Business operational models and structures have changed a lot in the 21st century. The complications in ensuring a successful business model have also increased with time.

Do you know how business analysts can make things easy for you? You can manage your business operations smoothly with the help of a business analyst.

Data analysis, financial forecasting, underlining business requirements, and other strategies essential to operating a business will become a cup of tea for you.

The demand for business analysts is particularly high in sectors like finance, healthcare, IT, and manufacturing. A 2023 report by LinkedIn showed that business analysis is among the top 10 most in-demand skills globally.

Taking business to great heights is the biggest dream of every entrepreneur. If you are also stuck up with small things, hire a business analyst today to assist you with planning and designing policies. 

Explore this guide to learn how you can hire your first business analyst.

Let’s start…

Hiring a Top Business Analyst For You

You may face various challenges in hiring a business analyst according to your specific requirements. You don’t have to take a headache. We are here to assist you with an aligned process for hiring a top business analyst.

Make the role, experience, qualifications, and salary range clear

Before starting, you must specify the role, set expectations, and choose whether to hire a junior or senior analyst. 

To make an informed decision, you can refer to the job description given below:

The company’s first senior business analyst shall be liable for

  • Planning and designing marketing and sales policies 
  • Building the company’s data processes
  • Build, train, and support a growing business analyst team, etc.

As you are just starting the team, you must decide whether your analyst is an all-rounder or needs to specialize. It depends on several factors, such as size, complexity, and stage of the company. 

If you are searching for an analyst who will instantly need to become a team lead and handle others, you have to specify similar expectations in the list.

At last, you have to know the salary range to company wants to spend. Complete your research part and don’t restrict yourself because of salary.

During your interviews, you will quickly get to know about the salary expectations in the market. 

Clear the hiring process with human resources

Making HRs clear about the hiring process and the way to filter out candidates based on their CVs and over-the-phone calls.

The hiring process includes the following components:

  • Advertising the role
  • Resume assessment
  • Phone interview
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Conduct virtual test
  • Presentation
  • HR round 
  • C-level/ VP interview
  • Bond review and signing the contract 

Let’s study each component in detail.

Advertising the role

Firstly, you need to advertise that you are hiring a business analyst.

You can post the job requirements on social media and the jobs/career page on your company’s website. Ensure to ask people to post on their social media platforms.

If you are in a difficult market condition, no need to compromise with finding and hiring costs. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect to the top talents.

Ensure you constantly advertise the role to shortlist a quality resume.

Investing in paid marketing and public relations to fill several roles will be helpful to you.  

Assessing the Resume 

Most candidates get filtered out based on their experience and qualifications at this stage. Certifications like CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) are highly valued.

Your list of priorities will depend on various factors from your company culture, type of business, market situations, and the targets and expectations of the role. 

To help you hire a senior business analyst, we have made a list which you can refer to consider the following points.

At least 1 year of experience

A minimum of 1 year of experience is required as a business analyst in a reputed company. Also, the small companies may have strong analyst teams and it is wrong to dismiss anyone based on their previous company, where they worked. 

Effective communication skills

Good command of the English language and freeflow interaction is a must. The ability of the candidate to interact effectively will decide the growth of your business.

Diploma in either finance or computer science

A diploma in finance or computer science is a good parameter to judge that a person is intelligent, and a nice problem solver. You have to search for colleges in your city that are regarded as top in these disciplines and monitor them while screening resumes.

Mention the tools and technologies used in the market

Mention their experience with trade tools, like SiSense, Qlikview, PowerBI, Domo, Tableau, etc., and languages like Python, R, and SQL. You can expect these skills from a senior business analyst.

The resume stage may be tough but if you are patient, you can get a wave of the best talents for the next stage in the process. 

Organize a short phone interview

After shortlisting a resume that meets your requirements, you must call up the candidate and conduct a short phone interview.

You have to elaborate on the role, team, company, and expectations and make the candidate clear about everything. If the candidate doesn’t have any problem, then you must schedule a time to meet face-to-face. 

Some problems to look out for:

  • Salary discussion
  • Challenges to interact
  • Exploring other open roles

Face-to-face interview with the candidate

The objective of the face-to-face interview is to respond to a short but important list of questions. You can access the list of questions below. Before analyzing these questions, let’s explore the interview’s structure.

  • Greet the candidate
  •  Orientation
  • Tell about the company
  • Clear about the role
  • Get into the candidate’s previous experience and qualifications
  • Take the test of the candidate
  • Know the personal details of the candidate
  • Take a small test
  • At last, say thank you and goodbye 

Conduct a virtual test and see the presentation

If the face-to-face interview is successful, and the candidate manages your small test well, move to the next phase of taking a virtual test. 

At the end of the face-to-face interview, you must explain the details of the take-home test. Based on your business, industry, and geography, you may want to leave this step wholly or limit the toughness of the test.

Ask the candidate to come for a presentation of approx. 50-60 minutes, where you will deal with their questions. They will ask all their questions and resolve their doubts within this timeframe.

You can well understand their presentation skills, i.e., how they present themselves. The following things of candidates can be counted here for assessing their presentation:

  • Dressing style
  • Way of communication
  • Accuracy in speech
  • Clarity in speech 
  • Body language
  • Facial expressions, etc.

Passing the HR round

The HR interview includes the candidate and an HR representative, i.e., the head of HR. The objective of this interview for HR is to decide if the candidate is a perfect match for the company and identify any problems. 

If you performed well until this level, this round will be a mere formality. 

Some candidates will usually bargain on certain perks, such as extra holidays or related to the salary. You have to ensure that the HR head knows about the salary expectations of the candidate before the interview.

Schedule a C-level / VP interview with the candidate

The final interview would take place between the candidate and the company’s manager. In your company, this can be the CEO, one of the co-founders, or the HR head.

If this candidate has faith in you and supports your decisions, this interview is also just a mere formality.

By this stage, the business analyst candidate has passed several stages so he shall be more understanding and confident about the company, culture, targets, and role.

Bond review and signing the contract

If these final two interviews are performed well, the last stage is to make a bond and get it signed. This process is completely handled by HR or the pioneers. Ensure that HR is on top of it and get the bond to the candidate without any delay.

When a new candidate signs the bond, it is a big achievement and must be celebrated. For this, HR has to be appreciated.

Ensure to call the candidate to greet him and make them clear about their joining date and timings.

What Skills to Look for When Hiring Your First Business Analyst?

  • Problem-solving skills- Good at analyzing data, documents, user input assessments, and processes. Able to provide quality suggestions from data sources.
  • Effective communication- Able to communicate effectively with clients, i.e., strong interpersonal and communication skills. A business analyst should be an expert in both verbal and written communications.
  • Technical expertise- Experts at managing the technical database or set-up and a good understanding of data analysis and management is a must for a business analyst.
  • Expertise with data visualization tools- A strong command of data visualization tools to create quality data and manage the same effectively.
  • To analyze data expertly, a business analyst must be able to work with various tools and technologies, for eg., Python or R, Excel, SQL, etc.
  • Administrative skills- A good solution provider, i.e., able to deal with all kinds of challenges in the short run. Leadership qualities, like public speaking, management, establishing top connections, etc.
  • Strategic skills- A good policy maker and planner of events or sessions for the overall business growth on a wide scale. Must have an excellent aptitude and understanding of their surroundings.

There are many additional skills as well that you should seek while hiring your first analyst, such as high intellectual understanding, good management practices, previous experience as a business analyst, etc.

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In a Nutshell

Hiring a business analyst can be a hard and lengthy process. If you are also fed up or frustrated with hiring a top business analyst, read this guide carefully. Hiring your first business analyst can transform your business operations, driving efficiency and growth.

Here, we aim to provide you with a detailed and systematic structure to hire the right business analyst. In particular, you can be ahead in the game by choosing the perfect business analyst for your company’s growth.

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