The best way to grow in life is by learning new skills. Therefore, people have always looked for cheaper and more effective ways to learn new things. As an outcome, online learning is now the face of modern education today.

The people who want to learn marketable skills to get a job or promotion, and those who love to explore new things, can know numerous topics within an affordable budget from the online learning platforms.

“Learn continually – there’s always one more thing to learn!”

– Steve Jobs

These platforms add flexibility in learning as you can access your courses anytime, and you can rewind classes as many times as you can. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the E-learning sector is booming for the last two years.

The best part of an online education platform is adaptability. The learners don’t need to invest specific time. You can learn your courses required in your leisure time and at your pace.

Many of these platforms are niche-specific, while you also find venues that offer almost all the courses.

Here is the list of top online learning platforms for you. Check it out!

List of top online learning platforms

  • Coursera
  • Skillshare
  • Udacity
  • Udemy
  • edX

Let’s explore all these best and affordable learning platforms one by one in details


coursera - learning platforms
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While naming the top online education platform, Coursera is the first one that comes to mind. There are several reasons for it. The first one is quality.

Many top-class universities like Duke, Michigan, HEC Paris make partnerships for their quality education system. Many multinational companies like PwC and IBM partner with the platform. The powerful online learning platform has reached more than 45 countries with around 200 partnerships.

Course Fee

This profound E-Learning platform charges based on course and specialization. Along with that, Coursera offers the learners effective financial aid. It will be a smart move to go for that.

The course fee starts from $30. Do you want unlimited access to more than 3000 courses? Well, then you will get $399 a year. It comes under the Coursera Plus plan.


skillshare online learning platforms
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Skillshare is an E-learning platform that both teachers and students use. If you are a teacher, you can upload your educational content easily.

You need to follow some simple instructions if you want to upload video courses. Want some more? Well, you can earn money from your classes if every time someone subscribes to your premium package.

As a student, you can learn a lot from Skillshare like marketing, business, computer courses, etc. You can also learn DIY, cooking, craft from the website.

Course Fee

Skillshare offers both free and premium courses. However, free classes don’t provide in-depth knowledge. These free courses are good for you to test whether these courses are interesting to you or not.

The subscription fee of the premium package is $8/month. It is notably beneficial for all kinds of students.


udacity online learning platforms
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In the sector of job training, the name of Udacity comes first. The Massive open online course is really good for brushing up your skills. This affordable and user-friendly platform is beneficial in learning in-demand skills of the corporate world.

The online education platform has made partnerships with Shell, Cisco, Accenture, etc. Moreover, they have a curriculum partnership with Google, Mars, Amazon, etc. You can learn courses like website design from Udacity.

The site offers education on website design from beginner to advance level. Hence, whether you want to learn simple drag and drop in website design or code, Udacity is one of the top and best online learning platforms for you.

The online educational platform is one of the great sources that provide enough tutorials on web designing operations. If you aim to start a career as a web developer or want to add skills to improve your website, then the website is an excellent option for you.

Course Fee

You should try this E-Learning platform today as it provides up to 200 courses free of charge. Udacity provides many micro-credentials that are called Nanodegree. You can get such a degree course for $200/month.

However, the course fees can go up to $2400/month. The platform is one of the best online learning platforms for acquiring machine learning and artificial intelligence.


udemy online learning platforms
image source Udemy

Udemy is one of the best online educational platforms for those who want to add more expertise. The platform offers many courses that help to enhance your career. Check out their website and there is a chance that you will find your needed one.

Moreover, you can find courses which are related to your hobbies. Companies like Addidas, use the business plan of Udemy to train their employees. If you want to build up your career as an instructor, then also Udemy is a good platform for you.

They will train you on how to make and share your content. Not only that, but you can also learn how an instructor can use digital marketing tools like re-targeting tools, email tools, promotion tools, etc.

Do you want to learn digital marketing? You may want to re-target your customers or want to increase leads. Some people want to gain knowledge on digital marketing courses to get a promotion.

In these cases also, the online platform is a good option for you. Udemy will teach you branding, content analysis, use of analytics, SEO, etc. properly. The courses for digital marketing are of really high quality.

You can get multimedia courses from Udemy. For instance, you can get pdf format learning modules or notes besides video lectures. Furthermore, there are options of audio, plus readings, etc. You can also claim a 30-day refund if you are not satisfied with their courses.

Course Fee

You can use a free trial at the initial stages. The online platform uses almost similar pricing models. The course fee starts from $12.99. If you are a business owner, you can get a business plan for as low as $360 per year.


edx online learning platforms
image source Edx

With more than 100 partners like Berkeley, RWTH, MIT, and Harvard, edX offers quality university-level online courses. The best part is you can get MicroMasters Program from edX. Not only that, but you can get professional certificates also.

Their professional courses never fail to meet the demand of the current market. Hence, if you want to enhance your existing job expertise in your leisure time, edX is one of the best educational platforms to learn software development.

You can quickly learn coding skills from edX. Certification from edX will also help you to get a promotion in your work faster than your expectation. If you take the initiative to learn and enhance your career, the online education platform will work well.

Course Fee

You can get some courses on the platform free of charge. However, all of these free courses are not verified. You can get some verified lessons on the podium at $ 50. The course fee can go up to $300.

The bottom line

In the future, we hope that online learning platforms will add more features like virtual reality experience. However, for enhanced adaptability, these learning platforms are becoming a habit for new generations already. For this reason, these platforms have become a true lifestyle for us.

We can deny the contribution of the recent pandemic to the booming of these online educational platforms. These platforms have become our true lifestyle for making learning feasible, adaptable, and easy to access.

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