Taylor Otwell created Laravel, one of the top PHP frameworks. This platform is fantastic. Because it is not being handled by a single person but by the entire Laravel community.

As a PHP developer, I can confidently make this claim. “Want to do it right? Do you want to finish your projects on time? Go, Have Laravel!“.

Write code for the joy of it.


Laravel is not like the CMS or ECommerce frameworks that will meet your individual requirements. But it’s a good all-arounder. If you know how to code, you may use this framework to create a fully functional CMS or ECommerce Web application.

What actually is Laravel?

This framework gained popularity following the introduction of version 3, which added capabilities such as the Artisan Command Line Interface, database support, and migrations. It also introduced the bundles packing system.

The first stable version of Laravel was released in June 2011. The current stable version, 5.6, was released in February 2018, followed by 5.7 in September 2018, 5.8 in February 2019, 7 in March 2020, and 9 in February 2022.

Furthermore, Laravel Developers are some of the most ‘in demand’ developers.

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Ten reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework

Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework

Why Laravel? We’ll go over some of the unique aspects of the Laravel framework, as well as why it’s becoming so popular.

1. It is simple to get started.

Okay!! Read the title again. The first reason people start with Laravel is that it is simple to get started. Even if you only know the fundamentals of PHP, you can quickly create a five-page website in a few of hours. However, this is only one reason why you should use Laravel. There’s a lot more.

One of the most significant advantages of using Laravel for developing web applications is its ability to deliver high-level security. If you use Laravel, your web application will be safe from unintended and covert SQL injections.

Furthermore, Laravel is capable of providing exceptional online application performance. Occasionally, certain features and services have an impact on the site’s performance. However, Laravel provides a number of tools to help developers optimise their performance.

2. Source Code

It is an open source and free framework that allows you to effortlessly create huge and complex online applications. To get started, all you require is a text editor and a PHP installation.

3. Community Assistance

As a developer, you will encounter numerous development-related issues. If you’re stuck and there’s someone who’s been there before you who can help you, development will be less painful. It has a large community, making it a stronger player than others. If you submit a bug or a security vulnerability in the framework, the community responds quickly.

4. Database Migration

Laravel’s migration feature is one of its most important. Migrating allows you to keep the application’s database structure without having to recreate it. Instead than using SQL, migration enables you to manage the database via PHP code. Migrations enables you to undo the most latest improvements you made to the database.

5. Individual tests – Bug Fixing

Laravel is built with testing in mind. By default, your application’s tests directory contains two directories: Feature and Unit. Every module of your web application is verified using Laravel unit testing before the site goes online. These tests ensure that your end users get a high-performance, bug-free, and ultimately trouble-free application. This is another Laravel framework exception.

6. URL creation

Laravel can also generate URLs, which really is useful for creating connections in your models. When a user clicks or types a link, they want to view the requested content, such as an article, description of the product, etc…, which is impossible to do without the assistance of URL routing. By taking a URI and a closure, the Laravel framework provides a very simple path description strategy.

7. Tutorials for Laracasts

Laravel includes Laracasts, a collection of free and commercial video lessons that demonstrate how to utilise Laravel for development. Jeffery Way, an outstanding educator, developed all of the videos. The video quality is fantastic, and the lectures are well-planned and informative.

8. Artisan

Laravel has a command line tool named Artisan. This tool aids in the development of “skeleton” code and database design, as well as migrations.

Database management gets simpler. You can use the Craftsman Tool to execute practically any repetitive and time-consuming programming activity.

9. Built upon best

Laravel is built with testing in mind. Laravel makes use of some of the top symfony components. Still, it differs from Symfony in that Laravel is simple to learn and use. It employs composer as a dependence manager, managing the dependencies of numerous libraries in your projects.

10. Blade Templating

By default, Laravel includes the blade template engine, which allows you to use simple PHP code in your application. Furthermore, it adds no overhead to your programme.

According to the documentation, the two main advantages of employing blades are template inheritance and sections. Furthermore, the Blade systems allow you to do the following.

Sections must be defined. Extend perspectives, Conditional statements, looping, and included can all be echoed and escaped.

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Concluding Note

Now that we’ve seen the 10 reasons why you should use Laravel as your PHP framework, we can really see why it’s such a popular choice among web professionals. This is due to its adaptability, creative solutions, and practical attitude.

Its official packages, which include Socialite, Scout, Passport, and Horizon, to name a few, are powerful methods for making online and mobile app development simpler and more resourceful.

Laravel’s multifaceted design and a solid back-end network have led to it being used by over 700,000 websites. As a result, Laravel is one of the most advanced PHP framework alternatives accessible.

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