In this blog virtual real estate assistant Job description samples, we will state some of the samples which can help realtors or real estate agents in hiring virtual real estate assistants according to their requirements and the type of job they want these individuals to hire for.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is a professional who provides administrative and marketing support services to real estate agents, brokers, and property managers remotely, often from a home-based office. They use the internet, phone, email, and other digital communication tools to communicate with their clients and carry out their tasks.

By handling the tasks that eat your time, a real estate virtual assistant can help you scale up your business. From lead generation and database management to marketing and more, a good VA can grow with your business without you ever having to be in two places at once.

Think of a real estate virtual assistant as your business partner. It can be as easy as outsourcing a few tasks to someone who specializes in that area of expertise or hiring a full-time VA to handle day-to-day admin tasks. Think of all the additional time you could have to focus on clients if you didn’t have to input information into your database, or contact leads manually.

A real estate permit isn’t needed to fill in as an estate agent, however, some realtors may utilize functioning like virtual assistants as a venturing stone from the get-go in their career achievement. You can also check out the benefits of hiring a real estate virtual assistant here.

A secondary school recognition, diploma, certified education, and sometimes graduation degrees are required. The real estate assistants play out a great deal for authoritative duties, thus office experience is always beneficial.

Let’s have a look into each real estate assistant job description and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by a real estate assistant.

real estate assistant job description sample

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Job Description Sample 1

If you are a professional who is looking to enhance your small team or group, then hiring a virtual assistant might turn out as a great help for your business. Supporting your preference, we have provided a real estate job description sample stated below:

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Job Summary

We are searching for a Virtual Employee to assist our group with different regulatory and research-related errands for our estate organization. We are a little group and developing organization, so we are hoping that our optimal up-comer will be someone who is enthusiastic about real estate administrative assistant regarding work in a general rule, a speedy student, and an extraordinary multi-tasker would be a perfect candidate for this role.

Responsibilities regarding this Job

  • Manage client questions and react to them with the applicable pre-set format.
  • Should be interested in taking follow-up from Customers.
  • Generate leads on the web.
  • Manage the web-based media handles and transfer property photographs and draw in the crowd.
  • Create and keep up with the information base of leads produced.
  • Create show and property promoting materials.
  • Manage arrangements by planning and sending updates.

Requirements form Real Estate VA

  • Real Estate VA must have completed Graduation from a prime university.
  • Must have previous working experience for a similar role.
  • Real estate virtual assistant have fluency with verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Must be motivational and know work scheduling tactics.

Real Estate VA Job Description Sample 2

In case, if you are a business professional who wants to entitle a major real estate agent assistant job position to a virtual assistant so that you can get a hand in business-centered tasks, we have listed a sample job description for hiring a real estate virtual assistant that is stated below:


Providing an urgent requirement for the post of a virtual employee who can work distantly to help me on my everyday business as well as deal with some of my personal undertakings. The employee would be identified to a job where everyday tasks must be fulfilled with respect to the real estate business as I have an effectively developing real estate agent business.

The confirmed up-comer would work in my time region, should be coordinated, and have related knowledge of the real estate field.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Duties

  • Send out great deals with respect to a new property to clients.
  • Regularly share property photographs on our online media. Also, deal with and make appealing posts.
  • Manage client questions and react to them with the important pre-set layout.
  • Should be interested in taking follow-up from Customers.  
  • Maintain appropriate database while keeping up with the leads.
  • Research for market patterns and news, and impart it consistently.
  • Create creative presentations and property advertising materials.
  • Manage arrangements, plan future tasks and send updates from time to time.


  • Prior experience in a comparable job in the real estate business
  • Soft-spoken and have great client dealing abilities.
  • Well-knowledgeable with lead, instruments, and methods.
  • Willing to work in my time region.

Sample 3 for Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job

In case, if an established real estate owner wants to have collaborated work with someone who has real estate virtual assistant skills in order to get their huge administrative or other field-related work done. Then, such professionals can have a look at this sample in which we have put down related details to get you the assistant you desire for helping your giant establishment.


We are a profound and well-versed real-estate organization with projects coming from around the world. Currently searching for an affordable virtual assistant to assist our group with changed management and research-based errands for our real estate organization.

We work for an enormous scope and have a worldwide presence, subsequently, the help required would be full-time. Our optimal applicant needs to be an experienced administrator with well-mannered skills, and with incredible relational abilities.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks

  • Research for impending estate meetings worldwide and make plans for the set group to go for something similar.
  • Inbox the board
  • Manage client inquiries and react to them with the applicable pre-set format.
  • Engage in taking follow-ups from our clients and customers.
  • Generate leads on the web.
  • Update real estate CRM software with notes on leads.
  • Manage the web-based media handles and transfer property photographs that can effectively draw in the crowd.
  • Create and keep up with the information based on the leads produced.
  • Create graphics and property-promoting materials.
  • Manage arrangements, keep up with the planning and sending constant updates.
  • Make strategic work plans for discussion in departmental gatherings or board meetings.


  • Must be Graduated from a certified university.
  • Worked in an authoritative job in an estate firm previously.
  • Self-propelled
  • Good cooperative person

FAQ JD for Real Estate Assistant 

What is the work of a real estate assistant?

The real estate assistant is responsible for answering client questions and scheduling appointments, Making follow-up calls, Scheduling meetings between the vendor and the buyer, helping prepare real estate documents, Maintaining a database of clients, and performing clerical tasks.

How do I write a resume for a real estate assistant?

A real estate assistant’s resume should showcase a dedicated perspective and the ability to interact well with customers and industry members. Keep your resume short and sweet. Showcase your most impressive achievements or skills and add relevant work experience in this industry.

Remote Virtual Assistants

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