In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of Python developers, with approximately 41% of job openings still unfilled. It is the right time to choose or switch your career as a Python Developer. This article explains the skills required for Python developers

Computer programming is a vast field that demands a great deal of skill and patience. With numerous programming languages available, selecting the right one can be one of the most critical decisions.

Consider choosing a programming language like Python, which not only allows for quicker website development but also requires fewer technical skills. This ensures that your websites can operate smoothly and efficiently with the resources available.

Furthermore, finding a proficient Python developer can be a challenging task for many organizations. The main reason behind this challenge is the requirement for a deeper understanding of the essential skills for the role of a Python developer.

This blog will focus on what skills you must possess to become a successful Python Developer.

Did you know? 

According to the TIOBE Index, Python still holds the first position as the most popular programming language. Furthermore, the other three languages batting for the first position are C, Java and C++. 

What is the Role of a Python Developer?

The simplicity of the Python language starts with its clean and readable syntax, emphasizing clarity and precision. Unlike languages with complex syntax structures, Python relies on indentation for code blocks.

A Python developer designs, develops, and maintains software applications using Python. Here are some insights into the role;

  • Ability to write clear, effective, and well-documented code that is easy to maintain.
  • Conduct software testing, troubleshoot issues, and provide technical support to users.
  • Develop robust, scalable, and secure web applications using Python frameworks.
  • Analyze and visualize data.
  • Write code for websites.
  • Debug program tasks.
  • Integrate applications with third-party web services.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, including clients, designers, and project managers.
  • Develop back-end components, integrate with other web services, and support front-end developers in integrating their work with Python applications.

In addition, they need to stay up-to-date with new technologies and frameworks, collaborate with other teams, and suggest new features and improvements to the application.

Frameworks and Languages Familiar to Python Developers

Recent job postings indicate certain essential frameworks and languages that organizations seek in Python developers. Here is the list of those frameworks:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Django
  • API
  • Kubernetes
  • DevOps
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

To succeed as a Python developer, familiarity with the mentioned frameworks, Python IDEs, and programming languages is essential.

Top 12 Python Developer Skills for 2024

To become a successful Python Developer, you must possess technical and basic Python skills. Further, these skills are divided; check the list below to possess these skills. 

Basic Python Skills

These fundamental abilities must be required to become a Python developer.

1. Problem-solving and analytical skills 

In any job, solving problems and getting results quickly is super important. And in programming, you must have killer problem-solving and analytical skills to succeed.

While interviewing a Python developer, it’s a huge plus to look for skills such as: 

  • Right knowledge of algorithms
  • Manually work through the program
  • Streamline and optimize the code using frameworks
  • Testing and debugging skills
  • Effective strategy-making to analyze the problem.

2. Communication and Collaboration Skills 

As a Python developer, it’s not just about coding skills. Communication is super important too. When you can explain things well and work with your team, you can solve problems faster and make better products. 

Furthermore, if hiring a Python developer – make sure they’re a good communicator! Communication is essential for productivity, so investing in someone who can express themselves well is vital.

3. Passion for learning and Professional Growth

Before hiring, try to check whether a person is eager to adapt to the new versions of Python. In addition, it should be a part of your continuous learning. It will benefit the professional growth of any developer. 

These are some questions that might be wandering in your mind. Continuous learning in the workplace is the effort to expand one’s skill sets. As a developer, professional development can help you grow professionally.

Further, We have listed some of the best benefits of continuous learning: 

For Developers

  • It helps them to approach new ideas of work
  • Developers can obtain new certifications and licenses
  • It allows them to stay competitive and up-to-date with trends
  • It enables them to explore the field in more depth
  • Promotes career development and opportunities

For Organization

  • Saves expenses on training and skill development
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Enables employees to contribute better
  • Contributes towards building an innovative work culture

Once these basic skills are fulfilled, check out the technical skills. 

Technical skills 

Check out the technical skills that a Python Developer must possess. 

4. Mastering Python

It is the foremost skill which is considered while hiring. Candidate must have a basic understanding of the subject. In addition, It is essential to look for candidates with a strong Python language command. It allows them to build a strong base in software development. While interviewing candidates, ask them: 

  • Core concepts like data type, data structure, modules, and managing structured data
  • Ask Questions related to data structures, the latest versions of Python, Data Handling, etc. Related question.
  • Check candidate Syntax knowledge.  
  • Conditions for writing maintainable and effective code.

5. Appreciate relevant frameworks and libraries. 

Python frameworks and Python libraries are like pre-made toolboxes that help developers build software using Python. They contain ready-to-use parts and features. Moreover, Frameworks can help developers work faster while ensuring their code is written well.

Frameworks can help developers work more efficiently and follow good coding practices. Furthermore, these frameworks are widely utilized by developers worldwide as it makes it easier and faster to create new programs. Common frameworks for Python are: 

  • Bottle
  • Flask
  • Django 
  • Web2py
  • CherryPy

6. Proficiency in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript 

Python language serves as an excellent entry point to programming. Once you get the basics of Python, learning other programming languages becomes smoother. Next, increase the level of understanding CSS (cascading style sheets), HTML, and JavaScript is a bonus for a Python developer role and provides advantages: 

  • Ability to explore full-stack development
  • Productive collaboration with front-end developers
  • Access to new career opportunities
  • A plus point for web development
  • Capacity to handle complex code issues

7 . Skilled in Cloud Computing

When hiring any Python developer, many businesses do unnoticed cloud computing skills in the candidate. Cloud computing’s importance must be noticed in the Python language. In addition, Python developers may use various benefits that increase their productivity, capacity, and flexibility. 

You must be aware of how cloud computing impacts Python. Why is it essential for a Python developer? In addition, let’s dive into some of its benefits to find answers.

  • Python programs can be deployed rapidly and easily using cloud platforms
  • Managing physical infrastructure is optional
  • Platforms such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions execute Python code without guidance
  • Encourages teamwork and agile development practices
  • Managed database services.

8. Debugging Skills 

Hiring skilled Python developers comes with exceptional debugging skills. Python developers often encounter bugs, errors, and unexpected behaviours during development. Furthermore, to tackle this, they must have solid debugging skills since they are crucial to finding and fixing problems in code.

Debugging skills can make a world of difference when fixing errors in your code. Not only does it save you time, but it also helps you understand the structure of your code better. Remember to underestimate the power of debugging skills in Python, Identifying and fixing bugs quickly can make you a more prosperous and influential developer in your career. The sooner you treat any problem, the more time you save in focusing on other code issues. 

9. Excellent knowledge of multi-process architecture

As a Python developer, it becomes a necessity for you to have excellent knowledge of multi-process architecture. This skill is valuable in parallel processing, such as data processing, scientific computations, or simulations. Furthermore, it enables developers: 

  • In distributing the workload across multiple processes.
  • Helps to create fault-tolerant applications.
  • Can create redundant systems. 
  • Ability to achieve better concurrency. 
  • To utilize inter-process communication mechanisms

10. Experience in Object- Relational Mapping

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is an approach in Python that promotes the interrelationship between an application’s object-oriented code and a relational database.

The great thing about ORM is that it frees developers from worrying about managing the database or writing challenging SQL statements so they can focus on designing their applications. Resultant, they will have more time to devote to their project’s creative elements.

11. Use of AI and Machine Learning 

AI and Machine learning are ruling every industry right now. Python is no exception to this. Using AI and Machine Learning has expanded the horizons for Python developers. 

Python developers need to embrace this technology and master these skills. Python developers proficient in AI and Machine Learning can contribute to computer vision applications. 

12. Cybersecurity 

Many people still believe that there is no need for coding in cybersecurity. Well, that’s not the case. Now you must be thinking about the scope of Python in cybersecurity. Is coding required in the cybersecurity industry? So, you must be astonished to know that many entry-level roles require strong coding skills and require programming languages for cybersecurity development.

Before hiring the Python Developer take a close look at these skills. However, it is difficult to get all these skills simultaneously. But Invedus can help you find the right candidate at affordable prices. 

Save Time and Hire Python Developers with Invedus

As you have already seen that hiring a Python developer is not a cakewalk. In addition,  it can be hard and take some time to find the right person who is a good match for your business.   

You’ve probably heard about different methods and strategies to find a skilled Python developer. But let’s be real finding the right person for the job can be challenging and take much of your time.

At Invedus, we understand how difficult it is to find and hire an ideal employee. To make things easier for you, we are here to assist you in finding the best remote Python developers. In addition, we follow a rigorous hiring process to find the best fit for your business. Moreover, our enthusiastic team of virtual employees ensures quality results and growth. 


Learning and implementing these skills can be advantageous for any developer’s career. The programming world is filled with surprises. It is best to get familiar with the new skill sets as technology advances. 

If you’re a developer, it can help your career to learn and use new skills as technology evolves. The programming world is full of surprises, so staying up-to-date is always a good idea. 

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