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The world of real estate is equally challenging and lucrative at the same time. In 2021, a study by the National Association of Realtors unleashed that 88% of the people who bought a house recently took help from a real estate agent or broker.

The same survey also found that 73% of them talked with only one broker during the entire journey of finding their home. It highlights the significance of showing up in front of the clients as fast as possible.

Therefore, every realtor must have a solid grasp of real estate marketing. But, as a real estate agent, you already have a hectic schedule that includes no weekends. You are spending much of your time meeting with leads and clients on the road.

In that situation, it is never easy to develop marketing strategies that can be unique, original, and remarkable. And it gave us another reason to pen down again. We felt it’s urgent to find the remedy to drive marketing fatigue away. So, we have developed a comprehensive guide for you after consulting with top successful real estate agents.

Let’s get started with these super easy real estate marketing ideas!

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

1. Start with a cutting-edge website

Many people depend upon the internet to do quick research on the products and services before buying. An engaging website for the real estate business can show potential customers what you have to offer them. 

Don’t forget to include listings on the website. And obviously, updating the website regularly is very important.

A well-designed website keeps prospective clients getting a complete insight into your services when they look for a house in real estate marketing. And, you should try your best to set the website apart. Adding something a little unexpected can work great in this. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to a talented web designer right now.

2. Write to impress

The earlier pen was stronger than swords. And now, the keyboard is mightier than swords. A popular blog can keep you far ahead of your competitors in real estate marketing. So, your second task is starting a blog and publishing SEO content on that.

Many tools such as Ahrefs and Google Analytics can help you out. Using those tools, you can find effective keywords and the most relevant topics for your blogs. It’s also essential to keep the language of the blogs simple. Put extra effort into creating attractive images for your blogs.

3. Answer your prospects questions on your blogs

Here is a valuable strategy to find out the best blog topics for your website. Just focus on the questions that are coming from your prospective audience. Here are two tools that you can use to find the most relevant questions.

The first one is a free tool. It analyzes your keyword search. Then, you get a list of questions based on that. People also ask is a free feature that you get with Google search. There is another helpful tool named Keywords Everywhere. It helps the users to find interesting quests.

You can get related searches with estimated search volume to all the Google searches using Keywords Everywhere.

4. Include email marketing campaigns in your real estate marketing ideas

Are you reaching out to your contacts every time you get a new property listing? If not, then your email marketing strategies are needed to be renovated. Sending the prospects a newsletter roundup of the blog content you are publishing helps your website get a better rank.

You must add images that let the audience know about the complete listing. Adding a video walkthrough of the property is also a fantastic idea. An email with all those will help you boost up your business magically.

5. Explore virtual staging

Which real estate marketing ideas are best in increasing buyer interest? You have a simple answer here. Just give the prospects a sneak preview of the property you want to sell. You can use a clean and straightforward online staging website for that.

Physical staging is hectic. On the other hand, virtual staging can save you money and time. A recent study of 4000+ homes has shown that 85% of stages properties were sold for more than 8-20% more than the not staged homes.

6. Give experiential marketing a shot

Experiential marketing is one of the most bulletproof real estate marketing ideas. It invites a vast number of leads to interact with you. 

You can engage your prospects in a real-world situation by trying experiential marketing.

You can hold an event to give the buyers some practical tips for buying a property. Or you can take the buyers on a tour of the property you are selling. Arranging an open house and inviting the leads to visit is also a good idea.

7. Let real estate marketing photographers show their talent

Photos have always played a vital role in the real estate business. Accept the fact that your potential leads will judge a book by its cover. It is universal truth when they browse through thousands of listings.

It would help if you had something very appealing here that will never fail to catch the eye of the buyers. Your content must meet professional standards while conveying the leads about your business. Hire a small team of pro photographers with wide-angle lenses and mastery in Photoshop editing.

8. Wait, isn’t your site mobile-friendly?

The majority of the customers in real estate marketing are tech-savvy nowadays. They spend hours on their smartphones. Even 80% of internet users prefer being online using their mobile phones. Do you need any more reason to accept that it is paramount to have a mobile-friendly website? You can also create a mobile app for the target audience to help them review listings.

9. Emotions drive behaviors!

It may sound cliché but trust me, there is nothing in the business world that you can’t achieve while utilizing emotion in the right way. And real estate marketing is no exception. So, use emotional storytelling!

Use the right words and phrases all over your blogs, email complaints, advertisements, and newsletters that prove to your customers how honest and loyal you are to them. Make them believe there is no hidden cost, and it’s always a profit for them to close a deal with you.

10. Consider going niche

Have you got many challenging real estate marketing competitors in your area? Then don’t worry, that’s pretty normal. You can easily make your company stand out. Going niche is the best way to do that.

Try to be the go-to realtor for divorced individuals, parents with kids, dog owners, whatever. Making a name for your company in a specific niche will help you be remembered, mainly in saturated zip codes.

11. Develop a partnership with local business

Develop a good bonding with the owners of local businesses. It will enhance your success in real estate marketing competitors. What about starting with gifting the local breakfast joint a set of cool coffee mugs that have your logo on them? You can also get yourself a place on the paper placemat setting of nearby shops. My point is- to be as creative as possible with your local partnerships. It will help you a lot to reach out to your target customers.

12. A care package never fails to win hearts

You already know that the relationship of a businessman should not end with a client right after closing the deal. Good feedback from your former client can be the key to winning the real estate marketing realm. Please make sure the clients remember your name and share your info with their acquaintances. 

Giving them a local care package after they close will ensure that they will refer you to their family and friends who might consider buying a property in the future. Anything like a restaurant gift coupon or a local movie ticket can work great as a care package.

13. Get branding

Business branding helps you stand out from the crowd of cutthroat competitors. You can consider drinking koozies, pens, paper-weight, and the other freebies that people like a lot. Gift your potential clients some branded goodies at festivals and events. It will help you to promote your brand.

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14. Host a webinar

Here comes one of the most effective real estate marketing ideas. You can host a webinar to garner attention for your brand. It can be anything like “10 Bulletproof ideas to decorate your new home” or “8 things you must consider while buying your home” webinar. Provide a “questions and answers” round at the end of the webinar where you can clear the audience’s doubts.

Webinars can be conducted in the form of Facebook live, Youtube videos, and other live streaming apps or platforms. Another option is posting a permanent video on your website.

15. Get an outstanding business card

This thing never goes out of style. We know how passionate you are about in-person meetings with clients and other business professionals in real estate marketing. That’s why you should be always ready with your information on hand to provide them.

And, an unimpressive business card can repel many potential leads from you. So, you must.

16. Let an explainer video tell your story

Here is a magic trick that will differentiate your real estate marketing from your competitors. You can create an explainer video that will attractively explain your services. There you can pitch your clients and perspectives on why you are the ideal choice for them.

The video will help the clients to figure out how successful the agency is and whether they are worth hiring or not. So, generally, people tend to make those kinds of videos in a serious tone. Still, we would suggest you add a bit of fun to it to stand out. A glimpse of your sense of humor along with the essential info about your brand will win the hearts of your target audience.

17. Invest in a moving truck

 You can provide a moving truck to your prospect once you close a deal with them. It will be advertising your brand every time the clients will use it. And, there will be times when the truck will not be used by the clients. Then you can take it to home shows. Moreover, your company can take advantage of additional branding while you park the truck at the part of the town that is crowded with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

18. Incorporate your pet

Well, not every client will find it cute if a furry Persian cat or an adorable French bulldog accompanies them throughout the property tour. But, they are the minority, I tell you! Even the photos of the properties on your website and social media handles featuring a pet will be appealing to the buyers.

Using your cat or pup in real estate marketing is always a brilliant idea. If you don’t own one, then never give a second thought to borrowing one from your friends or family members.

19. Use instagram stories for marketing

You simply can’t neglect social media platforms, specifically Instagram while building your brand. Instagram story is one of the most useful methods to engage your followers. It gives you an easy way to gain brand recognition and generate engagement.

20. A handwritten note is always appealing

Do you want to offer your clients and prospects a unique experience? Then you must consider sending them a  handwritten note. It will make your brand special to them when they will open a mailed envelop and find out a handwritten note from you.  The strategy will work best on all those home valuation leads who missed entering their email ID.

21. Get referrals from happy clients

It is time to wrap up amazingly effective real estate marketing ideas. When you are developing your online existence, getting referrals from satisfied customers plays a vital role. And, getting these is very simple. You just have to ask them for it. Provide the home buyers with a flawless transition throughout the entire deal. Then ask your prospects who among their acquaintance can be a potential lead.

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The last item

As a savvy entrepreneur, you already know that the real estate marketing trends and tactics are constantly changing. But you will taste the success if you stick with it. Devote more of your focus on developing digital content to increase brand awareness.

Remember that thoughtful SEO content is vital to resonate with your prospective leads. The best way is to maximize your web presence via branding. And, that’s where we have got your back! Digital marketing experts in Invedus can help you expand the digital footprint of your real estate business even in the current pandemic situation.

So, why wait? Feel free to talk to us anytime. We are happy to help!


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