First and foremost, the world has been swept by the current COVID-19 situation we are all most familiar to, none spared by its tragedies and global implications. Now more than ever, governments across the world are working together to heroically battle this pandemic, adapt understand and address its challenges. Companies across the world must adapt to the current situation and take the necessary steps in order to protect themselves and minimize disruptions as much as possible.

In order to reduce its spread, governments have applied strict social rules with ‘shelter in place’ orders across the U.S., Europe, India and other countries, which has in turn closed most physical businesses and triggered a fear of recession, with governments trying to meet through bailouts and financial aids.  Most countries are expected to experience sharp GDP declines in the second quarter of 2020, unprecedented in the post WWII era.

Covid-19 has changed reality for many businesses across the globe, and for the first time a global simultaneous need to ‘go digital’ in order to survive has taken place, with both companies and consumers forced to structurally adopt digital channels.

What business leaders & entrepreneurs must ask themselves is:

How can I ensure business continuity?
How can I plan for the future? and
What are other businesses doing? What is their strategy?

One simple answer: Outsourcing. During these troublesome times, companies such as Invedus provide efficient services designed to accommodate your company’s need to go digital.

Business Continuity? Cost efficiency?  If you are a business leader, one of your main goals will be to assure your business will continue to operate as normal.

However, as government regulations have changed, your employees are working from home, and other unforeseen costs may occur such as providing necessary equipment, laptops, secure servers. Outsourcing may be the answer, have an Invedus dedicated team already prepared to handle such requirements, with speed & efficiency.

Many companies have already turned to outsourcing in an attempt to prepare for the future. As the situation unfolds, it may become more and more clear that going fully digital may the answer to being as economical and cost-effective as possible, without sacrificing quality of service. When outsourcing, the interview process is done entirely online, you do not need to physically travel as all interviews are conducted via a secure online video-platforms. The entire recruiting process is handled entirely by Invedus, with A to Z assistance. This saves you time and money you can spend on tackling other business disruptions you may be encountering due to the current circumstances.

Although unfortunate, many businesses have been forced to take loans in order to cover their expenses and keep up with employee salaries. Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel for many businesses, one should plan for the future and predict how much the business environment will have been affected by the time all lockdown measures will end.  By outsourcing, you will be able to scale up or down any time you want, as according to your business needs. Invedus directly employs all candidates, and the freedom of no-contract obligations might be just what you need in these uncertain times.

Unforeseen business expenses? Hiring cheaper remote-employees will be just what you need in order to sustain your business.

Include cost-cutting in your current strategy in order to handle all business disruptions more effectively. In times when every penny counts, outsourcing is a great opportunity for you to save more money. As the salaries are x5 more cheaper in countries such as India, and with top companies such as Invedus hand-picking the best of the best candidates just for you, you can benefit from a high quality service for a cheaper price, which will be that much needed lifeline.

What are you waiting for? Times are changing, plan ahead and reap the rewards of intelligent outsourcing with Invedus.

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