If you are running a small business or a startup, you might be wondering how to scale up your sales without breaking the bank. Hiring a full-time salesperson can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have to train them, provide them with benefits, and comply with labour laws. That’s why many entrepreneurs are opting for a virtual sales assistant instead.

A virtual sales assistant is a remote worker who can handle various sales tasks for you, such as prospecting, qualifying leads, setting appointments, following up, closing deals, and more.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits of hiring a virtual sales assistant for your business.

Virtual Sales Assistant Helps in Expanding Your Reach

One of the main advantages of hiring a virtual sales assistant is that they can help you expand your reach to new markets and customers. A virtual sales assistant can work from anywhere in the world, which means they can access different time zones, languages, and cultures. 

They can also use various tools and platforms to find and connect with potential buyers, such as social media, email, phone, video, chat, and more. You probably don’t have enough time to do it by yourself, and paying an extra amount to a marketing firm to manage it for you can be a bit expensive.

By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can tap into a larger pool of prospects and increase your chances of generating more sales.

Save on Staff Costs by Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant

Another benefit of hiring a virtual sales assistant is that you can save a lot of money on your staff cost. 

Appointing in-house staff for your organisation is always high-cost, especially if your office is in the central location of the town. However, virtual assistants perform the same task but are not paid much in comparison to in-house staff because they can live and work where the cost of living is not that high. Thus, many VAs (virtual assistants) are happy to work based on hours.

By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can reduce your overhead expenses and improve your profit margin.

No Need to Pay Extra for Benefits

In addition to saving on staff cost, hiring a virtual sales assistant also means you don’t have to pay extra for benefits. 

As per the policies, you have to pay your in-house staff for medical insurance, vacation time, and many more; outsourcing a virtual assistant means you don’t have to worry about their extra costs because the staffing agency pays all those things.

You also don’t have to deal with any paperwork, payroll, or administration related to benefits. By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can avoid the hassle and cost of providing benefits to your sales staff.

Growing Means No Need to Relocate

Another advantage of hiring a virtual sales assistant is that you don’t have to move to a new space if you grow.

If you grow your business, you have to hire more people and move to a more prominent place, which may increase your budget and more expensive space. But if you grow your business with a virtual sales assistant then no extra room is required.

A virtual sales assistant works remotely, which means they don’t take up any physical space in your office. You don’t have to worry about finding a bigger or better location, renting or buying more furniture, equipment, or utilities, or paying more for rent, maintenance, or security. You can scale up your sales team without affecting your office space

You could even double your business by allowing yourself to focus on business-generating activities like training, marketing and so on.      

Hire a Sales VA for Labour Law Compliance

Labour laws are one of the necessary things to keep workers safe, but sometimes the way rules are mentioned makes it nearly impossible to fire an employee who is not performing. This is a common issue which every business owner faces and is scared of.

 A virtual sales assistant is not an employee, but an independent contractor, which means they are not subject to any labour laws or regulations that apply to employees. 

You don’t have to worry about complying with any laws or rules regarding working hours, breaks, overtime, holidays, leaves, termination, or discrimination.

You also don’t have to worry about facing any lawsuits, disputes, or complaints from your sales staff. By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can avoid labour laws and potential legal issues.

Helps in Improving Customer Service

Your clients may like your product but don’t like waiting. Your customer service will likely take a hit when your productivity is down because your current staff is stretched too thin. When you bring on a virtual assistant to answer calls, make appointments, or fill orders, your customers get quick service that keeps them returning.

They can also ensure that your customers are satisfied and loyal, by following up with them regularly, sending them thank you notes, offering them discounts, referrals, or upsells, and more. By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can enhance your customer service and retention.

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Conduct Meetings With New Clients

When you meet a new client, you must present your best proposal and prepare for questions. You get more time to schedule the appointment by setting a task for your virtual sales assistant. Your sales assistant can organise a time and place which works for everyone and make the required preparations.

They can also handle any objections, questions, or concerns that the clients may have, and persuade them to buy your product or service.

By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can delegate the meeting process to them and focus on other aspects of your business.

Access Detailed Sales Reports via a Virtual Assistant

Monitoring your sales activity is key to genuine performance evaluation. You require a detailed sales report that you can review and analyse with the rest of your team.

They can also use various tools and software to analyze and visualize the data, and provide you with insights and recommendations on how to improve your sales strategy.

A virtual sales assistant can prepare a complete sales report and help in interpreting results. Here are some examples of these reports.

  1. Tailored Reports: Customised insights crafted to specific needs.
  2. Real-time Updates: Constantly refreshed data for instant decisions.
  3. Data Aggregation: Collection from diverse sources for concise reports.
  4. Analysis & Insights: Interpretation for actionable strategies.
  5. Automated Schedules: Timely report delivery, hassle-free.
  6. Interactive Visuals: Dynamic, easy-to-understand presentations.
  7. Adaptable Formats: Reports tailored for varied audiences.
  8. Actionable Feedback: Suggestions for sales enhancement.

Update and strategize sales plans

Understanding how to adjust and cope with different internal and external factors can go a long way. This is why you require a sales VA who knows how to strategize and revise plans. With their skill and experience, virtual sales assistants understand how to fine-tune a plan to make it more useful.

Optimise Testimonials 

Testimonials are social proof that, when used correctly, they have the power to boost sales. Your virtual sales assistant can set up emails to ask for testimonials and feedback and make sure that these are prominently displayed digitally.

Managing CRM Tools

One more thing that a virtual sales assistant can help you with is managing your CRM tools. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it refers to the software and systems that help you manage your interactions with your customers and prospects. 

A virtual sales assistant can help you set up and maintain your CRM tools, by entering and updating the contact information, notes, tasks, reminders, and other details of your leads and customers.

They can also help you use your CRM tools effectively, by segmenting your contacts, sending personalized messages, automating workflows, and generating reports. By hiring a virtual sales assistant, you can manage your CRM tools and improve your sales efficiency.

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Finally, Why Should You Consider Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant?

Hiring a virtual sales assistant can help you with sales tasks, save money, avoid laws, improve service, and grow your business. You can also focus on your strengths and delegate the rest. A virtual sales assistant can be a great asset for your business. A sales VA is an excellent investment you can’t miss.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant from Invedus Outsourcing, you can benefit from cost savings, expert talent, and fast delivery with flexible plans for your specific needs. Whether you are a small or large business, we have the right solution for you. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation or email us at info@invedus.com

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