What do you generally prefer to do on your laid-back weekends? Do you order your favorite pizza, get inseparable from your comfy bed, and watch Netflix for hours? Then it would help if you were grateful to React JS. It’s because this leading OTT platform has recently given a considerable share of its success credit to ReactJS. Not only Netflix, but the world’s top companies like Tesla, and Instagram have utilized ReactJS development to turn the tide for them.

But, what’s so exceptional in this open-source JavaScript library? Who created ReactJs? What are the undeniable advantages of React JS that can make your life better? Let me explain!

All it started in 2013. A former engineer at Facebook, Jordan Walke, created that flexible JavaScript library to make user interfaces smooth. And the front-end ecosystem is never constant. These changes demand new updates and versions regularly.

A few tools bring revolution in the workflow and become bestsellers. Some tools prove a dead end as well.

There is no doubt that ReactJS is a bestseller. Since 2013, it’s been a declarative, flexible, and efficient open-source JavaScript library for the top industry leaders.

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021

Statistic: Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021 | Statista
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Now, the question is, what advantages of React JS make all the popular brands and businesses go for it? It’s time to know. Let’s start!

First off, What’s ReactJS?

As you already know, it is mainly a JavaScript library. React Facebook maintains JS. You can use it to build scalable, fast, and simple front ends of web applications. The primary objective of creating React JS was merging Facebook’s markup syntax, XHP, into JavaScript.

You can run several user interfaces (like chat and news feed update) simultaneously by using React JS. There is no prize for guessing that the merger worked great. So, Facebook decided to make it open-source in 2013. Since then, this web framework has been hugely loved by developers worldwide.

Why is ReactJS that Special?

You might have already noticed that React is different from other usable frameworks like Vue or Angular. It is actually small. React was built by using the concept of components. So, it goes hand in hand with other libraries and frameworks.

websites using react

Today, there are over 13,103,017 live websites using React. The creators of React JS used virtual DOM to make it work as fast as possible. React can update specifically a changed portion of the web page. That is one of the most valuable benefits of using react. Developers consider it the most productive solution for them.

Here is the list of famous apps built with ReactJS:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Netflix
  4. Airbnb
  5. Dropbox
  6. Discord
  7. Atlassian
  8. UberEats
  9. Skyscanner
  10.  Whatsapp

Why do the developers Prefer ReactJS in 2022?

There are many frameworks in the market ready to be used for app development. Then why choose to React JS? Well, it offers you some exotic features to make app development cool and fun for you. Let’s have a look at those:

It’s simple and easy to adopt

React is more straightforward and sophisticated than other JavaScript frameworks. You will ever find it challenging to understand React. So, coders can use regular javascript to build a web app. They can combine React JS with HTML through a few syntaxes. And, it is very easy to use JSX with React.

Data binding and code reusability

You can create an android web app with it. It helps developers a lot. React JS will support code readability in that app. The open-source library uses one-sided data binding and flux. 

These app structures aim at a single point to control data flow from. You can consider this one of the most valuable advantages of React JS.

Virtual DOM

It creates components of the memory data structures. So, you can update the browser and compute the notifications. It makes a powerful feature that helps you program and render the data, components, and elements. Still, the most vital one among all the advantages of React JS is that you can use it to build user interfaces. We have already mentioned that.

Moreover, instead of using pure JavaScript, the users can perform a task with JSX. It offers you a native library on Facebook. 

Testing and functionality

ECMAScript module defines reliance. The developers prefer using it with reacts-di, Babel, etc. You can utilize the React JS framework to browse ECMAScript. Here, the testing methods are effortless, and you can consider the present state’s function.

The coders monitor them from the triggered events, functions, outputs, etc. It means ReactJS makes the testing process a piece of cake. 

Single way data flow

Another significant benefit of using react is getting a robust data flow. Here you will get some values passed as components. React renders them as properties in the HTML tags. React JS can’t change or access components directly. So it completes the task by passing a callback. So, properties flow down, and actions flow up. It’s interesting and helpful. Isn’t it?

Now, what are the key advantages of ReactJS?

advantages of ReactJS
advantages of ReactJS

Well, it offers tons of advantages. Let’s take a look at the most useful ones among these. It will help us figure out why React JS stands out from other frameworks. Let’s get started!

1. Simple learning curve

All the JavaScript curves except react JS have a steep learning curve. React is intuitive and easy to adapt. So, you will see React dealing only with the view layer. Developers say that the JS library has always been lightweight and effortless for them. 

One of the best advantages of React JS of using React is it just demands only basic knowledge about conventional JavaScript. That reason makes the framework a viable option for many enterprises. 

It simplifies the entire process of writing components. React offers an easy subcomponent rendering as well. You can even write your components effortlessly. The credit behind that goes to JSX, which works as an alternative syntax extension to JS.

2. SEO-friendly

Here we are going to mention those benefits of using react that you simply can’t ignore. Everything is happening online now. So, SEO is the primary objective of all businesses. The strategy is simple. The more you get organic traffic, the more you generate revenues. 

So every app developer has to keep in mind that the app should be SEO friendly. And, ReactJS supports SEO in a few fantastic ways. It offers better SEO services than any other framework.

How? Let’s take a look!

  • It lessens page loading time.
  • This framework gives exceeding performance on the server working with the Node.
  • React JS renders and returns the Virtual DOM to the browser as a regular web page. So, you can avoid random search engine failures in reading JavaScript-heavy.

These features ensure that your web page gets a good ranking.

3. Comfort and pace

Ease and speed are two significant advantages of React JS. It lets you use every individual part of an application on the server. So, the clients can enjoy an enhanced speed of app development. That’s why different developers can contribute to every single area of development if needed. You can also implement changes in design whenever you wish. Don’t worry; it won’t cause you to rewrite all those logic twice.

4. Non-risky

Well, you may have heard of the phrase “no risk. Noi gain”. But, trust me, it is irrelevant when it comes to web app development. The last thing a developer wants there is a risk.

React JS comes in handy there. It lets you utilize the library peacefully. The decision to combine the environment with the library won’t affect the development process. You can easily use React JS in your ongoing projects. It will support you in a broad range of codebases.

5. Responsive web development

This open-source library works smoothly with web applications. Loading the relevant data only and optimizing the regular functions are two great advantages of React JS. It will also benefit your business with expert design and fast loading speed.

6. Usability

Do you have any prior experience with JavaScript? Then React’s deployment will seem like a cakewalk to you. You can complete the project within very little time. A professional coder can master React JS within a couple of days.

7. Mobile app development

React JS is an excellent framework for web app development. You already know that. But did you know it performs amazingly for developing mobile native apps as well? You can explore the advantages of React JS for both Android and iOS platforms.

8. Testable

Testable code is confident code. It can be extended without introducing bugs. You can use the native tools of React JS for testing and debugging your code.

9. Good response

React JS rapidly performs in app development. It also comes with a responsive library. its one of the top advantages of React JS

10. Reusable components

The components are reusable and combined whenever you discover them in the community or write them yourself. So, it’s possible to integrate two or more average components into a single more complex. You can use it again several times.

11. Up to the minute

ReactJS is always under the supervisory of the developers from Facebook. These expert coders always support the framework. They know very well what to do and how to do it. So, the project is expanding continuously. The highly spirited and talented community members are always helping with code samples and recommendations.

12. Extend your tools

When using React JS in a project, you can write on modem JSX as well. This approach lets the coders use HTML inserts. It enhances the ultimate productivity and opens up new doors to innovation. 

Is there any disadvantage of using React JS?

Well, every coin has two different sides. React JS is not an exception at all. It covers only the UI layers of the application. So, the programmers must depend on other frameworks to get a complete tooling set.

As I have mentioned earlier, React JS involves JSX. It gets JavaScript mixed with HTML, which brings the advantages of React JS for you. Still, many developers think JSX is a barrier, especially beginners. It creates complexity for the newbies in the learning curve.

The high speed of React JS is a benefit. But, it brings limitations as well. As the environment changes rapidly, a few coders find it challenging to relearn the new approaches. They don’t feel comfortable adopting the recent changes with continuous updates.

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Final Takeaway

Considering all these advantages of React JS, we can say that ReactJS programming for both web and mobile applications has high potential. You can develop an app that is fast and mobile-friendly with the help of Virtual DOM. This framework also helps you build high-end applications in a short time.

Hence, building your business app with React JS is always a smart move. Just remember one thing. You must ensure your app is designed and developed professionally using the best approaches. It is mandatory to meet the goals that you have pre-decodes to meet with your application. So, I suggest you hire top-notch React JS developers only who can get your business all the competitive advantages.

All the best!

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

What are the most prominent features of React?

React JS comes with a JSX extension. It creates a virtual DOM. Along with that, this framework comprises reusable components.

What is React JS?

React JS is a component-based and ope sourced Javascript library. Jordan Walke created it to simplify the process of UI Development.

What companies use React?

React has grabbed the attention of thousands of companies worldwide because of its time-saving framework, responsive components, and shallow learning curve. Some popular ones among them are Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram, Dropbox, Cloudflare, Reddit, BBC, Postmates, Imgur, Flipboard, and many more.

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