App store optimization is critical to the long-term viability of any app or mobile game. Using ASO tools to get the job done right is a good move.

ASO solutions, such as the ones we’ll look at in this article, can help you increase app visibility and conversions.

If you need help selecting on the best app store optimization tool, check out this list I put up with you. I have examine the top ASO tools on the market and explain their capabilities and cost.

Let’s get started!

What exactly is App Store Optimization?

But, before we begin, let’s define what app store optimization entails. According to Wikipedia, It is the process of enhancing the visibility of a phone app in an app store.

App Store Optimization, also known as ASO, is defined as any activity that enables your app to appear higher on search results in the App Store or Google Play.

Simply put, App Store SEO is SEO for mobile apps. ASO tools educate you on how to perform app SEO.

The Advantages of App Store Optimization Tools

If you’re still unsure whether ASO is the proper tool to include in your mobile app strategy, we’ll go over the important benefits it provides to help you succeed.

Along with the previously mentioned increased user engagement, mobile app optimization provides numerous key benefits:

  • Increased app visibility.
  • Downloads have increased.
  • User acquisition expenditures have been reduced.
  • Revenue growth for apps.
  • Reaching a global audience.

Best App Store Optimization Tools

  • Apptweak
  • AppFollow
  • AppRadar
  • Sensor Tower
  • Split Metrics
  • ASOdesk
  • Storemaven

Let’s take a look at some of the ASO tools that can help you with your app store optimization efforts.


The keyword analysis and suggestion tool on Apptweak help app developers uncover search terms for their app. As you are surely aware, a good keyword strategy is critical for ASO and lets your app rank at the top of search results.

You can also monitor your competitors’ keyword usage.

Apptweak displays the search traffic for each keyword using Apple’s Search Popularity. You may also check the difficulty score for keywords, which can assist you choose keywords with the best likelihood of ranking.

Key Features of Apptweak

  • Tool for keyword research and recommendation.
  • History of keyword rankings.
  • Organic keyword instals.
  • Keyword density and search popularity.


There are numerous plans available for using AppTweak. Each of them offers a 7-day trial period during which you can evaluate the tool’s features. In general, monthly price begins at $59.


AppFollow says that on average, it can increase weekly engagements by 6 times, organic downloads by up to 480%, and conversion rate by 12%.

You may use AppFollow to track the most critical KPIs, such as downloads, conversions, and changes in keyword rankings. You can also receive monthly average conversion rate information by app category and country.

Top Chart Rankings allows you to check which applications and games are popular on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. You can also investigate your competitors’ app store optimization tactics.

Key Features of AppFollow

  • Monitor KPIs and app performance.
  • Benchmarks for conversion rates.
  • Top chart positions.
  • Overview and analysis of competitors.


While the premium plan offers a full set of functions at $112 per month, a free tool with limited capability is still available. AppFollow offers personalised pricing with extra add-ons for increased flexibility.


As you may be aware, effective app store SEO entails the use of related searches that attract large users. App Radar makes it simple to locate the relevant keywords for your application or mobile game. You can also examine the keywords your app ranks for and compare it to competitors.

Key Features of AppRadar

  • Keyword research.
  • Optimization of keywords.
  • A sizable keyword database.
  • Real-time app store rating.
  • Monitoring app store rankings.


The beginning package is $40 per month and contains all essential app store optimization capabilities. A trial term is always an option. There is, however, a free plan for individuals who only need the fundamental tools.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a mobile app marketing research platform that, among other things, delivers ASO intelligence. Its Store Intelligence gives millions of data points to help you make better app store optimization decisions. App Intelligence can help you better your keyword research and analyse your competition.

You may use App Intelligence to investigate keywords to gain engagement and difficulty scores, as well as information on how many applications compete for a specific term. You can use Keyword Spy to discover the keywords your rivals are using.

You may also get keyword recommendations and use Sensor Tower’s Predictive Rank function to predict the likelihood that your application will rank for a specific keyword.

Sensor Tower Highlights

  • Save information.
  • Top ten lists.
  • Keyword investigation.
  • Suggestions for keywords.
  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Translation of keywords.


All Sensor Tower premium tiers receive Top Charts and Leaders for free. App Intelligence is a good alternative for small businesses because it starts at $80 per month.

Split Metrics

Split Metrics is fantastic since it enables you to monitor exactly how users interact with your app store pages. You may, for example, track how longer they watch your promotional video or whether they skim through screenshots (heatmaps). This will provide you with more information about user behaviour and the sections of your app store page that result in the greatest conversions.

You may also test every aspect of your app store page, including the app name, icon, descriptions, keywords, screenshots, promotional video, and so on. There are almost 31 distinct experiments available.

SplitMetrics’ team can also provide important advice on how to optimise your page for maximum conversions.

Key Characteristics of Split Metrics

  • A/B testing.
  • Analyzing user behaviour.
  • Testing against rivals.
  • Prior to deployment, the app is tested.
  • Various locations should be tested.


You can learn which queries consumers use when looking for your app in app stores. You’ll also be able to check the keywords your competitors are ranking for. ASOdesk will also find queries with minimal competition, i.e., ones that are simpler to rank for.

You’ll also be able to observe which terms are popular, thanks to ASOdesk’s Traffic Score methodology and Apple Search Ads Trend Index.

Finally, ASOdesk will assist you in measuring the success of your app store optimization approach. Based on App Store Connect data, this provides stats like as Impressions, Product Page Views, Purchases, and Conversions by device and country.

Key Features of ASOdesk

  • Keyword investigation.
  • Keyword investigation.
  • Keyword discussions and competitors
  • Keyword auto-suggestions.
  • Report on ASO comparison.


There are several other ways to pay for an ASOdesk product. Purchasing an annual subscription saves you 15% off the standard price.


Storemaven is fantastic since it takes a very analytical method to organic user acquisition.Its App Store Evaluation Platform guides you through the creation of A/B tests. The process includes creating a strategic hypothesis, generating alternative versions, improving test accuracy, and analysing the data.

Furthermore, you may conduct detailed research on your competition with Storemaven’s ASO Tool Box.

You can, for example, identify the app store optimization tactics that your competitors employ. That applies to every app in every country and language. You can also download app store content including as videos, images, and descriptions from your competitors. The ASO Tool Box is also offered as a Chrome extension.

Key Features of Storemaven

  • Strategy based on data.
  • Split testing (A/B).
  • Analyzing test results
  • Analyze your competitors.

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As you’ve observed, promoting your app for a higher rating requires a great deal of critical thinking. Whether you simply want to compare your app’s performance to the competition or go deeper by examining how different graphics effect downloads, you will be impressed by the advantages that these app store optimization tools provide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – App Store Optimization

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is primarily concerned with increasing the visibility of your apps within an app store search engine including such Google Play or Apple App Store. You can help additional goals such as visits to your web app and downloads by increasing impressions.

What factors affects ASO?

App Store Ranking Factors you need to know for your app to perform well are listed below-

  • Title and subtitle for your app.
  • An eye-catching icon.
  • A description that includes information about your app.
  • The entire set of Screenshots.
  • At least four-star reviews and ratings.
  • Keywords used by your competitors.
  • The number of downloads your app has received.

What are app store optimization services?

Every app is unique. Different apps necessitate different marketing methods. Furthermore, many app storefronts have their own set of terms and conditions. The following are the most significant optimization needed for an app in order to improve ranking on app store:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Screenshots and the app’s logo
  • Ratings and Reviews

What is the purpose of app store optimization?

App Store Optimization is primarily concerned with increasing the visibility of your apps within an app store search engine such as Google Play or Apple App Store. You can help additional goals such as visits to your web app and downloads by increasing impressions.

How to increase App Engagement & User Retentions?

Increasing App Engagement can be done with the help of following strategies-

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Use Text Alerts at the Appropriate Times
  • Analyze and customize
  • When everything else fails, retarget
  • Provide Loyalty Incentives

What App Marketing Strategies should I focus in 2023?

Mobile App Marketing Strategies which you should focus in 2023 include following tasks-

  • Concentrate on the goal
  • Determine the Best Marketing Channels
  • Determine How You Will Make Money
  • Take Advantage of Push Notifications
  • Paid Promotion
  • Promote your business on Google

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