We are living in an era, where more than a quarter of the world does online shopping for their goods and services on a regular basis. They choose their product and services by viewing the visualizations of that product. To make your viewing effect better and soothing eCommerce graphic designer is responsible for creating designs for the product you are looking for on eCommerce websites. The job profile of an e-commerce designer is not confined to creating designs, instead, they are one of the pillars that is responsible for boosting your website. 

Besides crafting the logo and designs for your website, e-commerce graphic designers play a crucial role. This blog post delves into the specifics of these designers and their impact. Let’s start by exploring the realm of graphic design.

What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design?

It is a profession where professionals will take your thoughts to the real world by visualization. If we talk about it in the context of e-commerce websites or platforms, then It is an art and craft that allows your business to communicate with your customers. How your website looks, your website page layout (UI/UX),  how easy it can establish a relationship with your consumers, etc., will all need to be managed by these e-commerce graphic designer professionals.  

Basically, Graphic design is a communication bridge between e-commerce platforms and users. So it is important to choose the best talent for your organization. However, it is wrong to say that a few graphic designers are creative, in fact, this profession seeks demand for creativity very often.

To showcase the creativity and innovation in businesses owners can hire these designers as in-house employees, freelancers, or virtual employees. Which employee is the best fit for your organization read the below.  

Every employee is worthwhile but a visual graphic designer is the wholesole responsible for your business appearance. 

Below you will find out why and how to hire these remote eCommerce designers. Let’s check out below. 

What is Outsourcing eCommerce Graphic Design?

Outsourcing eCommerce graphic design is a situation when an existing company hires employees directly from other outsourcing companies like Invedus. The advantage of hiring an e-commerce graphic designer or other employee is you need not spend huge amounts on them as you are spending on regular employees. In addition, you can assign them the responsibilities to take your business to the next level.


So, in the following section, we will see, How Graphic Design Impacts E-Commerce Business.

Influence of Graphics Design in an eCommerce Business

influence of graphics design in an ecommerce business

Most people do not want to spend more time on a website which has not have the correct images that define the product accurately. Basically, we people are not living in a digital era instead we are digital now, Whether we are looking for needles or a Car, we rush to e-commerce platforms, rather than going to offline stores.

Graphic design can create a powerful first impression, establish brand identity, and boost sales and ROI. In fact, these designs often influence your company’s financial performance.

According to the survey, one out of four people in the world choose an online platform to pay for their needs for goods and services. Then you can imagine the importance of these images or visualization of the product.  

You might be astonished to know more than US$ 18 Trillion is regulated by these eCommerce websites. And, no one wants to destroy these numbers just because of wrong, blurred, or translucent images. So, I hope, you have understood better the importance of Graphics Design and eCommerce designers in an eCommerce Business.

Now the next question, you might be thinking of Do I need to hire an e-commerce graphic designer or Should I opt for a DIY approach? Let’s find out the solution to your query in the following section. 

Should You DIY or Hire Out Your eCommerce Designer?

diy or hire out your eCommerce designer

Well, if your website is either new or old you definitely do have not as much time to invest in creating the designs rather than making strategies for your business. In addition, you know the worth of your websites and business. You have two options here either opt for the DIY approach or hire an advanced eCommerce graphic designer for your business. 

Where DIY approach requires more time and effort, and still you are not sure that you can depict the exact images of your product and e-commerce platform. In addition, being an entrepreneur, you need to invest more time in managing the other aspects related to your business rather than investing time in creativity. On the contrary, there are certain advantages of hiring an eCommerce graphic designer for your website. Like:

  • These remote graphic designers are well-versed in creating website designs, logos, product images, etc. 
  • They are much more creative as compared to freelancers. Instead, these virtual employees are much more regulated in comparison to freelancers because they are hired under the management, whereas freelancers do not come under any jurisdiction. 
  • These remote assistants have very deep know-how about the latest and current technologies. 
  • They are available according to your time zone and can take the update regularly regarding your project. Furthermore, you can discuss and share your remarks for future planning planning of your project.
  • Besides, you can hold their responsibility to bring your imagination of thoughts into reality by using their creativity. In addition, they are very affordable for your business as compared to when you hire regular employees. 

Based on the above, it’s evident that hiring an e-commerce graphic designer ensures professional and effective visual representation. Nonetheless, a DIY approach can suffice for simpler designs within constraints of resources and time.

Now, in the next section, we will discuss what cost you need to spend to hire a virtual e-commerce graphic designer. 

How much does it cost to outsource eCommerce graphic design?

When it comes to hiring an offshore graphic designer, it will cost you according to your requirements of designs. However, in general, you can hire these employees at the cost of USD $4-10/hour

However, you also have the option to hire eCommerce graphic design professionals for your entire project. We have a team of creative designers, who hold the responsibility to take your business to the next stage. In addition, you can avail of overseas graphic design services.

How to find the best eCommerce graphic designer to outsource?

To discover the finest eCommerce graphic designer for outsourcing, follow these steps:

  1. Specify your design requirements clearly.
  2. Review designers’ eCommerce portfolios.
  3. Emphasize effective communication and collaboration.

By following these steps, you can increase the likelihood of finding a skilled graphic designer who aligns with your eCommerce goals.

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