Businesses that have reached their peak accounting and financial capacity or that do not want or need to invest in an in-house usually outsource all or part of their financial needs to outsourcing companies or freelancers.

Outsourcing, in general, has many benefits, including lower hiring costs, lower effort in training and employee retention and businesses that offer to outsource financial and accounting services share the same positive traits. More and more companies prefer to outsource their financial needs to offshore accountants to maximise the value for money trait the outsourced professionals bring to the table.

Consider this as utilising a finance special forces unit—a super-squad capable of financial counselling and management that would take you years and an unforgiving budget to build on your own. Is this the best course of action for every firm or entrepreneur? Who needs to focus more on their financing and what kinds of services should you delegate? We’ve covered all these questions and others that might arise in this article. 

What exactly is financial and accounting outsourcing?

When it comes to finances, outsourcing this type of service can be a great way to get help from the outside of a company, at the fraction of the cost you would pay to hire an in-house. Hiring an external team of experts can save you precious time and money. 

Depending on your needs(expanding or upscaling, requiring international experts or just cost reduction), you might choose to fully or partially outsource. There is also the option to go hybrid and just partially outsource financial experts to help your in-house accountants and tax preparers during stressful times, such as Tax Season.

Choosing if the collaboration with outsourced financial personnel will be short-term or long-term should be established before you decide to take action so that you will maximise your gains and reduce extra costs as much as possible. Knowing your company’s financial needs and how to meet them is crucial when starting the journey of outsourcing for your financial department.

What exactly is outsourced finance?

Payroll, budgets, monthly accounts, CFO strategy, prediction and everything in between. These are just a few things a strong outsourced finance team will have to know how to do.

The external finance team will get acquainted with your company’s internal procedures, cash flow process, etc., while also looking at your numbers with a new pair of eyes and offering a fresh perspective.

This will ensure that cash flow calculations are independent and objective.

Should financial services be outsourced?

A habitual practice in many organisations is to outsource a portion of their financial and accounting needs.  There are many examples of small and medium-sized businesses experiencing rapid growth but not wishing to hire more employees because of the training, experience and costs required.

Outsourcing financial services is a good idea in these situations, especially if it’s merely to meet a temporary bookkeeping or accounting demand. When business growth reaches its plateau and no longer needs seasonal employees to fill the extra demand, your business needs will change and that is when you can reconsider outsourcing as a long-term strategy. 

Is it possible to outsource finance?

The main concern of business owners is that the external teams might not fully understand the complexity and peculiarities of their company’s finances or that having in-house and outsourced finance divisions might create difficulties and communication gaps. Of course there is not much truth to this, as outsourced financial experts might prove to be more versatile and experienced, given the fact they have to work for companies in all kinds of domains and industries.

Technically speaking you can outsource any financial activities, but some of them come so effortlessly!

Let’s have a look on what types of accounting services  can be outsourced:

What Types of Accounting Services Can Be Outsourced?

outsourced finance and accounting services

Daily Accounting Tasks

Having your finances in order all year round can be a life saver at the end of the year, but to do that you will surely need the help of an expert bookkeeper that knows both the nitty gritty and the peculiarities of finances. Delegating this sort of daily task to an outsourced expert will help you in the long run!

MIS Report Preparation

Most firms rely on accounting reports of various types, but if the in-house team is inefficient or not well-versed in producing improved reports, the quality can suffer. By outsourcing accounting services like this, you will be able to produce better-quality reports that are easily understandable from the management side, so you can make better business decisions more easily.

Financial planning and analysis

You can improve your service in this area by outsourcing financial analysis and planning. This will be handled by highly qualified and experienced professionals, allowing for improved financial planning and analysis. This can eventually assist you in enhancing the financial situation of your company.

Tax Accounting

You know what they say about death and taxes… Everyone is due, so why not leave the most stressful of the accounting operations to experts?

Accounting services that are outsourced might provide better service since they understand tax regulations, tax payments, identifying unneeded taxes, and so on.

Cost Accounting

The documenting, evaluation and reporting of the company’s expenses is the focus of cost accounting. Optimising this can help you make key financial decisions and plan an appropriate business budget. It will help the company reach its economic goal of improving net profit margins. Getting the appropriate outsourced accounting services can help you cut costs and achieve higher financial success.

Forensic Accounting 

Prevention is better than the cure, and this applies to finances as well. Forensic Accounting can help uncover If any of the input data is wrong, or even accounting fraud.

Pinpointing the potential fraud attempts and ensuring an efficient accounting system will certainly better financial health of your company.

Payroll Accounting

Payroll services will entail maintaining correct records in the accounting books of all payments issued.

Here, precise payroll and other compensation calculations are essential. To assure accuracy and effective payroll management, payroll accounting can be outsourced.

These are some of the instances of outsourced accounting services that come in handy. Aside from this, there are a plethora of other tasks that can be assigned.

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Final Words

Outsourcing financial accounting services brings a slew of advantages and prospects to your company, especially when working with a team of experts.

Professionals not only save you cost, resources, and time that could be invested in other areas, but they also provide you with access to the most up-to-date accounting software and technology.

Furthermore, their years of industry knowledge are all you require to gain better access to the foreign market throughout business expansion. 

If you have any questions then reach out to Invedus.

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