Pretty much all of us are aware of the lurching condition of the economy all around the world. This Covid19 pandemic has trapped everyone in its net. Nothing is certain when the normal bygone days will return. It is now as if we have to adapt ourselves to the new normal to survive on this planet.

We have to change the way we do everything. The way we cook, travel, shop, or run a business, all need transformation to mould itself into the new normal.

According to the research conducted by Business Insider Intelligence and eMarketer, they have analyzed that remote work and money spent on the Internet marketing have increased amazingly.

SMEs and start-ups are coping up with losing in business by hiring freelancers and offshore employees from countries who can do their work at the cheapest price.

When it comes to choosing between all the countries that are competent in providing freelancers and virtual employees (India, China, Mexico, Ireland, and the Philippines), India comes first because of their continuous efforts to upgrade themselves technically.

Before going through “why outsource to India” first, understand whether a virtual employee or freelancer would be suitable for your business.

Freelancers can cost you less than a virtual employee but will have ineffective accountability, commitment, control, and productivity.

But when you hire offshore employees through outsourcing companies, you are safe and secure because these companies have legal contracts with their employees and they continuously monitor the work ethics, productivity, and punctuality of their virtual employees.

Virtual employees are accountable, committed, in control and highly productive as they are chosen among thousands for their skills, talents and behaviors.

Why outsource to India? Advantages of Outsourcing to India

Now let us see the advantages of outsourcing to India one by one: 

Advantages of outsourcing to India 1

India has meticulously handled the outbreak of Covid19. Even the World Health Organization has applauded India’s proactive approach to fight this virus and said that its response will be critical for other countries to recover from this crisis.

Almost all the States and Union Territories of India are under lockdown. However, this has not stopped Indians from carrying out their duties effectively. Most companies have arranged work from home facilities for the safety of their employees.

Advantages of outsourcing to India 2

India is a developing country and has enormous skilled, talented and innovative minds, who want to give a new identity to this country. The total population in India is estimated at around 1.2 billion people and the median age is 28 years old. It is the second-largest populated country in the world and around 3.1 million graduates are added to the workforce each year.

Most are from the engineering and IT sectors because of their culture. In India, you will see that 2 out of 5 persons are from an engineering background.

From India, you can get highly qualified, skilled and professional staff for your business at half of the price you spend in your country. It can save up to 70% or more than this. And this cost-cutting is the biggest reason for hiring virtual employees from India.

Advantages of outsourcing to India 3

The geographical location of India adds another advantage to choosing this country for outsourcing. There is a time difference of about 4-12 hours between India and other countries like the UK and USA.

This time zone can have an outstanding impact on the productivity and pace of the growth of your business. Your Indian virtual employees will work on your project while you are sleeping and they can complete their tasks much before the deadline. They can help you provide 24/7 support to your clients.

Advantages of outsourcing to India 4

India is called the land of diversity. It has the second-highest number of languages ​​(780) in the world. To unify such a large population, the Government of India has designated Hindi and English as the official recognized languages.

India has a chasm of being the largest English-speaking nation in the world. It is jointly larger by the United States and Britain.

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How to outsource work to India in 2022?

After knowing the peculiar features of Indian virtual employees and how tremendously they can help your business grow, you must want to know “how to outsource work to India”.

There are many companies out there who are assisting SMEs and Startups to hire virtual employees from India, but what unique and special Invedus (an outsourcing company) is providing is unmatchable.

There are many competitors out there, but we believe in our work model and the efforts made by our team, who are trying to make a positive impact in the lives of the businessmen and entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to changing other’s life through their products and services.

We listen to the needs of our clients and provide them with the best solutions. With Invedus outsourcing, you can reduce up to 80% of your costs. Here, you pay no overhead costs. Our clients save over $10,500,000/year.

why ousource to india
why ousource to india

What do we provide: 

We specialize in,

  • Comprehensive IT solutions across all developing, testing and support platforms
  • Mobile App development for Android, IOS and Windows
  • Digital marketing, covering everything from SEO to Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing (SEO Optimized contents)
  • Graphic and Web designing
  • Data Entry services such as eCommerce Data Entry, Data conversion, Data Mining, ePUB Conversion, Indexing, etc. at 80% lower cost.
  • Multimedia (3D animation, VFX, Architectural Visualization, Motion & infographics etc)
  • Technical Support (From highly experienced Cisco, Google and Microsoft trained engineers)

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Invedus try their best to never leave their clients empty-handed. We acknowledge all the needs and problems of our clients and try to provide them with the best solutions.

Our working model is very simple & convenient, you have to do is:

  • Brief us

Send a detailed description of your requirement and mission.

  • Review CV’s

We filter out some of the best CV’s to cater to your needs. You have to review them to select which one is most suitable for you.

  • Select your squad

Interview candidates through video conferences and be prepared with members of your virtual team who fit your requirement.

  • Get started

Hire your selected candidate (becoming your team member) and let them resolve your problems while you are tackling other tasks of your business.

We made our clients feel stress-free and secure:

  • Free trial period
  • Accountability of work
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Best in client satisfaction and advocacy
  • Strong network security, Data protection and NDA

Our responsibility towards our clients lasts until the end of the project. We continuously monitor our employees to ensure quality and punctuality.

During this pandemic of Covid19, Invedus has also provided work from home facilities to their employees. To manage the productivity of their employees during this situation, Invedus provide online training via Skype, Zoom and other collaboration tools to ensure that communication between team members is not hindered by the isolation that the employees are facing.

Conclusively, the advantages of outsourcing to India are very powerful and that can show significant growth in your business. At low cost, get highly qualified and talented employees who are punctual, well-mannered and with great communication and technical skills.

Invedus, an outsourcing company will provide the best virtual employees that suit your requirement. Clients of Invedus save over $10,500,000/year.

This company provides immense client satisfaction as they provide a free trial, money-back guarantee, and accountability of the work. Go, hire your first or next virtual employee at Invedus and take your business to the next level.

Here at Invedus Outsourcing, we are happy to assist you round the clock, please send you questions and queries at INFO@INVEDUS.COM