“A bad craftsman blames their tools.”

If you’ve heard some variation of this phrase, you might feel bad about looking for writing tools. Even seasoned writers require inspiration and an excellent environment to keep them writing. It’s not easy to sit down at the keyboard every day, but finding the right tool can make it more productive and satisfying. When it comes time to edit, you’ll be glad you found the writing apps, tools, and resources to help you create great copy.

Here are 17 essential tools for content writers to play with and write top-notch content, each addressing a specific writing process pain point. 

Content Planning ToolsContent Drafting ToolsContent Editing ToolsProductivity Tools
EvernoteGoogle DocsMicrosoft WordReddit
Hubspot’s blog topic generatorZenPenBuffer
Twinword WriterWunderlist
Calmly WriterDropbox
tools for content writers
Tools for content writers

Planning tools for content marketing writers

Planning tools encourage thoughtful research approaches and organisational skills. This increases the flow of your marketing team’s writing by streamlining workflows.


Evernote is a piece of software that syncs digital items across all of your devices. Assume you are at work and want to consult a website that you viewed on your computer last night at home. Or perhaps you’re at the gym and need to access a photograph or an email, but you only have your smartphone.

Evernote can be configured to monitor specific folders on your computer. Anything you add to the folder is available from all of your technological devices. If you can’t remember where you saved something, you can search your notes.


With this content writing tool, you can usually stay abreast of the most recent news associated with your interests and area of expertise. Feedly allows you to create your own feed by following websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. Set watchword alerts for your blog, article, or name notices to see who is talking about you.


Trello is an outstanding content writing tool if a content writer enjoys stickers. Divide the digital notecards into four categories: ideas, to-do, doing, and done. When their status changes, drag and drop them.

The tool has an easy-to-use interface and supports file uploads from Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive. You can also specify a date and time when a card will be “due.”

Hubspot’s blog topic generator

Most writers find it difficult to come up with new topic ideas on a regular basis. HubSpot’s great content generation tool assists you in searching relevant blog post topics in your niche.

It asks you to enter three nouns related to your niche and returns five blog posts. Its suggestions are generally sufficient to get you going.

It is also an excellent tool for increasing your performance as a writer.

Drafting Tools for Content Writers

These technologies help team members write more effectively and successfully by helping them to keep the words coming during the brainstorming phase of content development.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an extremely popular online word processor. Its collaboration and organization features, for example, can assist you in writing a draught of your short story and sharing it with a few friends for feedback. Google Docs allows you to save your documents in Google Drive, allowing you to access them from anywhere.


IIys is a content writing tool that can provide you with one of the most incredible writing experiences you’ve ever had. Simply enter the appropriate word count and start writing.

However, there is a catch: the application will only show the most recent letter you have written, and you won’t be able to make any changes until you finish writing. It sounds strange, but it produces the best results.


Users of Canva, both free and paid, can easily create and share simple yet powerful photos, charts, and animated graphics to accompany written content—no designing degree required. Visual material is essential for increasing reading and engagement.

Editing Tools Content Writers

These content writing tools make editing processes more efficient and thorough. This will help to ensure that no error is overlooked and that draughts are polished to their greatest potential.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a well-known word processor in Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word, as one of the first word processors, likely has the most formatting options. If you need to create a longer document with various segments or headers, Word has you covered.


We couldn’t possibly list our favourite writing tools without including Grammarly! Grammarly’s products go beyond identifying grammar and spelling errors; they also provide detailed writing advancements focused on clarity, conciseness, and tone.

Grammarly is available for free as an extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers, or you can check longer pieces of writing in Grammarly’s online editor. Grammarly Premium, a paid service, provides more detailed writing feedback, detects plagiarism, and improves style and vocabulary.


Twords bills itself as “the web app that motivates you to write.” The app works on three pillars: awareness, accountability, and consistency. Twords helps you become more conscious of your writing styles by tracking how much you write each day and month.

When you miss a few days of writing, your “accountability buddies” notify you. If you experience writer’s block, you can consult a prompt library, set the timer to challenge yourself to write for a set amount of time, or read an article about the habits of successful writers.


If you struggle with distractions while writing on a computer, use a tool like ZenPen to help you block out all the noise and focus on your writing. It’s a web app that allows you to create a “minimalist writing zone.” There are a few simple features to help you stylize the text, add hyperlinks, and block quotes. When you’re finished, simply copy the text and paste it into your blog editor or wherever you want it to appear.

Twinword Writer

Here’s another tool to use if you’re stuck on a word but don’t want to leave your browser or skim through synonyms. When you type with Twinword Writer, it detects when you pause because you’re stuck on a word. Then it will analyze the context of your writing and open a box with alternative words for you to use. You can also get suggestions by clicking any word.

Calmly Writer

Calmly writer gives you essential content writing tools, such as the ability to embed various subheadings, statements, and interconnection, so you can concentrate on getting all of your thoughts on the screen. Consider its “Focus Mode,” which takes this strategy to an unprecedented level, making everything foggy except the section you’re working on.

Content writer productivity tools

These solutions allow your content marketing staff to focus on writing by encouraging improved time management and more simplified workflows.


Regardless of its somewhat simple user interface, Reddit is still used all over the world to discuss consuming topics. You will benefit greatly from participating in its discussions as a content writer, and you can even go there for a master exhortation. Many content writers use this stage to see which features elicit the most responses from users.


There are numerous formats for creating illustrations for web-based social networking, pamphlets, and blog posts. Snappa saves your illustrations and allows you to return to them whenever you need to change or re-use their design elements. Snappa’s application allows you to plan picture posts to keep your fans on your online life page.


It is a web-based life stage for executives who make reservations and distribute posts a piece of cake. After you’ve organized your posts, you can move on to dealing with other issues.

HootSuite will notify you when a distribution opportunity becomes available. In this way, it is critical for a content writer to post all the time, and this tool will help you stay on track.


Aside from providing excellent content to your readers, a content writer should also exercise caution when it comes to post-planning. Buffer is an application that allows you to not only manage and schedule your posts across all social media platforms.

You can also track various data points to determine which day of the week or time of day is best for posting new content.


It is critical to begin planning your blogging exercises well in advance. Wunderlist is one of these content creation tools. Wunderlist can help you keep your thoughts organized and remember various tasks you need to

complete. It can also convert your messages into everyday agendas, move them between envelopes, and include taking notes. Share your rundowns with others, or print them with a single click.


What could be better than an online record repository accessible from any device? Frequently, you save files on your PC and later wonder why you didn’t save them to Google Drive.

These issues will not occur with DropBox. Furthermore, this content creation tool is helpful for exchanging large-size recordings and collaborating on a similar introduction or post.


When old habits are so deeply ingrained, you must instill new ones every day. These fantastic content writing tools will become your trusted companions and will be of great assistance when developing new topics, structuring infographics, and creating other content. You will save a lot of time, which means you can focus on the quality of your content.

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