TypeScript has gained popularity over the past few years. One of the best frontend frameworks, Angular also uses TypeScript because of its numerous benefits.

Did you know that approx 60% of JavaScript developers already use TypeScript and 22% of developers want to try it?

In this web blog post, I will introduce you to the basic concept of TypeScript and why you should choose it?

Read further to see some of the best features of this superb language.

Definition of TypeScript

So, What is TypeScript? Let’s start with a formal definition.

TypeScript is a strongly typed Object-Oriented open source programming language that builds on JavaScript. It is developed and supported by Microsoft. Actually, it is a strong superset of JavaScript and consists of all its segments. In simple terms, each JavaScript code is a valid TypeScript code, which means if anything is implemented in JavaScript by using TypeScript, you can add the enhanced features of your choice. 

By converting TypeScript into JavaScript, it will be much simpler to combine it into JavaScript projects. The methodology of TypeScript is very similar to OOPS, so a TypeScript code can be converted into JavaScript with the help of the TypeScript Compiler.

Eventually, Typescript compiles to Javascript, so the end code can run on any environment which supports JavaScript.

A Brief History of TypeScript

Anders Hejlsberg created TypeScript in 2010 at Microsoft, and its first version was available to the public in 2012, known as TypeScript 0.8.

Even so, TypeScript is supported by many software developers, but its major drawback is the lack of IDEs, so many JavaScript developer’s communities did not wholly adopt it.

As the developer’s community grows, new versions of Typescript with more advanced features are regularly released to make it simpler to start with TypeScript. 

Why Use TypeScript?

Here are some reasons why you should choose TypeScript for your development process.

  • Using Typescript, you will immediately know about the type error because of the real-time IDE feedback. Obviously, the TypeScript compiler is not the solution for all the problems, but it could warn you about most of the bugs.
  • With TypeScript, you will get excellent syntax compilation using good IDEs.
  • You will get to know new programming concepts if you learn TypeScript.
  • Making changes in the program is less painful in Typescript because the compiler will warn you if you have to make another change.
  •  Most of the big firms are using it due to its flexibility and scalability for solving complex problems; that’s why its popularity is increasing day by day because

TypeScript Features You Might want to Know

TypeScript Features

Here are the typescript top features

  • Object-Oriented Language
  • Support JavaScript Libraries
  • JavaScript is TypeScript
  • TypeScript is Portable
  • DOM Manipulation

let’s explore these in detail.

It has features of Object-Oriented Programming.

TypeScript has the features of Object Oriented Programming(OOPS), which makes its code immaculate and organized. 

It supports Interfaces, Generics, Inheritance, and Method Access Modifiers.

TypeScript assists with interfaces, generics, inheritance, and method access modifiers. Interfaces help to define a contract, Generics help to provide compile-time checking, inheritance allows the new target to face the properties of existing things, and method access modifiers control the availability of the class members. Two types of access modifiers in TypeScript are Public and Private. The default setting in TypeScript is that members appear Public, but you can change it accordingly.

It is a Static Type.

The intermixing of values of various data cannot happen in TypeScript. 

For that reason, you must define types while declaring variables, and you cannot assign values other than the type described, which is feasible in JavaScript.

Compile-Time/Static Type Checking

If the proper syntax and semantics of the programming language are not followed, then the compiler time error occurs. Even a single error cannot let you execute the program. Your program will run when it is entirely free of compile-time errors. 

It has less Code as Compared to JavaScript.

The code in TypeScript is easy to understand. TypeScript is a subset of JavaScript, so helper classes are available that reduce the code. 

It may save your project from failure.

Bugs in the program are just annoying, and sometimes it is due to the typing error to complete the project before the deadline. Let’s say you are building a big firm worth a million dollars that automatically processes employees’ salaries. This is an example of a reliable system. This is possible because of the in-built static typing, which can save your project from failure. 

Why should you choose TypeScript over JavaScript?

TypeScript over JavaScript

If you have question like “Is typescript more popular than Javascript?” then here is the answer to your question.

TypeScript is authentic.

In comparison to JavaScript, TypeScript is easy to rewrite. This makes it easier for programmers to find the bugs that slip into Javascript Database and instantly fix all the errors while writing new code.

TypeScript is crystal clear.

Creating Types obviously brings our attention to how our system is formed and how it interacts with each component. Types allow the users to abstract away the remaining system while keeping the context in mind. 

TypeScript and JavaScript are practically interchangeable.

As JavaScript is a strict subset of TypeScript so the libraries of JavaScript can be used to write Typescript code. There are many popular libraries of JavaScript, including Definitely Typed, which you can use to make your interactions more type-safe. 

Here click on TypeScript vs JavaScript to learn more….

Is TypeScript better than Python?

  • Python is not good in supporting mobile computing but is good in supporting data science and desktop. Python is not very much used to develop front-end applications, so few mobile applications are developed using Python. TypeScript, on the other hand, in the combination of Javascript frameworks, creates impressive mobile applications. TypeScript can make the development process enterprise-level if used with a good IDE.
  • TypeScript can be used for developing both front-end and back-end applications. Whilst Python is mostly preferred for developing backend applications.

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Typescript FAQs

Is Typescript front end or backend?

Typescript is a strict superset of JavaScript, and as we know, JavaScript is used for both the front end and back end. Since TypeScript works with JavaScript, it can also be used for front-end and back-end projects.

What is Typescript used for?

TypeScript allows IDEs to provide a more prosperous environment for spotting common bugs as you type the code. Also, TypeScript makes typing a bit easier and a lot less evident through the usage of type conclusion. 


In general, a Typescript is a must-have tool by your side even if you don’t use it fully. Take baby steps and learn new things every day as the new features add on. Beginners can quickly grasp Typescript, so if you are a newbie, then you can start your journey with this amazing language.

I believe you find this article helpful, and if you have any queries, make sure to mention them in the comment section below.

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