When running any business with virtual assistants, time management should be your priority. You must be familiar with this quote: “Every minute counts” Time is precious; hence, there is a need for accurate time tracking in today’s modern world.

Presently, there are plenty of time tracking software options for virtual assistants in the market. Since there are so many options to choose from, we have listed our top favorite time tracking tools for you. We have also provided the key features and cost of each tool to give you a clear picture.

Why Time Tracking Matters for Virtual Assistants

Time tracking isn’t just about monitoring the hours spent on tasks; it’s about understanding how time is allocated across various responsibilities. For virtual assistants, who often handle multiple clients and projects simultaneously, having a clear overview of time distribution helps in identifying bottlenecks, optimizing workflows, and making informed decisions.

Time tracking software for virtual assistants also offers benefits such as:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Effective workflow
  • Achievable goals and tasks
  • Attendance maintenance
  • Accurate employee working hours

Features to Look for in Time Tracking Software

Choosing the right time-tracking software is crucial. Look for features such as task categorization, project-specific tracking, customizable reports, integrations with other tools, and user-friendly interfaces. These features allow virtual assistants to tailor the software to their unique needs and smoothly integrate it into their existing workflows.

Time Tracking Software for Virtual Assistants

The market is full of the latest and most advanced time tracker tools, but the question here is how to choose the best among them. Here, we have covered the top sixteen time tracker tools for virtual assistants, their features, costs, and benefits. It includes trending options such as Toggl and Time Doctor, as well as lesser-known alternatives like RescueTime and Timely.

1. Toggl- Effortless Tracking

website screenshot from Toggl- Effortless Tracking

Toggl is a leading tool in the industry due to its user-friendly nature. It provides efficient time tracking software, making it valuable for business owners. With its simple features, even beginners can easily utilize it. In addition to its convenience, Toggl offers the following benefits:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Offline tracking
  • Team and data management
  • Project management

Integration– Asana, Trello, GitHub, Basecamp, Clickup and Google Calendar. 

Cost- Toggl is a free time tracker app accessible to up to 5 team members. It also has a starter and premium subscription starting from $9-$18.

2. Time Doctor- Best Remote Work Tracker

website screenshot from Time Doctor- Best Remote Work Tracker

Time Doctor is one of the best productivity control tools that helps businesses and assistants manage their work on time. It offers features such as

  • time tracking
  • task management
  • website and app monitoring

Integration- ADP Payment, Asana, Azure DevOps, Freshbooks, Hubspot, and Zoho. 

Cost- This is a paid tool and has 3 pricing subscriptions: Basic, Standard and Premium starting from $5, $8, and $16.

3. Clockify- Best free time tracking tool

website screenshot from Clockify- Best free time tracking tool

A team created this gem tool in 2017 and wanted to create an affordable solution. Among virtual assistants, Clockify is the best free time tracker solution. Through this tool, you can track unlimited tasks with no upgrading. This tool has features such as:

  • Timesheet
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Project tracking
  • Task scheduling
  • Productivity analysis

Integration- Jira, Asana, Trello, Quickbooks, Plaky, Todoist, Basecamp, Teamwork. 

Cost– It has four pricing plans: basic, standard, pro, and enterprise starting from $3, $5, $7, and $11.

4. My Hours- Best Bookkeeping Tracker

website screenshot from My Hours- Best Bookkeeping Tracker

My Hours is another precise tool that has simple bookkeeping features. It is popular for client management and timesheets. It offers features like:

  • Share reports with the clients
  • Create client specific projects
  • Integration with popular management tools
  • Email and chat support
  • Timesheets

Integration- Asana, Slack, Trello, ClickUp, Azure DevOps, Google Drive. 

Cost– This is a freemium timekeeping system for solo users and paid subscription starts from $8.

 5. Rescue Time- Free Tool

website screenshot from Rescue Time- Free Tool

Rescue Time might be the right option for your business. It was designed to solve major time management problems. This tool allows both employees and owners to improve low productivity. It has a focus time feature. This helps in doing more work. Its key features are: 

  • Available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Weekly email reports
  • Focus sessions
  • Automated time tracking
  • Rescue time

Integration- PomoDoneApp, Toggl, Trello, Slack, Google Calendar, Todoist. 

Cost- RescueTime has a free version called Lite and a Premium version i.e. paid, starting from $12.

6. Appointy- Best Meeting Scheduling tool

website screenshot from Appointy- Best Meeting Scheduling tool

This tool is ideal for virtual assistants who want to manage clients’ calendars. Appointy allows them to schedule meetings, check pending tasks and clients work reports. This tool can be an asset to any business type as it is:

  •  Automatic google calendar sync
  •  Flexible time-slot interval
  •  Back-to-back service booking
  •  Integrate with social media and Google calendar
  •  Accept online prepayments

Integration- Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, Shorter.io. 

Cost-  It has a free plan with limited services. The paid subscription starts from $19 to $79. 

7. Paymo- Best Timer Tool

website screenshot from Paymo- Best Timer Tool

From adding users or managing subscriptions at the click of a button, Paymo can do everything. Freelancers often use this tool to manage tasks. This is a comprehensive tool that has unlimited options and features such as:

  • Task management
  • Time tracker
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Resource management ·
  • File management

Integration- Trello, Jira, Slack, Asana, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Google calendar. 

Cost– This offers a free plan to 1 member, paid subscriptions are: Starter, small business, and enterprise starting from $4, $9, and $20.

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Other Popular and Productive Time Tracking Tools for Virtual Assistants

8. Harvest: Provides time tracking, expense management, and invoicing capabilities, suitable for freelancers and small businesses.

9. Hubstaff: Offers time tracking, activity monitoring, and online timesheets, suitable for remote teams and freelancers.

10. TimeCamp: Enables tracking time spent on tasks and projects, with additional features such as invoicing and attendance tracking.

11. Everhour: Integrates with popular project management tools and provides detailed time tracking and reporting features.

12. Timely: Uses AI to automatically track time spent on tasks and projects, providing accurate reports and insights.

13. ClickTime: Offers comprehensive time tracking features, including timesheets, expense tracking, and resource management.

14. DeskTime: Tracks time spent on applications and websites, providing productivity analysis and employee attendance reports.

15. Timeneye: Offers simple and intuitive time tracking features, with integrations for popular project management tools.

16. ActiveCollab: Combines project management, time tracking, and team collaboration features, suitable for virtual assistants and teams.

These time tracking tools can help virtual assistants accurately monitor their time, improve productivity, and manage their work efficiently.

FAQs related to time-tracking software

Is time tracking software suitable for solo virtual assistants?

Yes, time tracking software is beneficial for both solo and team-based virtual assistants. It helps in managing tasks, improving productivity, and accurate billing.

Can I integrate time tracking software with my project management tools?

Many time tracking software options offer integrations with popular project management tools, enhancing your workflow and efficiency.

Is there a learning curve associated with using time tracking software?

While most time tracking software is user-friendly, there might be a short learning curve as you get acquainted with its features. However, the long-term benefits are worth the initial effort.

Does time tracking software work on mobile devices?

Yes, many time tracking tools have mobile apps, allowing you to track time and manage tasks from anywhere.

Where can I find reliable time tracking software for virtual assistants?

You can find a variety of time tracking software options online, through software directories, and by seeking recommendations from fellow virtual assistants.

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Finding a suitable time tracker tool can be a time-consuming task. Each tool shares the same basic features. The details are where the differences lie. You can avoid this hassle by hiring a professional virtual assistant agency like Invedus. We provide reliable and affordable virtual assistant services for your business. Connect with us to discuss your project requirements. 


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