The way we work is changing dramatically, with AI becoming a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. It is not just about machines and algorithms, but it’s also about how people can use AI to do things differently and better than before.

We can all agree that AI is the future of business and the world has been expecting machines and robots to take over since the industrial revolution in the early 20th century. Humanity has kept this thought in the back of its collective mind throughout these past decades, and now it is finally becoming a reality.

In 2024, the potential business ideas will largely depend on the extent to which businesses have adopted AI. It could be anything from a self-driving car to an intelligent chatbot that helps you with customer service.

As AI changes the way we do business, let’s take a look at some of the most promising automated business ideas that will surely inspire you.

1. Al Photo Editing Apps

It’s no surprise that the AI-generated avatar craze has taken the internet by storm. People have been captivated by the ability to transform their selfies into out-of-this-world fantasy portraits, and the enthusiasm for this technology is only increasing.

While this trend has been met with criticism from the art world and those concerned about privacy and data identification, it’s clear that AI photo editors are the “it-apps” of 2022 and will likely continue to expand and grow in 2024. We anticipate that this technology will continue to be a source of joy and excitement for many users in the future.

2. Al Content Tool

Creating copious amounts of online content while maintaining high quality can be a challenging task, particularly when writing for various environments (emails, social media posts, blogs, and texts) and diverse audiences. Fortunately, AI-based writing tools can help make this process easier and more efficient.

With AI content writing tools, you can generate catchy and original copies in any language in just a few seconds, so you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block again. If you need to fill the gaps in your content calendar and social media posts, you can invest in this kind of AI business.

3. AI Healthcare & Medical Equipment

AI is revolutionizing the healthcare sector, providing various benefits for patients, doctors, and healthcare agencies alike.

AI technology is making significant progress in Electronic Health Records, doctor schedule management, and health tracking, helping medical professionals diagnose and treat patients better than ever before, especially those with critical health issues.

Other tasks a Healthcare AI can do are: automate tasks, synthesize data from multiple sources, identify trends, evaluate large amounts of data, monitor treatment, and identify diseases for those at an increased risk. 

4. AI-Driven Cybersecurity

AI-Driven Cybersecurity

As technology continues to become an ever more integral part of our lives, the need for robust cybersecurity is growing. Business leaders are increasingly concerned about the growing number of cyberattacks and are actively searching for solutions to protect their businesses from viruses, malware, and other threats.

Investing in AI-driven cybersecurity apps is an excellent way to enter the security marketplace, as these apps can provide great analysis and even predict upcoming cyber-attacks and threats while learning from attacks. As such, AI-driven cybersecurity apps will be a business to watch in 2024.

5. Energy and Cost-Saving

For aspiring startup founders, setting up an AI business focusing on energy conservation and carbon print minimization could be a great AI market opportunity. By creating AI applications that can learn and predict future energy loads at a basic level, a wide range of applications can be used to reduce both waste and costs.

Applying this technology in the energy sector can be used to improve forecasting, efficiency, trading, and accessibility, such as electricity trading, intelligent power consumption, intelligent energy storage, and energy storage facilitation. 

6. AI & Fintech 

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the Fintech domain is rapidly expanding, and 2024 is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the numerous opportunities it presents. From payments to fraud detection, AI has already found numerous applications in the financial sector and by utilizing it, companies can gain a competitive edge, analyze data more effectively and determine whether or not customers are interested in their services.

With the right approach, AI can help fintech startups reach their goals and establish themselves in the industry. We are confident that AI can provide tremendous value to the Fintech domain and we look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that entrepreneurs create.

7. AI-Based Smart Home Management

AI-based smart home management is an innovative way to provide customers with a convenient and effortless way to manage their homes. With the help of home AIs, customers can enjoy a variety of home automation solutions that make it easier to control and monitor their homes. AI-enhanced homes will allow you to enjoy a more efficient and secure home management system tailored to your needs. Who knows? In 2024 you might be the one to invest in the AI that lets you know when it’s time to re-stock your fridge, prepare your morning coffee and lock the doors.

8. AI Logistics and Supply Chain Management

AI has become an irreplaceable part of the ever-expanding Supply Chain Management sector. Its capabilities are helping to solve various complex business problems, like increasing fuel and transport costs or even keeping tabs on supply stock data! As a business owner in this domain, it is important to come up with innovative solutions to cut costs while still meeting customer demand. With the help of AI-based apps, you can easily interpret and analyze mass data, allowing you to plan and manage your logistic and supply chain operations more efficiently.

9. Al Marketing Tools

Marketing is a complex process that requires careful analysis and the development of effective strategies like market research, analyzing competitors’ techniques, and increasing brand visibility. AI-powered marketing systems can help businesses grow and become profitable organizations with strong online and offline presence. AI-enhanced marketing services are 2024’s “must-have” tool for businesses looking to grow.

10. AI-Personal Shopper Business

AI-based personal shopping is an incredibly useful tool that is taking the online buying experience to a whole new level! With this fantastic feature, customers can find just what they’re looking for with the help of an intelligent assistant, making the shopping process more convenient and hassle-free. Not only does this technology help customers, but retailers can also benefit from it by gaining an in-depth understanding of their customers and providing personalized product recommendations. 

11. AI-Driven EdTech Application Business

The EdTech industry is on the rise, with AI and Machine Learning startups at the forefront. Those businesses understand the needs of new age students and are providing outstanding services to give them a headstart in their future by enhancing their learning experience.

AI-driven e-learning software is helping to customize content and provide an adaptive learning approach, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all type of curriculum. With this personalized approach, students are able to gain a better learning experience. If you want to have a role in future students’ educational lives, this is the business idea for the years to come.

12. AI Entertainment 

In the era of Netflix and endless social media scrolling, more and more people are trying their luck in entertainment as a business. Lots are joining the entertainment industry, bringing with them AI-driven applications with features that will innovate how we look at entertainment forever.

Uses of AI in entertainment can range from automated subtitles, film post-production automatization, content personalization, non-playable characters in games and many more. Without a doubt, this industry will truly experience the full potential of AI in the near future!

13. AI Workflow Automation

AI Workflow Automation

AI Automated Workflow is an efficient way for organizations to manage their ever-increasing complex tasks. By integrating analytics, AI, machine learning and automation, the visibility, flexibility, agility and efficacy of these tasks are greatly improved.

This end-to-end approach helps to automate manual processes, derive more insights and digitize different business processes, resulting in a smarter, more efficient workflow.

With the help of intelligent workflow, organizations can connect systems and streamline communication channels to create greater value in various domains such as customer support, accountancy and IT.

14. Al-Driven Stock Matcher

As Artificial Intelligence continues to advance, it is having a profound impact on the financial markets. Since it is a hot topic among netizens, many of them are curious to know how Al can help in stock trading. Traders currently rely on stock trading software, but also on their instincts and tips.

With Al-driven stock trading, investors can make informed decisions with confidence, as they can select their own trading style, quickly detect changes in trends, and reduce the impact of emotion-driven decisions.

This allows investors to make the right choices and come ahead regardless of the stock market’s moods or the their trading skill level. 

15. Recruitment Business App

AI-powered recruitment apps have become hugely popular for HR teams to source, screen, and ultimately hire top-notch candidates to join their businesses. Utilizing unbiased recruitment processes gives you the best chance of hiring the right candidate – someone with the skills and experience to match their resume!

AI recruiting also helps businesses find potential vendors, making it an ideal choice for hiring. With its automated process, AI recruitment offers a more efficient and consistent way of selecting the right candidate for the job. Plus, AI-powered recruitment can take the subjective element out of the equation, helping recruiters employ the most qualified candidate based solely on merit.

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