Are you dreaming of having a lively engagement with your target audience? Are you looking for a magic wand that will enhance your brand’s visibility within a wink? Are you in search of the best way to interact with your audience?

Then you have landed in the right place! Here, we will give you a complete insight into the best live streaming apps that will work as the ultimate solution for all your queries. So, let’s start right now!

What are the live streaming apps in simple words?

The live streaming apps are the online tools that allow the users to upload and broadcast video content at once. Instead of uploading after recording the event, people can watch the event instantaneously.

Nowadays, live videos are viral among content creators and their audiences. It is a growing way to connect with the right audience. In 2021, 24% of all video content was created through live streaming platforms.

There are tons of factors that have made the live streams a go-to content format. They can quickly build a bridge between the streamer and the viewers. So, the audience feels more engaged. It also adds up a sense of social presence.

According to a recent report by Grand View Research, the video streaming market can expand up to USD 233.98 billion within 2028. Last two years, we had to maintain social distancing for several months. Because of covid, we can’t go out and enjoy outdoor activities much. So, we are dependent more and more upon our smartphones.

The pandemic outbreak increases the need for real-time entertainment. Therefore, you can say that the covid-19 pandemic positively impacts the blooming of the video marketing industry.

What are the benefits of live-streaming apps?

This is now one of the trendiest ways to connect with your audience interactively. It helps you to grow your prominence worldwide. A brand can easily have the edge over its rivals once it adapts live stream platforms.

Here are the benefits that you can have through live mobile broadcasting. Check it out now.

  • Live streaming apps help you to reach your target audience very quickly.
  • Live streaming platforms are affordable. You will get loads of free options out there. 
  • These are easy to set up.
  • It only needs an active account on a selected live streaming platform and an internet-enabled system.
  • By 2027, the live streaming industry is forecast to be worth $247 billion. It reaches a larger audience despite your location. As a result, your visibility gets enhanced.
  • It gets you better sales conversions.
  • You get more scopes to monetize while you go live.
  • You can use the captured moments for sales and all the promotional campaigns.

Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting

Web streaming is on its way to retirement. Today’s digital world’s newest and most helpful trend is mobile live streaming video. The big gun companies across the globe are today investing in mobile live-streaming apps.

Live streaming videos allow people and brands to stay connected with friends and followers in real-time. Here we are recommending the top 10 best live streaming apps and live stream platforms.


Twitch - live streaming apps
Twitch – live streaming apps

Twitch is one of the best live-streaming apps among gamers. The content creators live-stream the video games through Twitch. It also lets the broadcasters chat with the viewers and other streamers anytime.

From League of Legends to Overwatch, this live streaming platform gives users a fantastic watching experience.


  • Advertise and earn
  • You can build your communities.
  • You can get paid just by playing.
  • Real-time interaction with the gamers
  • Instinctive and straightforward navigation to get the content
  • Interactive live shows


  • Loading issues at times
  • Weird insults and threats from gamers
  • Time taking for beginners

Twitch offers several subscription tiers, with prices varying by region. In countries like Australia, the Tier 1 subscription costs A$8.99 per month. In the United Kingdom, it is £4.99, and in Canada, the price is C$7.99. These pricing adjustments reflect local market conditions and currency values, ensuring that streamers can maintain sustainable revenue streams despite economic fluctuations​


Periscope - live streaming platform
Periscope – live streaming platform

Twitter provides us with Periscope as its live-streaming app. Periscope is one of the top famous live-streaming apps that android users use. It lets the users list out the live streams on a map. So, you can easily find out the trending ones on Periscope.


  • Easy to use and completely free
  • Access to the web-based interface as well
  • Checking highlights of the live streaming 
  • Share a link to several social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook


  • Your broadcasting video is public by default.
  • If you try to restrict access, you might ban users one by one.
  • Only selective partners can watch live 360-degrees videos.
  • You can’t save the videos. These will exist for 24 hours only.
  • The quality of audio and video is limited.
  • It reduces the battery life of the smartphone very fast. You will only lose 20% of the battery life after watching the live video for 10 to 15 minutes on Periscope.

Periscope was discontinued by Twitter in March 2021 and is no longer available as a standalone service. Users looking to live stream via Twitter can use Twitter Live, which is integrated into the main Twitter platform and does not have a separate pricing structure as it is part of the Twitter user experience.

Go Live

Go Live - best live streaming apps
Go Live – best live streaming apps

We all foster a secret desire to be a superstar in a hidden corner of our minds. Don’t we? This video streaming app gives you the chance to make your dream come true. You can kickstart your career in broadcasting by using Go Live.

It helps you get in touch with charming people and share your stories with them. Go Live allows you to love and showcase your talent as an upcoming superstar.


  • You can send digital gifts to your favorites.
  • Connect, play, and talk to people in real-time.
  • Those live streaming videos of this platform showcases beautiful anchors signing, chatting, and dancing.

Pricing for Go Live

“Go Live” could refer to various applications with similar names. One specific example is the “AthletesGoLive” app, a streaming service for amateur sports, which offers a “Travel Ball Fan Pass” for $19.99 per month. It is important to verify the exact service being referred to when discussing “Go Live,” as functionalities and pricing can vary significantly based on the application.

VK Live

VK Live - best live streaming platform
VK Live – best live streaming platform

People use VK Live to present themselves and speak about themselves in front of various live audiences. Numerous streamers have gained fame this way till now.


  • Catchy way of communication
  • Sending gifts to your favorites
  • You can watch live streams of your preferred streamers.
  • Earning votes in the form of virtual contributions from your viewers while you are streaming live videos.


  • You won’t get new design updates often.
  • Sharing emotions with virtual people can be pretty risky.

VK Live, part of the VK social network, does not separately charge for live streaming services. Users of VK can stream live videos to their followers directly through the VK app without any additional cost. This service is integrated into VK’s broader social media platform, which is free to use but may feature in-app purchases for other services.


365Scores - free live streaming apps
365Scores – free live streaming apps

365Scores is the live streaming app that offers you non-stop 24/7 enjoyment. It is a live sports coverage app. You can enjoy watching the coverage of 10 different sports such as NBA, NFL, La Liga, Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, MLS, Liga MX, Tennis, Football, Rugby, Soccer, and other sports.


  • This live streaming app gives you the fastest scores update.
  • You can have fun watching highlights, breaking news, live tables, live stats, and much more.
  • View real-time info.
  • It is a user-friendly live streaming app, and you can customize this.
  • You can enjoy a game with Live Match Tracker even when you aren’t watching it.
  • You can select your preferable teams and leagues.

365Scores primarily offers live sports scores and updates and does not directly provide live streaming of sports events. Instead, it may offer links to licensed streaming services. The app itself is free to download and use, with optional in-app purchases that enhance the user experience by providing additional features and ad-free usage.


Instagram Live - video streaming apps
Instagram Live – video streaming apps

The name of this app is enough to make your lips smile. It is always ready to give you a feel-good experience with fantastic editing images and creating reels. Along with that, we can use Instagram Live.

It is the smoothest way to simply capture and share moments from our lives. 


  • You can create one video from several clips.
  • Several creative tools and filters.
  • All you need is to tap the live button to go live.


  • You can’t play a video again after you finish its lie streaming.
  • Instagram is a mobile app. So, you can’t watch the videos from the browser.

Instagram Live is a feature available within the Instagram app, allowing users to stream live videos to their followers at no additional cost. It is part of the broader Instagram platform, which is free to download and use, with no separate charges for live streaming functionalities.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live - live video apps
Facebook Live – live video apps

The fact is, Factbook Live was ultimately a separate app when it started its journey. After finishing the testing phase, the Facebook authority decides to make it available in the regular Facebook application.

It is a new way of communication. Facebook Live enables individuals, groups, and events to broadcast selectively.


  • Live streaming for up to one and half hours
  • Your video will still be there in the Facebook feed even after it is over.
  • You can watch and connect with your live audience.


  • It is interactive only when the viewers comment on a live video.

Facebook Live is available to all Facebook users at no extra charge. As a feature integrated within the Facebook platform, users can start live broadcasts directly from their devices to connect with friends, family, or broader audiences without any fees associated with the live streaming capability.

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WatchESPN - go live app
WatchESPN – go live app

It is one of the most satisfactory live streaming apps for those iPhone users who love sports. You can watch live sports events and shows from ESPN anytime you want.


  • User friendly and easy to locate your favorite matches, shows, and events.
  • Match-related information, analysis, news, and highlights are readily available.
  • It gets your live shows and sports.


  • Access to WatchESPN depends upon your TV provider.

WatchESPN offers live streaming of sports events and is accessible as part of an ESPN subscription. The cost of accessing WatchESPN can vary depending on the user’s cable or satellite provider, or through a standalone ESPN+ subscription, which is available for $9.99 per month and includes additional sports content beyond live events.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings - best live stream app
Zoom Cloud Meetings – best live stream app

This iOS app helps you stay connected always. You can interact with up to a hundred views while streaming a live video. Zoom cloud meeting is truly a revolutionary live streaming app for iOS devices.


  • Super easy installation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Offers interactive annotation tools
  • Instant screen sharing options
  • You can drive safely because it has a safe driving mode when you are on the road.
  • Amazing videos with excellent sound quality

Zoom offers several pricing tiers for its services. The Basic plan is free and allows for unlimited 1-to-1 meetings and group sessions up to 40 minutes. For extended features, the Pro plan starts at $14.99 per month per host, providing meeting durations up to 30 hours and social media streaming.


Stream - app live streaming
Stream – streaming app

Stream is an exciting and fun iOS app with a simple interface. It is one of the most user-friendly live streaming apps as well. The users can share every moment of their lives and the not captured moments on Stream.


  • Streamers can monetize their content here easily and earn from these.
  • Worldwide live streaming videos available
  • It enables users to share live videos and get noticed by subscribing to other videos.

Stream, an app designed for live streaming across multiple platforms, offers various pricing plans based on the features and usage requirements. For detailed pricing, potential users need to consult directly with Stream as the costs can vary significantly depending on the service level chosen, including the number of channels and viewers.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio, also known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a highly popular and respected free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. It is designed for capturing high-performance real-time video/audio, and it is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux​.

OBS Studio boasts a wide range of features that cater to both amateur and professional streamers. Key features include:

  • High-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing.
  • Ability to create scenes from multiple sources such as window captures, images, browser windows, webcams, and more.
  • Intuitive audio mixer with filters like noise gate and suppression.
  • Custom transitions between scenes and an array of configuration options to tweak broadcasts or recordings.
  • Support for plugins and scripts, enhancing functionality and customization.
  • Studio Mode allows for previewing scenes and sources before going live, ensuring everything is set up perfectly before broadcasting​.

OBS Studio is completely free. There are no premium versions or paid upgrades, which makes it an accessible tool for users at all levels, from freelancers to large enterprises. This aspect is particularly appealing as it provides professional-grade software at no cost​ ​.


Mixer, rebranded from its former name Beam, is a live streaming platform that has been developed and promoted by Microsoft. It’s designed to provide a highly interactive experience for viewers, allowing them to influence and interact with streamers’ gameplay in real-time. This platform is particularly popular among gamers and is free to use​.


Mixer distinguishes itself with several unique features aimed at enhancing interaction and engagement:

  • Faster Than Light (FTL) Technology: This technology ensures ultra-low latency, which allows for near-instant interaction between streamers and viewers.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Viewers can influence gameplay directly, a feature that’s integral to the platform, setting it apart from competitors like Twitch.
  • Co-Streaming: Allows multiple streamers to broadcast together on a single stream, enhancing collaborative streams and community interaction.
  • HypeZone: An innovative feature that switches viewers to the most intense moments of popular games like PUBG and Fortnite, focusing on climactic gameplay.
  • Monetization: Mixer provides various monetization options through its currency systems like Embers and Sparks, and direct subscriptions without the stringent requirements found on platforms like Twitch.

Pricing: Mixer is free for both streamers and viewers. However, for a monthly fee, users can subscribe to Mixer Pro, which offers benefits like ad-free viewing and early access to new features​.

Free Live Streaming Apps Comparison Table

App NameOwned ByPlatformFeaturesPopular Use Cases
TwitchAmazonWeb, iOS, AndroidGaming live streams, esports, music performances, talk showsGaming, esports, music, creative arts, talk shows
PeriscopeTwitteriOS, AndroidLive videos, user interaction, replay feature, map featurePersonal broadcasting, sharing events, news coverage
Go LiveYouTubeWeb, iOS, AndroidLive streaming, video chat, video sharingPersonal broadcasting, gaming, educational content
VK LiveVKontakteiOS, AndroidLive streaming, virtual gifts, comments, recordingPersonal broadcasting, sharing events, music performances
365Scores365ScoresiOS, AndroidLive sports scores, news, highlights, live streamingSports fans, live sports coverage, news and analysis
InstagramFacebookWeb, iOS, AndroidLive videos, user interaction, replay featurePersonal broadcasting, sharing events, product promotions
Facebook LiveFacebookWeb, iOS, AndroidLive videos, user interaction, replay featurePersonal broadcasting, business promotions, news coverage
WatchESPNESPNWeb, iOS, AndroidLive sports events, news, highlights, analysisSports fans, live sports coverage, news and analysis
Zoom Cloud MeetingsZoom VideoWeb, iOS, AndroidVideo conferencing, webinars, screen sharing, recordingBusiness meetings, webinars, virtual events, online classes
StreamStreamlabsWeb, iOS, AndroidLive streaming, donations, alerts, overlays, chat, recordingPersonal broadcasting, gaming, music performances, talk shows

Concluding lines

We started by mentioning how entertaining the live videos have been in our post-covid days. But, the fact is, live streaming content has also become highly significant in many businesses’ video content strategies.

You can boost your customer engagement promptly when you provide them with the most high-quality live video content. You need to use the right tools to help you develop your live streams in the way you want.

It is the perfect stage for sharing exciting content with your audience. Live experience can easily involve those parts of your target customers who can’t attend your event in person.

So, we can say, live streaming has made video content more accessible than ever. You can’t imagine a future without them. That’s why the best idea is to get on board with one or more than one video streaming option from our round-up of the best live streaming apps!

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