today’s people need to buy pieces of stuff anytime and anywhere. Therefore, a business owner should focus on those mobile e-commerce apps more than their website counterparts.

Now this industry is also known as mobile commerce and M-commerce. And M-commerce one of the biggest mobile app development trends in 2022.

Statistics say that the figure of sales in 2019 didn’t exceed more than $2.3 trillion. Covid’s situation made people rely upon M-commerce almost fully in 2021 and as an outcome, the number of global sales was expected to be $3.5 trillion.

Now you can understand how impactful M-commerce is going to be as the ruling mobile application development trend in coming years.

M-commerce trends in 2022

  1. Voice shopping.
  2. One-click ordering.
  3. Omnichannel shopping.

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Mobile Wallets

mobile wallets
mobile wallets

This software has created its place in the heart of thousands of users. Every country is being economically digital nowadays.

After the pandemic, people never want to use cash or swipe cards. An in-built mobile wallet is always the first choice for the majority of citizens when it comes to payment.

When you upgrade your payment method with a mobile wallet, you’ll experience a faster and smoother transaction.

People across the world use mobile wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc, and love it. This mobile app development trend is potential enough to be highly demanded in the future.

  1. Audio-based mobile wallets.
  2. Radiofrequency identification payments.
  3. Near-field communication-based payments.

All in all

The mobile application development industry is flourishing in such an amazing way that ensures the bright future of the field. The future of mobile app development will be notably different from contemporary technologies.

It will provide the business owners and the mobile application developers’ with incredible aspects and amenities to make the most out of it. On the other hand, the users will get outstanding qualities and unique solutions.

Those future trends of mobile app development are exceedingly advantageous for all kinds of businesses. If you are in this field, you already know that you have a Play Store full of competitors. You must utilize those trending technologies to make your app authentic and stand-alone.

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