Whether you are a small or large-scale organization, you need appropriate management of all tasks to get ahead of your rivals. Whenever a company grows in size, the amount of data generated by the firm also increases.

To process a large quantity of data, firms need professionals who specialize in data entry, data processing, data mining, data scraping, and more.

Assigning data entry services to in-house professionals who manage other core activities of the business can hamper the efficiency of the organization. Companies employ data entry professionals to streamline business processes.

When the competition is high, the opponents beat each other to advance. They look for opportunities to generate more profit.

Businesses that are increasingly cost and quality-conscious outsource their non-core services to another company that specializes in providing that particular service. Companies across the world are turning to destinations like India for outsourcing because of their standard quality work at a low price.

Data entry service outsourcing has two main benefits, i.e.

1. By outsourcing data entry jobs to offshore data entry providers, companies can increase their functionality. Their in-house staff can devote 100% attention to performing core activities.

2. Firms achieve high-quality results by outsourcing their data entry projects to outsourcing companies. Because data entry companies can provide both expertise and the latest technologies, employees are trained for better accuracy and customization of data entry projects.

What to consider before outsourcing data entry projects to any data entry outsourcing firm?

Since your company’s data is significant for your business, it is necessary to keep in mind some prime factors before outsourcing data entry tasks.

1. Cost-effective

You are entrusting your data entry services to offshore data entry workers for their superior performance, but you should not spend more than paying your in-house employees for the same work.

Companies based in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc., outsource their data entry projects to companies located in India as they provide high-quality work at low cost. Indian virtual workers are highly skilled, talented, and proficient in speaking English, they even are chosen by companies that come under the Forbes 500 for outsourcing services. By outsourcing data entry services to Invedus, you can save up to 70% of your costs.

2. Data Security

It is quintessential to provide your organization’s data to a trustworthy company. Data Security is the most prominent factor to examine before outsourcing data entry work. Data protection is required for both business and legal approaches.

Therefore, before selecting a data entry company for outsourcing, consider the protocol and policies followed by them to ensure complete data security. Also, check whether the firm signs non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with its employees to ensure high data security.

3. Customization

Businesses run in various industries such as healthcare, travel and tourism, media and entertainment, logistics and transportation, banking and finance, etc. Every business is different. The data generated in your company is different from others.

Therefore, you must choose an online data entry service provider, who has experience working in various industries, as their remote staff can provide you with customized work to suit the needs of your companies.

4. Capable of tackling emergency

Sometimes a situation comes where you need immediate data, and you want fast processing. For example, for a firm working in the healthcare business, there can be a sudden increase in the number of corona patients over a few days.  During that time, that firm requires immediate processing of their corona patients’ data.

So for this, it is very important to consider an entry outsourcing company that has plans to accommodate such emergencies. Because if the company cannot cater to emergencies, it is not able to meet 80 percent of its purpose. To shortlist a company like Invedus that can serve the needs of your business during emergency periods.

5. Turnaround time

The reason behind data entry outsourcing is to increase the efficiency of the firm. Therefore, if an outsourcing company is not able to deliver projects within the stipulated time, then it is not fulfilling its obligations towards its clients.

Partner with a firm like Invedus, that provides 24/7 support and sincerely fulfills all its responsibilities towards its client. In this way, your work will be done in a short period. And it also prevents data stacking because the work gets distributed evenly.

Why outsource data entry services to India?

There are many reasons to outsource data entry services to India. For smooth-running business, firms of almost all sizes worldwide prefer to outsource their data entry projects to offshore data entry providers.

Firms in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, etc. prefer India for outsourcing data entry services, IT services, digital marketing services etc. as they get the same job done with outstanding quality at 1/4th of the total costs they pay to in-house employees.

And besides, if you outsource data entry services to companies like Invedus, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure, staff, and overheads.

Read AlsoWhy Outsource to India?

India has outrun other outsourcing countries like Mexico, Philippines, Austria, China, etc., because,

  1. India has a vast talent pool at a low cost.

India has the second-largest population in the world, and most of them are young. The number of workers in India is much higher than the number of available jobs. Indian remote workers are highly skilled, talented, and qualified but, because there is so much competition for the same job position, the cost of Indian labor is low.

  1. India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.

China is India’s closest rival in outsourcing services. But India overtakes China and retains its highest position due to its English-speaking staff. In history, India was colonized by the British, since then the English language has played a major role in the lives of Indians. English is taught in Indian schools from an early age. The Government of India has officially designated English and Hindi as the official languages.

Hence, India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world, more than the United States and Britain. This is why Indian professionals are good English speakers.

Benefits of outsourcing data entry services to India include,

  • Increased bottom line
  • Short turnaround time.
  • High-quality services
  • Close to 100% accurate data entry services
  • 100% security of data

Here we have compiled a list of benefits of outsourcing data entry services to India. Let’s dive into this.

1. Increased bottom line

Companies can drastically increase their bottom line by outsourcing data entry services as they can save on costs, resources, overheads, investment, and time.

2. Short turnaround time.

Apart from the cost advantage, another important benefit is the time zone difference between your country and the location that you are outsourcing to. Get your work done while sleeping and get up to see your service being delivered the next morning. It assures the completion of work within a stipulated time. This unique advantage gives you the benefit of round-the-clock business operations.

3. High-quality services

India has a large number of skilled and talented people who attract enterprises worldwide to hire offshore employees for outsourcing their needs. Hire Indian virtual employees at Invedus, who have unmatched creativity and dedication to their work.

4. Close to 100% accurate data entry services

Data entry companies in India like Invedus, provide professional training to their employees about the research and use of the latest technologies to deliver smooth data entry services to their clients.

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5. 100% security of data

Indian outsourcing companies give priority to data security and privacy. They follow strict international privacy standards. Employees of Indian companies are obligated by the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure high data security.

Data entry outsourcing is one way we help startups and other businesses save their operation cost by increasing their workforce’s efficiency. Reach your audience wherever they are with B2B multi-channel targeting. Outsource data entry services Today! Reach out to us at info@invedus.com.

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