You are living in an era where managing things and humans for business or personal life for the long term, according to your suitability, can be challenging for anyone. However, it is difficult, but not impossible, for your business. You can hire a Virtual assistant for your business that will work according to your requirements and suitability. 

You might be wondering what virtual assistants are, what do virtual assistants do, How they can benefit your business, and other queries related to it. This blog post will provide a detailed analysis of the virtual assistant. Let’s start to explore what a virtual assistant is and what they do.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As its name itself defines, it is an assistant that will help you virtually. Let’s understand this term in simple words. We have seen the rise of the virtual world and technologies in recent years, where we are making ourselves reliable and more dependent on the virtual world. However, this virtual world expands itself in Business. 

We have seen a drastic fold from million to billion in this market; this Virtual assistant market captures a billion$ revenue at present and is growing at a pace of 25%. You can also check growth trends for virtual assistant services in 2024.

In addition, the days are gone when interacting offshore would be the costliest task. Now, at very affordable prices, you can connect and can observe virtual assistant roles with the world.

Now, you can avail of virtual assistant services in almost every business sector. You can use their services in marketing, hospitality, retail, legal advice, real estate, and other fields as well. 

Let us see below how these VAs can assist you.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? 

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? 

To provide the tasks performed by VA in a few words is slightly difficult to explain. So, check out the list below of VA tasks’ performance. 

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most trending fields in the current scenario. It is the field where a virtual assistant will collect the crowd for you and do branding for your business. 

Tasks of Digital Marketing/Social Media Content Virtual Assistant

  • Listed your website on the marketing platform.
  • Do advertise for your business
  • Create backlinks for your website so that your website can shout out loud in the market.
  • Manage your social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Make strategies for your business so that it can reach a large audience of relevant interests.
  • Ensure that your brand should be visible on Google’s top searches.
  • Make your brand or services search easier for your business. 
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2. Legal Services

It is one of the most daunting tasks to manage legal services before and after creating a website for a business. And you might be aware of what legal services cost you in your country. In this case, if you hire a legal assistant, you can cut costs by availing of legal services.

Tasks of Virtual Legal Assistant

  • They will schedule a meeting with your business existing or future partners and create the documents for your partnership.
  • Create the legal papers of your partnership deal so that there will not be any tussle in the future.
  • Put your thought in front of the legal entities in case of discrepancies like the same logo, image, exact quotation, etc.
  • Handle your case in the situation of employee and employer conflicts.  
  • Work as a bridge between client and employee.
  • Represent your organisation in front of other businesses.
  • Helps you in paying taxes and other expenses. 

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3. Bookkeeping Services

Finance is the core of any business, and managing it is not a cakewalk. Being a new entrepreneur, you can not handle all of your finance-related tasks with a new and inexperienced employee. However, hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant can ease your finance-related tasks in a snap. 

Tasks of Virtual Bookkeeping

  • Managing your bills and invoicing.
  • Creating and managing the budget for your organisation.
  • Tracking business expenses.
  • Reconciling Bank Statements and credit cards. 
  • Manages and tracks the sales and spending in organisations.
  • Keep track of your every spend in the ledger.
  • They also help you in processing payroll entries.
  • Also, processing Accrual entries during the month-end closing.
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4. Project Management

It is not easy for you to manage the employees, make the strategies, handle the new employees, and provide training to the juniors and others. So, to manage all these tasks, one must need a project manager that can make strategies for your business, handle employees, and perform other tasks. All these tasks can be performed well by offshore virtual project managers. 

Tasks Performed by Project Manager

  • They make the strategies and ensure the project’s delivery should be done on time.
  • Virtual Project managers lay emphasis on the team and resources so that the project’s tasks can be streamlined smoothly.
  • It helps you in managing the resources within your budget.
  • Virtual Project Managers can create project plans, set milestones, assign tasks, and monitor progress.
  • They keep an eye on the updates regarding their projects and also give updates about the project to the higher authorities.
  • Manage the project documents and track expenses. Additionally, they also communicate with stakeholders.

5. Virtual Assistant Real Estate

Real Estate Assistant manages the ownership and development of digital properties, locations, or assets within virtual environments such as online games, platforms, social metaverses, and augmented reality experiences.

Tasks of Virtual Real Estate Assistants

  • They help you to increase your brand visibility by establishing a digital presence. 
  • Work to gather a tech-savvy audience to give a boost to your brand recognition.
  • Run innovative and interactive marketing campaigns for product launches and promotions for engaging customer experiences.
  • Establish digital shops to make the e-commerce experience seamless.  
  • Expand your network reach by participating in virtual conferences and events. 
  • Create gamified experiences to captivate customers and promote products. 
  • Analyse user behaviour data to refine strategies and personalise experiences.

6. Content Writing, Marketing and Management

Whether you are a new or an established player in the market, you can not stop your branding. You can represent your organisation on different social media platforms with blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, writing articles, blogs, attractive captions, product pages, etc.; but non of these tasks can be possible with writing. An offshore content writer can help you with your all content creation related tasks.

Tasks Done by Virtual Content Writer, Marketer, and Management

  • Writing Content for clients’ websites. 
  • Create attractive captions for social media channels.
  • Design videos and graphics for the articles they are writing for the website.
  • Analyse the peer business writing material.
  • Perform research about the latest topics regarding the product and services.
  • Creating and Analysing the content strategies.
  • Writing the content according to the SEO parameter.
  • Writing content that would engage the customers and bring traffic to their websites.

7. Graphic Designing

Nowadays, people love to explore your websites if they have simple and attractive user interfaces. In this case, submitting this responsibility to a novice can take your business steps back. However, hiring a VA graphic designer can ease your task and can make your website more interactive for users by using his creativity.

Tasks Done by Virtual Graphic Designer

  • Create and Design interactive page designs for your websites.
  • Reach your message to a broader audience by creating unique designs.
  • Put your work and services to customers using visualisations.
  • Designing content for social media platforms.
  • Make your content part into visualisation.

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8. Human Resources

Not everyone is perfect in every field. You need different candidates that can possess different skills. For this, you need to find a candidate matching your business-required skills. This job can be done smoothly by remote or virtual HR. You not only need to find out the candidate but also need to analyse the other factors so that your project will not suffer because of any employment issues. 

Tasks Accomplishments by Virtual Human Resource

  • Finding the candidate according to your business suitability is one of the challenging tasks. 
  • Responsible for finding the best candidate for the project.
  • Recruit new employees
  • Sort out the clashes or issues of current or previous employees.
  • Works as a bridge between management and employees.
  • Manage the employment records.
  • Communicate with the management and employees. For instance, If employees feel any issue, explain the company policies, detailing employees’ perks and benefits. 
  • Interact with the employees on behalf of the company. 

9. Mobile App Developer

Your work is what defines you, not your name. To showcase your work, you need a website. For this, you need different kinds of developers, such as web developers, iOS app developers, Android developers, etc. Hiring a professional mobile app developer can be costly and challenging. However, you can avoid this problem by hiring a virtual employee or a Tech VA.

Tasks Done by Virtual Mobile App Developer

  • Create a Mobile application for your organisation.
  • Designing and coding the Android application.
  • Solve complex issues of the application.
  • Manage the application for bugs and errors.
  • It is their responsibility to update the application frequently.
  • They use different languages like HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript and other languages to build application interfaces for Android users.

10. Data Entry VA

Your entire business record is available on your system. A single click can erase your data in a snap. However, finding the correct person with expertise in running the computer smartly and accurately is difficult. But you can get the solution to this problem by hiring a virtual data entry specialist, as they are experienced in doing data entry-related tasks

Tasks Done by Virtual Data Entry Specialist

  • They are managing your employees’ records.
  • Can edit or manage client data.
  • Virtual Data Entry Specialist can perform the tasks of bookkeeping.
  • They can keep a record of business social media accounts, like how many of them are retweeted, how many are following the channel, etc., as Data analysts can use this data to make strategies for the business.
  • Scanning documents and keeping a record of them.

11. Web Developer

Your website is your recognition. People will not visit your website if it does not represent your business. Resultant, you will lose a huge customer base. In addition, if you are in your business’s initial phase, hiring a person with deep experience is difficult. However, you can get rid of this problem by hiring a virtual or remote web developer.

Tasks Done by Virtual Web Developer

  • Create a website for your business.
  • Make it interactive and easy to use for the users.
  • Responsible for solving issues of the websites.
  • They ensure that interfaces and navigation menus should be user-friendly.  
  • They are responsible for the websites regularly.

12. Accountant

To run any business, you need a fund, and an accountant is the person who manages this fund efficiently. You can not trust anyone directly. You need a reliable and experienced person to manage your account. For this, you can approach a virtually skilled accountant. They not only the skilled accountants but also provide you with affordable and reliable suggestions for your business. 

Tasks Done by Virtual Accountant

  • Managing your office account like expenses.
  • Keep track of employees’ salaries and other expenses.
  • Manage and record the company’s account using advanced software like Quickbook.
  • Virtual Accountant performing tasks like data entry related to finance.
  • Responsible for transactions, issuing checks, updating ledgers, etc.
  • Analyse financial information to identify discrepancies.
  • Create an accounts report at the end of the month.
  • Liable for filing company taxes and other expenses.
  • And other accounting related tasks

13. Business Development Executive

To take your business to the next level, you need a well-versed personality with patience, good communication skills, a smart personality, the ability to tackle decisions, and others. For this, you require a person with all the qualities that can take your business to the next level. In addition, they are also responsible for developing growth and creating a lead in sales generation.

Tasks of Virtual Business Development Executive

  • Responsible for managing your social accounts to connect with customers.
  • Representative of your company.
  • Arrange calls and meetings for the company business.
  • Responsible for generating leads in sales.
  • Works as a mediator between clients and management. 

14. SEO Services 

It is important for any organisation to be visible in the top searches. SEO is responsible for bringing your websites to the top searches of Google or any search engine. For this, you require an experienced SEO strategist. The best part of hiring a virtual assistant is you can provide the requirement according to your business needs. 

Tasks Done by SEO Virtual Assistant

  • Make strategies for your website.
  • Draft/write content SEO friendly.
  • Create backlinks, do bookmarking, etc., for your website pages.
  • Create attractive images and dashboards for your websites.
  • Manage Google Analytics and then make strategies according to the dashboard.

These are just a few services you can avail of hiring a Virtual Assistant with Invedus. However, the list is very big. To check out our outsourcing services, Click Here

Virtual Assistants: What Do They Do on a Daily Basis?

Virtual assistants handle a wide range of daily tasks to support their clients. Here are some common responsibilities:

  1. Email Management: Sorting, responding to, and organizing emails.
  2. Scheduling: Managing calendars, setting up appointments, and coordinating meetings.
  3. Data Entry: Inputting data into spreadsheets, databases, and CRM systems.
  4. Research: Conducting online research on various topics, gathering information, and summarizing findings.
  5. Social Media Management: Creating, scheduling, and posting content, as well as engaging with followers.
  6. Customer Service: Handling customer inquiries, providing support, and managing feedback.
  7. Administrative Tasks: Preparing documents, creating presentations, and managing files.
  8. Bookkeeping: Tracking expenses, processing invoices, and handling basic accounting tasks.
  9. Travel Arrangements: Booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, and creating itineraries.
  10. Personal Tasks: Running personal errands, making reservations, and managing personal appointments.

These tasks can vary depending on the specific needs of the client and the VA’s area of expertise.

What is a Virtual Assistant Salary?

When considering hiring a virtual assistant, you might wonder about their salary and payment methods. According to Zip Recruiter, virtual assistant salaries can vary widely based on experience and expertise. You can expect to pay anywhere from $7.21 to $62.74 per hour.

On a weekly basis, this translates to between $288 and $2,510, and monthly salaries range from $1,250 to $10,875. Annually, virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $15,000 to $130,000. You can also check out this blog, “How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Virtual Assistant in 2024” for more detailed information about the cost of hiring a VA.

What about Payment Methods?

Most virtual assistants prefer to be paid through secure online services like PayPal, though some will accept checks or money orders. Payment terms can also vary; some VAs prefer up-front payments, while others bill weekly or monthly. If you hire a virtual assistant as a full-time remote worker, you’ll need to include them in your regular payroll schedule.

How to Hire Virtual Assistants?

Hiring virtual assistants is as simple as eating a cake. You can hire Virtual Assistant in just three steps.

  • Visit the Invedus website.
  • Enter your Requirements.
  • And click on the Submit button.

Rest of the things we will do for you.

Why Us?

  • We are an emerging brand that gives importance to our customer’s values and trust rather than a business.
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  • We work on your requirements with nominal documentation.
  • We give you assurance of Quality.
  • We are a service provider in 15+ Countries, and the count is still going on with affordable prices.

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