When you think about hiring a Reach JS developer, you will find many options on Google. According to the survey, there’s an uptick in demand for skills with ReactJS. As per the reports, between Jan 2020-Nov 2020, the role of ReactJS developer witnessed a staggering 181% increase in the total number of open positions.

react js popularity
react js popularity

Today in this blog, we will discuss React JS developers and why hiring them is an excellent option.

First Let’s Know What React JS Is?

ReactJS is a declarative and easygoing JavaScript library used broadly to create user interfaces based on UI components. ReactJS allows the development method of interactive and component-based UIs easy and fast.

So, ReactJS is a front-end, open-source, and free JavaScript library supported by Meta and individual developers and organizations.

Let’s Know The Benefits of React JS

The popularity of the ReactJS framework is remarkable because of its dominant benefits. We have listed and mentioned a few of the important benefits of React JS below.

  • In the node tree, the ReactJS framework has a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) with all the attributes. A DOM is a structured presentation of the HTML components in a web page or app.
  • The ReactJS apps do not need a browser, as they are directly generated on the server.
  • It is a very cost-effective and SEO-friendly framework.

Let us discuss the required skills which you should check before hiring a React JS Developer

The skills required may differ from case to case, and experience in a particular field you are looking for. However, we have assembled a table of the important skills to look for if you hire ReactJS developers.

Hard Skills For React JS Developer

Good knowledge of CSS and HTML, as well as CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and CSS preprocessor-LESS/SCSSKnowledge of JS, JS ES6, and TypeScript
Good understanding of Webpack/Browserify tools Hands-on experience of using Git as a management system
Good experience in React Router libraryGood understanding of concepts and principles of ReactJS: JSX and Virtual DOM
Aware of at least one testing framework-Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, SeleniumExpertise in Type checkers such as ProTypes and FLow
Hard Skills For React JS Developer

React JS Developer Soft Skills

The ReactJS developers must be comfortable working in a team environment. Because it contains different aspects of software delivery and thus demands outstanding planning.The ReactJS developer must be a go-getter. They should collect all the information and assure that the end product is customer-centric. It is essential as it helps in saving resources and money.
The ReactJS developer must be a go-getter. They should gather all the information and ensure that the end product is customer-centric. It is vital as it helps in saving resources and money.Up-scale problem-solving skills will be an add-on.
React JS Developer Soft Skills

Core analysis while hiring ReactJS developer

core analysis while hiring ReactJS developer

Interview with a ReactJS Developer

If you have decided to hire ReactJS developers, you will likely think about what level of developer you require for your project. The higher level of a developer you hire the higher amount you have to pay them as their salary.

Developers are separated into three gradations according to their skills:

  • Junior
  • Middle Level
  • Senior Level

So, you have determined what level of ReactJS Developer you require. Now, let us discuss how to examine each case’s skills.

Interview questions for Junior React JS

  • Does React use HTML?
  • What is the CSS box model?
  • Do they know how to change the position of boxes on a browser page?
  • How do you grant components a name in React?
  • What happens when you call setState?

Interview questions for Middle React JS

  • What is the name of transforming JSX to JS?
  • What does null mean in JavaScript?
  • What is the difference between undefined and null?
  • Does JS support multiple inheritances?
  • What is an Event Loop in JS?

Interview questions for Senior React JS

  • How to use setTimeout/setInterval in a React function component?
  • Keys in React JS, why are they needed, on what principle should their value be set, what happens to the component when the key value changes?
  • Assign them a task to do
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There are circumstances where outsource react js development would take you places across the world. Finding a React JS developer might become tedious, given their popularity and demand. As a business association, you must define your needs and wants before hiring ReactJS developers.

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