Let yourself live life by a compass instead of a boring office clock. Because in the end, you will remember the real adventures of your life, not the time you spent working in the office. So, the best choice is to enjoy the journey of your life as a digital nomad, travel the planet, and work from wherever your heart desires.

What is a nomad?

The person, who leads a nomadic lifestyle, travels from location to location, and is always digitally connected is a digital nomad. They complete their work remotely by using communication equipment and technology while traveling the globe. Some of the digital nomads change cities every year and some choose to root for a few months.

You will work from a hotel room, coffee shop, co-working space, or even planes when you follow the nomadic lifestyle.

What do most digital nomads do for work?

Digital nomads are those savvy internet marketers who get to call the shots and work for themselves. They mainly publish e-books, run a blog, create online courses, provide online tutorials, do social media marketing, content writing, video creating, designing and provide professional services as an app developer, website developer, and SEO specialist, digital entrepreneur, customer support representative, technical support representative, etc.

What are the best nomad jobs?

what are the best nomad jobs
what are the best nomad jobs?

Let’s introduce you to the most amazing occupations that have got nothing to do with the location. Choose the most suitable one among those handsome-paying nomad jobs and live life up to the fullest.

Online Tutor

You can provide your students academic support digitally. Choose the subject that you have expertise in and advertise on the online forums where students look for teachers. There is a lot of software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams that let you teach your students uninterruptedly.

You can set your schedule as per your choice and earn a lucrative amount of money along with playing with enjoying your nomadic lifestyle when you are an online tutor.

Data Analyst

Several industries like marketing, sales, healthcare, tech, etc. require data analysts. You need to be strong in statistics and mathematics to excel in this profession. The job responsibility engages retrieving and gathering data to organize it and draw conclusions.

This is a noticeably money-spinning job as well as very interesting and advantageous. If you are a digital nomad with splendid problem-solving skills who can think out of the box, then data analysis is going to be simply your cup of tea.

Product Designer

If you already have some previous experience in product designing, you can easily pick this profession to follow a nomadic lifestyle. A product designer is expected to work on the procedures to create a product. Here you have to monitor customer behavior, explain various scenarios, craft wireframes, and analyze A/B tests.


Are you “grammar lazy”? Do your eyes work as a microscope for even the smallest error? Then the nomad job of an editor is the right fit for you. Here your duty includes assuring consistency and clarity, eliminating grammatical mistakes, and rewriting. You can accomplish your editorial responsibilities as per your convenient schedule.

SEO Strategist

SEO strategist tests and implements search engine marketing strategies, arranges website analysis, recommends solutions, and optimizes websites. You should have experience in Google analytics to be hired as an SEO strategist.

QA Tester

The job description of quality assurance tester involves building scenarios for automated testing, performing functionality and usability, and most importantly, testing the features of new software applications. You must have robust analytical skills to get a QA testing job.

Software Developer

Well, this is the field that started hiring remote employees at first. So, you can call this a pioneer among nomad jobs. A software developer needs to develop applications and software programs.

How much do digital nomads make?

Let’s throw out the myth that the nomadic lifestyle means struggling with financial challenges. Studies revealed that one out of five digital nomads earns more than 100000 USD per year. 22% of people who do nomad jobs have to earn between 50000$ to 99999$.

Do digital nomads pay tax?

Yes. Everyone is supposed to pay income taxes on their worldwide earnings. Even the majority of digital nomads are freelancers or entrepreneurs; they have to be filing taxes as self-employed.

How do you become a digital nomad?

The journey as a nomadic begins right when you become capable of reducing location ties and expenses. You need to recognize which things are confining you in a particular place. There are many communities run by digital nomads that work as a great resource to start earning online. Recognizing your skill sets is the most important thing.

When you find out the skill that will get you to earn butter and bread by working remotely, you’re already one step ahead. You should know, that maximum digital nomads, are freelancers. You can also start your career as a freelancer and later build your business.

What skills do you need to be a digital nomad?

These money-making skill-sets allow you to lead the nomadic lifestyle you are craving for.

  1. Content writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Tutoring
  4. Graphic design
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Creative design
  8. Sell online courses
  9. Computer programming
  10. Virtual assistance
  11. Consulting and coaching
  12. Running own YouTube channel

What are the advantages of being a digital nomad?

what are the advantages of being a digital nomad
what are the advantages of being a digital nomad?

The people, who are working and traveling at the same time, have admitted without any hesitation that becoming a digital nomad has been the best decision of their lives. Why? Let’s figure it out.

Work from wherever you want:

Here comes the most attractive side of nomad jobs. You can enjoy the freedom of working at your preferable time, from your favorite place. Just imagine you are at a cute coffee shop in Bali, feeling the sunshine on your skin and the cool breeze is rejuvenating you, or at the balcony of a comfy cottage in a hill station, and working. Isn’t amazing?

Unlimited travel

Being bound by a boring office cubicle is not your destiny anymore. You can book a flight ticket to Spain whenever you wish or plan a vacation as per your desire. Your work is not going to be hampered.


You don’t need to request your boss often for little things like coming office late for two hours or changing the shift for one day. A nomadic lifestyle means your life, your rule. You can structure your day the way you want!

What are the drawbacks of being a digital nomad?

Reading so far it seems to doing nomad jobs is like living in a paradise. You can chill on a beach in Pattaya or trek a mountain on any working day or weekend. On the other hand, you are going to miss the milestones in your dearest niece’s life, her birthdays, weddings… you name it!

Let’s peep into the other drawbacks that come with a nomadic lifestyle.


Solidarity is the most obvious con in a digital nomad’s life. It will be difficult to create bonds as you will meet a lot of temporary people in your life. Saying goodbye to someone who you really liked sucks, trust me!


You are going to face difficulty in dating, for sure! Though the term “digital nomad” sounds cool, everyone is not ready to get on board yet. So it’s tough to get a like-minded location, independent person.


When you are a newbie in a nomadic lifestyle, you aim for taking on all experiences and opportunities. But, you still don’t know that it happens throughout the entire day non-stop. If you don’t take your work as a priority, your job will be at stake.

Is digital nomad legit?

is digital nomad legit
is digital nomad legit

Technically it is illegal for digital nomads to work in a country on a tourist visa. However, numerous digital nomads live in such locations where they can stay with a lower expense of living while working remotely on projects from the companies that are located in foreign countries.

The bottom line

Nomad jobs are absolute bliss; you just need to learn a few tricks to manage their drawbacks of them. At first, be a part of some programs that cater to remote employees who travel. Then you can travel with a group of like-minded people.

Prefer to work in a co-working space so that you never feel alone while working. Most importantly, never ignore your work. Learn when you need to resist yourself from enjoying and focusing on work.

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