One of my friends is looking to hire an employee for her new startup. 

However, as she began her search for the perfect employee, she had to meet certain requirements, including experience and affordability. She then understands that she has an uphill battle ahead of her.

I advised her to go with the virtual assistant option. 

Her next query caught me off guard. If she were to hire a virtual assistant, how much would she have to pay her?

This blog post provides you with detailed insights about her and anyone else who is having trouble answering this question. 

You’ll get to know the cost of a virtual assistant if you assign your duties to them. 

Well, the straightforward response to this query is that the VA cost is determined by the tasks you offer them. But still, if we estimate the average pricing to hire a virtual assistant from India it is $4.5/ hour or $799/month. 

Cost of Hiring the Virtual Assistants from Other Countries

  • Virtual assistant hiring cost from the Philippines is $25.00/hour.
  • The cost of hiring a virtual assistant from Ukraine is $ 35/hour
  • Hiring a Virtual assistant costs from Mexico is $39/hour
  • VA hiring cost from Poland is $50/hour.
  • Hiring VA Costs from China is $10/hour.
  • Virtual assistant rates in the Czech Republic are $30/hour.
  • cost of a virtual assistant hiring in Romania is $18/hour

What Are Virtual Employees, and How Can They Help Your Business Grow?

Virtual assistants work directly for your company but in remote locations. They can assist you in your business in certain ways.

These virtual assistants allow you to manage your work life by assisting you in multiple job roles likewise:

Tasks Performed by Remote Employees to Advance Businesses Include:

  • Development of websites, applications, and software to demonstrate your marketability. 
  • Sales to increase your business growth.  
  • Marketing/social media to boost your presence in the market
  • Writing and journalism are crucial components that establish your credibility and convey your ideas to your user base.
  • Customer service to assist your customers and resolve their issues.
  • Graphic design to make your website more intuitive and user-friendly. 
  • Data entry for monitoring user track records and entries 
  • Accounting and bookkeeping help companies keep track of their finances.

Following your awareness of the tasks carried out by the virtual assistant to promote your business. 

Now, move on to the following section to find out how much a business needs to pay when they hire a virtual assistant

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

In the hustle and bustle of today’s business landscape, time is a precious commodity. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners handle multiple tasks and responsibilities on the same go, which hinders them from making effective strategies to promote their businesses. Therefore, the need for virtual assistants has become paramount. 

This is where outsourcing comes into play, and hiring virtual assistants (VAs) to handle administrative work has grown in popularity, particularly among small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

However, the cost of hiring a VA can vary widely depending on several factors, including the service model, skillset, and level of expertise required. 

Understanding these variables can help you make an informed decision and ensure you get the best value for your investment.
However, you can still begin hiring virtual assistants with Invedus for just $4 per hour. 

Models of Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants operate in a diverse and ever-evolving market, offering a range of service models to cater to different business needs and budgets. Here’s a closer look at the options:

1. Freelance Virtual Assistant

This model allows you to work directly with an independent contractor, offering flexibility and potentially lower costs. According to a survey by Payoneer, the average hourly rate for freelance VAs ranges from $10 to $30, with the median rate being around $16 per hour.

In the US, freelancers earn an average hourly rate of $48, according to ZipRecruiter’s statistics, with a majority of rates ranging from $24.28 to $61.78.

However, these virtual assistant price ranges depend on many factors that we will discuss in the following section. These several elements consist of:

  • Industry,
  • Location,
  • Skills and experience,
  • Education, and
  • Gender and age.

Freelancers’ Virtual Assistant Cost in Different Sectors

The hourly rate of freelancers varies across different industries.

For example, in the energy industry, the company must pay $120 (€111) to its freelancers. Banking and finance then need to pay $116 (€107). The following is a list of a few industries that will pay.

  • Industrial sector — $116 (€107)
  • Insurance — $115 (€106)
  • Telecommunications — $111 (€102)
  • Healthcare/pharma — $110 (€101)
  • Mechanical engineering — $109 (€100)
  • Retail — $107 (€99)
  • Automotive — $107 (€99)
  • Public sector — $107 (€99)
  • Other — $103 (€95), and
  • Electronics — $100 (€92)

Source: Clokify

Therefore, the prices listed above take into account various industries, locations, and other variables. 

You might find hiring a freelancer helpful for a one-time project. However, before hiring someone from the website, make sure they have a solid background in the relevant field and have positive reviews. And if you hire them from the references, then you need to see their performance. 

However, hiring a freelance virtual assistant for your projects is not always a profitable deal. There are certain risks that you run into when working with freelancers. A list of a few is detailed below.

Issues when Hiring Freelancer VA 

  • Their availability may or may not coincide with your schedule.
  • It is challenging to locate and verify the skills that they claim to have on their resume.
  • Transferring the project details could be challenging for you.
  • Assessing the real status of the project’s completion is very difficult.
  • You cannot claim the quality of work. 
  • The services they provide do not have a set price.

It is imperative that you, as a businessman, thoroughly vet them by examining their work and skills. If discrepancies are found, it is best to contact a reliable managed virtual assistant service provider, such as Invedus.

Managed Virtual Assistant Service Providers

This model combines the benefits of an agency with the personalized attention of a dedicated VA. A managed service provider assigns a VA specifically to your business, ensuring consistency and familiarity with your operations. 

The monthly cost of Invedus-managed VA services may vary from $799 to more, contingent on the complexity of the project, the extent of the work, and the VA’s level of experience.

At Invedus, managed virtual assistant service providers take a superior approach to managing virtual assistants, taking care of hiring, onboarding, training, and daily operations perfectly.

When you hire a virtual assistant from managed services providers, you must pay starting prices of $799 per month, which increase based on the complexity of the projects. Their fees are not the same as those of freelancers. You can hire them on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis without any legal boundaries.

In Invedus, each assistant has fully trained backup assistants to ensure continuity, account managers who support client satisfaction, and robust IT security with the company’s computers and networks.

However, you can hire VA to accomplish the below tasks

Virtual Assistant Tasks

A virtual assistant’s tasks can vary depending on the client’s needs, but their main goal is to help clients manage their daily tasks so they can focus on more important responsibilities.

Managed virtual assistant services are ideal for clients with repetitive tasks that can be turned into processes and performed off-site. Some common tasks that a virtual assistant may perform include:

  • Administrative tasks: These consist of email management, paperwork, and data entry.
  • Scheduling: Such as meetings, appointments, and orders
  • Communication: Answering phone calls and greeting visitors
  • Research: Includes market research and client relationship management
  • Organization: Consists of social media content creation and delegation of admin tasks
  • Travel planning: Contributes to booking flights, transportation, and accommodations
  • Project management: Organizing work and materials to meet deadlines and accomplish objectives 

You are free to stop using their services at any time; all you need to do is give them 11 days’ notice before you decide to let them go. 

Do the single virtual assistants perform all the tasks?

Well, the answer to this question is ‘No’. The assistant who handles every task is referred to as a general assistant, and the person who works for the company and is highly skilled and experienced in the field is called a Managed Virtual Assistant Service Specialist.

However, are they both the same? Let’s find out.  

Managed Virtual Assistant Service Specialist Vs. Generalist Virtual Assistants

Almost all companies, however, assert that they provide generalist or managed VA specialists. It is up to you what kind of services you want to offer.

If you have a small project and just want assistance, then hire a generalist virtual assistant. The price of a virtual assistant may change depending on the needs of your project, which may include the kind of skills you need, the size of the industry, the location of the business, and other elements.

Conversely, if you want to work with a virtual assistant on long-term projects and are searching for a substitute who can perform the same tasks as your on-site employee, then a managed virtual assistant is the right option for you. 

Any organization subject to legal and regulatory constraints will be served by these managed VA services. Apart from that, these VAs are liable to save your data and will work in such a way that your data will be protected from its breach. Additionally, you will work in a professional atmosphere, and there is a null possibility that you will get low-quality work. 

Below are a few examples of the different types of tasks you can unpack based on a virtual assistant’s skillset:

Marketing and Website Maintenance

Marketing is not just limited to buying or selling. In actuality, it is a contemporary method of quickly reaching your target audience. But in order to communicate with your users, you must complete a lot of work, which means your team will always be busy. Here, a virtual assistant or specialist in modern VA services can help you and take care of several of your tasks. 

Generalists are capable of planning content, establishing regular workflows for tasks like sending out a monthly newsletter, scheduling posts, answering calls and messages on social media, gathering and researching ideas for new topics, and updating blogs and social media content, among other repeatable tasks. 

On the other hand, a managed virtual assistant service specialist can perform advanced SEO marketing tasks like adding meta descriptions and schema data to your articles, as well as turning your blog posts into social media content. They also maintain a record of your articles’ rankings and adjust their strategies accordingly. Manage your different social platforms in creative ways. 

This type of support encompasses a wide range of activities and programs, so when selecting a specialist, place more emphasis on their skills in accordance with industry-specific strategies or specialized software than on price parity.

Sales & CRM Management

Sales represent the next stage of marketing, but businesses are reluctant to allocate funds for this segment. However, despite being fully aware that marketing cannot exist without sales, companies are still hesitant to allocate funds for it. Because it costs too much for advertising, companies are refraining from spending. 

However, VA or managed VA specialists can do sales and CRM management, perfectly. Let’s find out what tasks they perform for your business. 

Generalists help businesses with client acquisition and relationship management. They are responsible for establishing the closing deals with the businesses and providing product and service solutions. They help your companies build relationships with the clients that are essential to meeting your sales targets and working together with other departments. 

Furthermore, managed virtual assistant service specialists contribute to sales and customer relationship management to promote businesses in the following ways.

  • Updating CRM: Handling customer requests and CRM tools.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Managing email calendars and scheduling appointments with clients and prospects, planning meetings, and keeping calendars organized.
  • Making the Transition from Cold to Hot Leads: Through communication, phone calls, and emails, these virtual assistants are in charge of turning your non-converting leads into convertible ones. 
  • Creating presentations and documents: Preparing presentations for customers, such as slideshows, videos, or scripted presentations
  • Contacting old leads: Reconnecting with old leads using an updated database
  • Analyzing sales data: Researching and providing information to help find new leads, improve customer contact information, and make data-driven sales decisions.
  • Managing and updating databases: Managing and updating databases, conducting lead directories, and completing follow-up calls
  • Networking: Forming Facebook and LinkedIn groups to generate leads, establish credibility, and gather data for potential new clients. 

General Operations Support

When your company is just getting started or is expanding, you need someone with the ability to manage your work well in order to create a seamless synchronization between your physical and human resources. 

Here, generalist VA can improve one’s strengths, self-awareness, and areas for improvement, by asking others for feedback and proactively raising issues to improve effective teamwork and collaboration. They also interact with the clients in a clear, succinct, and articulate manner. Additionally, they will manage your business calls and make valuable contributions to discussions and brainstorming sessions, providing insight and points of view.
While managed virtual assistant service specialists collaborate with stakeholders and embrace an inclusive based environment. They cultivate a climate of trust among clients, peers, and other stakeholders. Additionally, it is their duty to address the issue promptly and appropriately according to the plan. They use their skills and expertise to lead project management from simple to complex  

Which Offers a Higher ROI: Managed VA Services Specialist or Generalist VA?

However, there is no direct answer to your query. The choice is purely yours and depends on your project’s needs, requirements, and expertise. You can choose a generalist virtual assistant, but if you want the finest and most dependable option for your company, choose the managed VA service specialists at Invedus.  

Managed Virtual Assistant Service Specialist Vs. Generalist Virtual Assistants Comparison Table

Feature/Aspect Managed Virtual Assistant Service Specialist Generalist Virtual Assistant
Expertise Deep expertise in a specific area (e.g., digital marketing, graphic design, IT support) Broad range of skills across various tasks
Training Extensive and ongoing training in their specialty General training, often self-taught or through varied experiences
Efficiency High efficiency due to specialized knowledge and tools Moderate efficiency, may take longer to complete specialized tasks
Quality of Work High-quality work due to specialization Varies, may not match the quality of a specialist
Task Complexity Handles complex and advanced tasks within their specialty Handles basic to moderately complex tasks across different areas
Cost Typically higher due to specialized skills Generally lower due to broader skill set
Best Suited For Businesses needing expertise in a specific domain Small businesses or individuals needing a variety of tasks handled
Adaptability Less adaptable to tasks outside their specialty Highly adaptable to various tasks and roles
Project Management May require additional project management oversight Often capable of handling multiple tasks without much oversight
Scalability Scalable within their field of expertise Scalable across different tasks but may need training for specialized work
Communication Strong communication within their area of expertise Good communication across a range of tasks
Hiring Process Often involves vetting through specialized agencies Can be hired through general freelancing platforms
Availability May have limited availability due to high demand Generally more available due to a broader market
Support Often part of a larger managed service with dedicated support Individual, may not have extensive support resources

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