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The Client provides responsive, professional IT support and technology services for your business, performing proactive maintenance, monitoring, and backups — everything necessary to ensure an efficient, safe, and reliable IT environment.

How we helped?

Client's IT support wasn’t available to staff that worked outside of traditional business hours.

Productivity was being affected by ongoing issues with several things.Client approached us to outsource the Network Support engineer so that they will be able to reach to the next level of customer services. We studied their business model and offered them a highly trained and professional Network Support engineer to improve their IT Support Services.

Strategies & Tactics

  • Provide the client with a Fully Managed’ IT Support Engineer, which allowed us to take full ownership of all day-to-day 1st to 3rd line IT operations.
  • Ongoing maintenance, development and continuous improvement of the client’s IT infrastructure becomes the responsibility of our dedicated Technical Account Manager.
  • Our IT Support Engineer will now liaise with all 3rd party vendors on the clients behalf.

Technologies Used

  • Firewall
  • Linus Server
  • Router
  • Switches
  • Windows Server


  • Day-to-day telephone and remote desktop and application support is provided by our IT Support Engineer.
  • Complex IT issues are escalated immediately and passed onto our respective 2nd and 3rd line service desk engineers.
  • All IT infrastructure support and application hosting/support is now provided by the same incumbent.
  • The client no longer acts as an intermediary between 3rd party vendors in order to get their IT issues resolved.
  • The client has reduced its IT support costs by 70% per user by switching to our services.

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Outsource technical support services with Invedus for quick and simple resolutions to your customers across multiple channels and Reduce upto 70% of your costs

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