Have you noticed that a battle is going on in the arena of web development, Python vs. PHP? And, we don’t see any sign of ending too soon.

Building a cutting-edge mobile app or website starts with picking the correct programming language. Every company is now trying to produce high-performing, flexible, secure, scalable, and reliable web products.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right programming language. Even the smartest business leaders often get confused about which one to go for, hire a PHP developer in India or outsource Python development services?

That’s why we have enlisted all the features, pros, and cons of two popular programming languages, PHP and Python. So, fasten your seatbelt and start the journey.

What is Python?

what is python

Python is an open-source programming language. It works as per an object-oriented programming conception. Nowadays, developers apply Python extensively because of its easy-to-understand syntax.

The Stack overflow survey in 2021 revealed that Python is one of the most used and loved programming languages. Numerous companies across the globe are outsourcing python development to develop their apps. Python works as a scripting language for web browsers. So, you can use it for your web development project as well.

What is PHP?

what is php

Why do many web developers consider PHP a suitable programming language? Why do several companies hire PHP developers in India? Let’s find out.

PHP is an open-source server scripting language. Developers use it to create engaging and user-driven web pages. This language offers you a handful of outstanding features, libraries, add-ons, and plugins to increase colossal community support and functionalities.

This programming language empowers most of the websites you find on the internet. PHO is a fast, flexible, and pragmatic language. It can easily tackle dynamic content on HTML websites, databases, and session tracking.

Features of Python

  • Python is easy to maintain, read, and learn.
  • You can run Python on several hardware platforms using the same user interface.
  • Python provides you with excellent support and structure for large programs.
  • It helps the users in testing and debugging.
  • The developers integrate Python with C++, C, and java programming code.
  • You can easily add low-level modules to the Python interpreter.

Features of PHP

  • PHP is an open-source language. So, the users can download and use it for free.
  • PHP has a few predefined errors re[orting constants. These help you in creating a warning or error notice.
  • It is easier to use than any other programming language.
  • PHP is the most efficient scripting language compared with JSP and ASP.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Python

Let’s see the benefits and limitations of PythonPython for your web development project.

Python pros:

  • WORA functionality makes Python a portable language.
  • It is a highly graphic language and favorable for amateurs.
  • Python is an open-source and uniformly unfolding language.
  • It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and versatile language that you can use across different fields.
  • Python contains useful libraries like Tensorflow to accomplish math-intensive tasks.
  • You can develop GUI apps by using Python.
  • Web development using Python features an automatic garbage collection.

Python cons:

  • Python is not that useful for mobile computing, browsers, and mobile app development.
  • It takes a vast amount of memory to offer ease to a web developer.
  • Outsourcing python can take more time than using other development languages.
  • Python can be a bit simpler for specific tasks.
  • Duck-typing causes run-time errors.
  • Python might delay the testing of web apps.
  • This language is gigantic for a simple and small app or website.

Pros and cons of Outsourcing PHP

Here are the top advantages and limitations of using PHP for web development:

PHP pros:

  • PHP sustains top-notch debugging.
  • There are many open-source PHP frameworks available on the web. You can use them all for free.
  • PHP features in-built SQL support.
  • It features a large ecosystem.
  • PHP gets support from many operating systems and works cross-platform.
  • It gives permission for other database interfaces like PostgreSQL and No SQL.
  • It provides support from database collection modules.

PHP cons:

  • Sometimes PHP shows an impeded and wired performance.
  • It is not suitable for content-based apps.
  • You can’t change its core behavior.
  • PHP uses weak typing that leads to incorrect data and knowledge to the users.
  • PHP doesn’t have a robust security protocol and features.

When to choose Python?

Outsourcing Python is becoming more popular nowadays. Here are some of the cases when the developers would go for Python.

  • Seeking deep data analysis
  • When you involve fields like data science and robotics
  • Creating websites using the Django framework

When to choose PHP?

You will often see business owners worldwide hire PHP developers in India. Developers love to use PHP as a server-side scripting language to build a web app. Below are some cases where one can select PHP:

  • Less investment
  • Developing websites, web applications, and blogs
  • When you work effectively on the server-side

Why should you select Python?

Outsourcing python can benefit your business in many ways. Let’s see why developers choose Python:

  • It considers a database-friendly interface that stores a vast amount of data for essential commercial DMBS systems.
  • The interactive shell of Python aids unit testing before you implement the products.
  • You already know that Python is a versatile and portable language. Thereby, you can run it on several platforms and operating systems.
  • Python supports GUI apps such as Django, Tkinter, WXPython, etc.
  • Python has a range of pre-built libraries. It makes python development easy to employ.
  • You can comprehend Python syntax fast and easily. It is even easy to debug. Therefore, the source code of Python is easy to maintain.

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Why should you opt for PHP?

PHP is a robust programming language. Along with that, there are some more reasons to choose it.

  • PHP is open-source and free to download.
  • You can quickly learn it and use it effectively on the server side.
  • It supports an extensive range of databases.
  • This programming language is compatible with almost all servers like Apaches, IIS, etc.
  • PHP is a scripting language that can run on several Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, and Linux.

Python vs PHP for web development: The Comparison Table

We are now at the final round of the cold war: python vs php for web development. You have already a detailed overview of both languages’ features, pros, and cons.

Now it’s time to compare PHP and Python based on specific parameters. Let’s start!

1st Release19911995
Language TypeSpecialized for web developmentGeneral-purpose programming language
SyntaxConcise and clearComplex
Security HighMedium
Learning curveEasierSteep
Database ConnectivityLesser support Higher support
TIOBE Rating1st position9th position
Best FrameworksWeb2Py, Django, FlaskZend, Codelgniter, Laravel
CommunityCurrently growingStrong
GitHub Stars40.9k31.5k
Notable UsersInstagram, Quora, Reddit, YouTubeFacebook, Flickr, Yahoo, Tumbler
Python vs PHP: The Comparison Table

Is python better than PHP

Python vs PHP. In the number of downloads over the last 5 years, Python has beaten PHP hands down. There are now more jobs for Python programmers than there are for PHP ones.

The best language for your programming projects is Python. The reason developers believe Python is the best is because it’s an Object Oriented Programming Language that provides you with the tools needed to write code that is fast and easy to use.

Perhaps the most compelling reason Python beats PHP is that it’s easier to learn and use. The code for Python is more readable, concise, and thus easier to grasp and work with.

Final Words

Both programming languages perform great in web development. But, Python wins over PHP in many aspects. Still, it never implies that the user always has to go for Python and neglect PHP.

Both Python and PHP work as excellent programming languages while developing web apps. It ultimately depends upon the project that you are choosing the language for. Moreover, your developers’ Python or PHP knowledge, abilities, and expertise also matter while creating your web apps.

Python vs PHP Frequently Answer Question (FAQ)

Is PHP better than Python for web development?

It is also a good alternative for creating CMS and ecommerce websites. PHP allows you to seamlessly interface with third-party apps. Python, on the other hand, has significant functions that make it ideal for developing apps based on AI, ML, data science, Big Data, and so on.

Which is more secure: python or php?

Python is safer than PHP. It includes numerous security features that you may use to create applications and services with high-end functionality and defined goals.

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