Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.”

Timothy R. Clark

It’s simple. The way your employees feel, your customers will feel the same way. If your employees feel valued, they will put their best effort into making the customers feel the same.

According to a recent study, about 50% of employees in the US are either looking for a job change or secretly having the desire to leave their present organization. Scary, isn’t it? And here comes the scarier part. Every industry encounters a few disengaged employees who become more demotivated with time. It affects their performance and drags down their colleagues’ enthusiasm with them.

In my early workdays, I remember how our boss used to encourage us by throwing us a party after wrapping up a project or connecting personally whenever he saw some employees performing a little bit poorly or being silent for quite some time to resolve their issues. And these worked like magic.

We can’t afford to be this kind of boss in today’s fast and competitive era. But still, there are a bunch of simple and easy strategies that can be your magic wand for motivating disengaged employees.

Take a look right now:

1. Take time to have a talk.

It might sound a bit weird. But, still, there is no such problem in the world that can’t be solved when you communicate correctly. For motivating disengaged employees, a deep conversation with coffee helps.

Ask them to join you for a coffee and create an environment for them to speak out. Please pay attention to understand their concerns. As a leader, you must empathize with your employees’ trouble. Once you do it, you will already know how to motivate disengaged employees.

If you even can’t solve their problems, they will still feel valued and motivated. Trust me, the presence of a manager who empathizes and understands the challenges that his employees are facing is enough to boost motivation and engagement.

2. Get them a flexible work schedule

As an employee, I would always vote for an annual bonus as the most effective step for motivating disengaged employees, just kidding! But, there is another way to get their lost enthusiasm back without digging deep into your budget. That is- offering your employees a flexible schedule to work. Once a staff can have control over their time, they automatically get more productive. Even they work harder to keep the flexibility at their workplace intact.

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3. A call a day keeps disengagement away.

Nowadays, the majority of organizations are operating remotely. When someone works from home, they already feel a bit isolated. The lack of physical office is itself a reason for disengagement. The best way to engage the employees is constantly being in touch. 

Organize a group call regularly. Ask them how is work going and some unnecessary questions like “how is the weather there?”; “how is your family doing,” etc. Once you start showing care for them, the employees will obviously feel more engaged with the company and their work.

4. Let them grow


When someone joins your organization to work, earning money is never their one and only priority. Every employee wants to see growth in their career while working in your company. So, invest in their career development.

Encourage and help them to learn new skills. Let those skills be implemented in your organization. Offer them a promotion after a particular time. If you can do these, you will see every employee is working for you wholeheartedly.

5. Tell them what you expect.

An employee must know what the organization is expecting from them. A clear goal and regular review from the seniors keep them motivated. So, let them know the value of their performance to the organization. And review their performance regularly.

Once they get to know that their excellent work is being noticed, they will feel more motivated. It is a very effective way of motivating disengaged employees.

6. Stay open and transparent. 

There will always be a rumor mill in every organization. Let it stay by the bay. You must ensure your employees get genuine updates about business changes, issues, and scopes that the company is dealing with. Let them stay in touch with every company detail. It will prevent the false information from spreading among your staff and demotivating them.

7. Encourage feedback

The motto is straightforward: let them talk. Great leaders talk less and listen more to their workforce. Demotivation comes when someone feels their voices are not being heard. It is possible that your disengaged employees have fantastic potential, but they can’t get involved as they think their opinion will never get appreciation.

So, I would suggest you welcome their feedback in meetings. Ask them to come up with new ideas. It is pretty evident that you can’t bow to every request they bring, but appreciating their opinion doesn’t hurt. Right?

8. Behave like a proud parent

If you leave a new joiner with their devices, there are chances that they will withdraw from the business. Let them know that you are monitoring what they are doing. And, obviously, it should not look like micromanagement. Better, try to act like a proud parent who feels great by seeing their children’s progress.

People often forget that watching is caring. Make the employees realize that the management is regularly watching everything they are doing, and each good work is being noticed. It is a fantastic way to keep employees motivated.

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9. Say “thank you.”

thank you

Let me ask you a simple question? When did you thank your employees openly for the last time? They are working 8 hours a day to fulfill your dream. They deserve a heartfelt “thank you” from your side. Isn’t it? Let them know you are grateful for everything they are doing for the organization.

It will motivate them to work even better in the future. Your demotivated employees will become proactive once they realize how much their good work means to the organization.

10. Praise mistakes

It may sound a bit odd. But the reality is- that mistakes are our great teachers. Every mistake teaches us something. And fortunately, or unfortunately, most of the mistakes in an individual’s life are made in their workplaces.

But, it is most uninspiring for an employee when you insult them publicly for the mishap they have made. Obviously, they don’t make mistakes intentionally. It would help if you practiced embracing the errors made by your team and encouraged your employees to move past them.

Author’s Opinion

Everyone has ups and downs in their career. Even Sachin Tendulkar has left the field by scoring zero 20 times in his ODI career. So, someone is feeling demotivated as of now, and it never means they will remain the same for the rest of their lives. And, maximum times demotivation comes because of the behavior of the management towards the employees.

I would suggest you to believe first that the demotivated staff are not lost cases. First, you should start working with the way you treat them. Implement the practices mentioned above, and you will see an emotionally engaged staff base within no time.

All the best!