If you are reading this blog, then most probably you are thinking about outsourcing services. 

Perhaps you are interested in outsourcing the website development projects of your firm? But don’t know how it works? Or you might have some preconceptions and doubts about outsourcing, due to which you are not sure whether to outsource your business services? Not to worry, here we will try to answer all the possible questions that you may have regarding outsourcing web development services.

Outsourcing is convenient as well as beneficial for both medium and long term! But the only necessary thing is to find the right outsourcing provider. To do this, you need to know about outsourcing, which place is good for outsourcing your firm’s web development projects, how to find a suitable outsourcing company, and so on.

So, let’s first begin with,

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing, also known as a subcontractor, is an agreement where a company delegates the peripheral and surplus activities of its business to an external third-party company.

Nowadays, outsourcing has become a common practice for businesses around the world for many good reasons.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global outsourcing survey, spending on outsourced services in the global market has almost doubled over the last two decades, from $45.6 billion in 2000 to US $86.6 billion in 2018. And it keeps on increasing. Now around 78% of businesses worldwide feel positive about their relationship with their outsourcing company. As a result, 57% of US companies increased their use of outsourcing.

What Is Web Development? 

Web development is the process of developing and maintaining a website. This is the work done behind the scenes to give a website an amazing look and feel and to make it work faster and perform brilliantly with a seamless user experience.

Web developers are those who do this. They use a variety of coding languages and which language they use will depend on the tasks they are performing and the platform they are working on.

Web development is broken into two parts – front-end (user-facing side) and back-end (server-side).

A front-end developer has responsibility for the layout, design, and interactivity of a website. They use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A back-end developer is the one who engineers what is going behind the scenes. They store the data, and without this data, there would be no front-end. The web’s backend consists of the server that hosts the website, an application to run it, and a database to hold the data.

Therefore, before outsourcing your firm’s web development projects, you should be clear with your business requirements, you should know whether you want to hire only front-end developer/s or only back-end developer/s or both. 

Some Misconceptions About Web Development Outsourcing

misconceptions about web development outsourcing
misconceptions about web development outsourcing

There are many myths about offshore web development outsourcing services. Some people think they are inconvenient to use, but in reality, they are not. Below, we will eliminate these widely held but fixed and oversimplified images of web development outsourcing.

1. If the first time was a bad experience, most likely the second will be the same.

Is this how our life and business runs? Do we stop trying to better our lives and our businesses if we get one bad experience? No, right? The same applies here. 

If you have a bad experience with an outsourcing firm, that doesn’t mean every outsourcing provider in that nation or the world is the same. If you feel like outsourcing is a profitable business move for your company, then you should work to know how you can reach the right outsourcing provider. Giving up on all outsourcing companies is not a solution. And believe us, there are several outsourcing companies out there, which can change your mindset about outsourcing web development services.

You may want to consider checking out Invedus Outsourcing. It is considered one of the most reliable and quality service providers worldwide. Here, you can outsource your web development projects with ease and for sure expect to meet the best outcomes. 

2. There are problems of intercultural communication

In this digital advancement world, more and more people are becoming ambitious. If you look at the South Asia part of the world, you would have thought that they are not good English speakers. But, the reality is the opposite.

India is considered the best country to set up offshore development centers due to its cost-effectiveness and talented professional availability. In addition, India has the distinction of being the largest English-speaking country in the world. It is jointly larger than the United States and Britain.

According to ATKearney, India has been a pioneer of the outsourcing industry, offering a large number of skilled English-speaking employees that no other country can provide at this low cost. Therefore, if you have hired top web developers from a reliable outsourcing firm, there will be no such hindrance.

3. No one can do it as I do

Ahh! This is the feeling that every one of us has at one point in our lives. We feel like doing everything on our own because if someone else will do it, it may be wrong or not up to the standard that we want. 

But when you run a business, you need to learn to trust other people with their work because you can’t manage everything. Therefore, you should hand over some parts of the problem to someone else (in our case it is about outsourcing).

4. I’ll receive poor quality service and end result

It is a bit like the first misconception. The way to disqualify this thought is to find the right outsourcing provider. When you have the best web developer in your team, you will probably get higher quality services and better end results.

5. Someone else can steal my personal information and use it incorrectly.

This is quite understandable. But this whole world is based on the foundation of trust. Business is done with trust. Therefore, it is important that you have faith in others. Because without others, one can’t run a large organization, it needs more resources and more support. So, don’t be afraid to trust, just check who you can trust.

These misconceptions about outsourcing will gradually disappear when you partner with a trusted outsourcing provider.

What Are The Benefits Of Web Development Outsourcing?

benefits of web development outsourcing
benefits of web development outsourcing

Nowadays, there is one or more tools and resources available to carry out almost every task, from sales to marketing, management, development, which gives businesses an additional growth boost.

Business leaders now have numerous options to choose from so that they can outrank their rivals. 

Together with the latest tools and equipment, a company must have great talented human resources. With outsourcing, business owners can hit two birds with one stone. Not only giant firms, small and medium-sized companies also like to outsource their web development projects. 

So what is special about web development outsourcing? And, what benefits can you get through it?

Benefits Of Web Development Outsourcing

  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Massive time saving 
  • Better focus on core business objectives
  • Associate with top web developers
  • Speed up the development process
  • Bring in new perspectives to your web development projects
  • High-quality end products
  • Myriad of the options to choose from
  • Stringent data security
  • Pick employees that are located in one place

Let’s explore these benefits in detail here.

1. Huge Cost Savings

Cost Savings!! – This is the primary reason for most companies applying for web development outsourcing. You can save a substantial amount. Want to know how?

Well, when you hire web developers through an outsourcing firm, the total cost will be much lower than the cost of hiring and managing web developers in your country. It could be even two or three times costlier. 

By outsourcing, you can protect yourself from spending on employee recruitment, their salaries, health insurance, space, equipment, infrastructure, and more.

Furthermore, if you choose India to outsource your web development projects, you will not only save more but can also have access to India’s top-class web developers. Indian developers remain up-to-date with the latest technology trends and web development platforms to stay competitive in the market. 

2. Massive time saving 

Time equals money, so a business person can’t afford to waste it. By outsourcing, you can save your time from the very beginning. The time you usually spend during the rigorous recruitment process can be saved through outsourcing.

In addition, when professional web developers join your team, the pace of website development will most likely be more as compared to that if done in-house. Web developers of outsourcing firms mostly have the attitude to complete the project faster with better quality.

3. Better focus on core business objectives

Once you have handed over your web development projects with all the necessary information to a web development outsourcing provider, you or your onsite team members will not require to divert their attention to this area, as they would have to do earlier. 

Outsourcing companies provide a project manager who will periodically update you about what action web developers are taking throughout the project. 

As a result, you and your team can focus on core business objectives independently. This also means that you can grow more businesses and generate more revenue.

4. Associate with top web developers

There are different types of web development projects. Therefore, if you want to develop solid websites, then you need to bring professional web developers to your team. By outsourcing, you can easily do this.

Web developers at such firms usually have good knowledge about various web development technologies and are kept updated with all the latest website trends due to their learning environment and vast prior experience working on projects of various industries and complexities.

5. Speed up the development process

With professionals on deck, web page development can take place at a much faster pace than in-house. Again the reason is the same, it is due to their vast experience and suitable environment.

With an outsourcing team, you will be able to launch your project faster in the market. This will give you a competitive advantage too. In business, time is money!

6. Bring in new perspectives to your web development projects

Want to give your websites a fresh look? Want to add some new functionality to it? Then, hire offshore web developers!

Offshore web developers belong to a different culture and background, so they can add new ideas and approaches to your website development projects. 

7. High-quality end products

Primarily, to improve your business? Suppose, it is about taking food items from the best restaurants and delivering them to the desired customers. You must be great in this service or if you are not great as per the standards that you have in mind, then you must be trying to reach that level of greatness?

Similarly, for web development outsourcing companies, providing excellent website developers to their clients is their main job. Therefore, when you outsource web development projects, it is a surefire way that you will get the best quality end products. 

8. Myriad of the options to choose from

The great advantage of outsourcing is that you will have the whole world to choose from. You can hire web developers from any part of the world, given budget and language constraints. You’re not limited to the few employees you have available in your office.  

But as we mentioned above, India is the best to meet all your modern web development needs. So, you must explore this country once. Why not start your inquiry with Invedus Outsourcing!

Invedus is a leading outsourcing provider in India. It can provide you with India’s most innovative and creative minds, providing high-quality and unmatched services.

9. Stringent data security

For business owners, their business data is important. So, obviously, they would not like to risk it in any way. But, by partnering with a reliable software development outsourcing company, you can get the best protection against information security breaches.

These companies take several security measures to ensure their client’s data remains pristine. After all, for such firms, they have a reputation that is bringing them new business.

10. Pick employees that are located in one place

Isn’t it a great advantage, that you will have your entire web development team members in one place? 

This will facilitate the whole web development process as it will be easier for every member of the team to coordinate with each other. Moreover, they know each other, so there would be very less chances of any misunderstanding and miscommunication between them. 

So, now we will discuss how web development outsourcing works. 

Steps To Outsource Web Development Projects

Primarily, clearly define your business goals

Before approaching any web development company and partner with them, you should develop your business goals. You should have a clear vision in your mind for everything related to your web development projects such as,

  • The quality and functionality you want to put in your websites.
  • Project completion deadline,
  • An estimated budget that you can spend on it,
  • Desired skills, qualifications and experience of web developers and so on.

Try to write every small detail somewhere so that you have a clear idea of what you are going to do and where you are going to invest your hard-earned money.

Find a trusted web development company to partner with. 

After you have clarity about your requirement, the next step is to choose an outsourcing provider for your web project.

Search on Google and, you will find millions of results and thousands of outsourcing companies worldwide who claim that they are the best in what they are offering. But, are they all really the best? No. So, how do you really access which company is best for your web development work? 

When choosing an outsourcing company, keep this in mind:

  • Company experience
  • The type of project they specialize in
  • Their work portfolio
  • Their client’s sayings
  • Reviews about this web-development company
  • Their site and social network

A truly competent outsourcing company like Invedus agrees to all the details, get acquainted with the essence of the project, and then takes the work. They do this first to fully understand the scope of the work and give you the perfect final web project.

3 Communicate well during the web development process

As with any relationship, the most important thing is communication. It is important that you have clear communication with your outsourcing partner and web developers so that there will be no confusion. In addition, you need to consider that your web developer speaks a different language, has a different culture and lives in a different time zone.

However, we live in a world where communication with people living in another part of the world is no longer a problem. It is recommended to have a daily meeting with your project manager to get updates about your web development progress. This will help you avoid any future problems.

Sum Up!

If you haven’t tried outsourcing yet, don’t assume it is bad! Start small. First, outsource a small task. And then when you see that the company is capable of meeting your further expectations, you can confidently order a large web project.

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